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Primary: Green & Blue

Field Trip:

Green sat by his desk, typing away into his computer as always. The trip to Canalave City's library not too long ago had helped quite a bit with his ongoing research for Prof. Oak. His study was for a way to cure poisoning caused by a Beedrill, and Canalave's archives on Combee and Vespiquen did help quite a bit. Although an anaphylactic shock is the least of anyone's concern when attacked by a swarm of Beedrills, but at least this research will create one less problem for such a scenario.

Unfortunately, Green knew that there was no way he'd be able to research on anything for an extended period of time in Kanto without someone barging in. And like clockwork, said someone barged in just as he saved his document.

"Hi, Green!" came Blue's cheerful voice from behind. "Did you miss me?"

"Considering how I saw you just yesterday, no," Green replied as he turned to look at her.

"Don't be like that. I know you missed me!" she said as she hugged him.

"What do you want, Blue?" Green asked once the embrace ended.

"Green, it's been exactly 1 year since we officially started dating," Blue said with a bright smile. "Want to go somewhere special?"

"Something tells me I'm not going to like this," Green muttered. "Where do you have in mind?"

"Well… how about the Mossdeep Space Station?" Blue suggested. "You know… go out to… space."

Green stared at her in disbelief. "… Space? Do you have any idea how expensive that is?"

"Okay then, how about the Marine Tube?"

"In Unova? The flight there is going to cost… … Can't you pick anywhere in this region? Or Johto?"

"Come on, Green!" Blue begged with a cute face. "Today's a special day!"

"By the time we get to those places, it won't be much of a special day anymore."

"Please?" she begged. "I haven't asked you to do anything for me in a while!"

Green shook his head. "You wanted me to take you to the most expensive restaurant in Kanto 3 days ago!"

"I said "a while". I didn't specify how long," Blue commented with a smile. "So what I said is still correct."

"… Bloody hell," Green muttered.

"And besides, you took Crys to Canalave City not too long ago," she said with a pout. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say there's something going on between you two."

"… I took Crystal to Canalave City so we could use the books in the library for research," Green said defensively. "I paid for the trip as a prize for her being so helpful."

"How many times did I hear that? Crys must be doing really, really well for you to continuously commend her. … Is there something going on between you and her?"

"No, Blue," Green said with a sigh. "That's like me asking you if there's anything between you and Silver apart from the most obvious."

Blue thought for a second before she shrugged. "Alright. Let's drop that topic. Now, about that special location…"

'Perhaps a trip to the Mossdeep Space Station wouldn't be that bad. After all, there are some… training required for a space trip.' "So you really want to go into space, huh?"

Blue nodded. "Yeah. I don't want to sound spoiled, but I really want to give it a try. And besides, I always heard that our planet is beautiful. But I have never really seen it that way. I always thought it was a miserable not-quite-perfect sphere. I need something to erase that past belief, and nothing beats a first-hand experience."

Green smiled at her, which she found surprising. And a little unnerving… He never smiled like that before. Was he plotting something?

"Be careful of what you wish for," he said rather ominously.

Blue fought off a shiver that ran down her spine. But she trusted that he wouldn't plot anything against her of all people. So she smiled happily and nodded. "Let's go then!"

Two days later, the two Kanto Dex Holders arrived at Mossdeep City of Hoenn. Green didn't like the idea of going all the way to Hoenn in the middle of a research. He had to call Crystal and get her to take over for a few days. She accepted but Green could tell she wasn't all that happy. He was sure that she had a little… trip planned with Gold which had to be cancelled. Whoops. Blame Blue. Green would send Crystal a little souvenir from this trip to Mossdeep. And he was sure that the Johto Dex Holder would appreciate it and satisfy her urges for a little payback.

"Alright Blue, here we are," Green said as he stood in front of the Space Station.

"Oh, I can't wait!"

"But you will have to wait. And you have to go through some… training before the actual launch."

"Training?" Blue asked. "What training? I thought all we had to do was pay and wait for the launch."

"You can't be that naïve, Blue," Green said with a smirk. "You can't expect to send any random citizen into space. You need preparation!"

The girl narrowed her eyes. So this was why the Gym Leader was smiling back in Kanto… "What kind of preparation?"

"You know about physics, don't you?"

"Of course. I've done my studies in my… captive days. And nowadays when I have nothing to do."

"So you'd know what a person will experience if they were to be shot into space. Namely… massive acceleration related issues."

"So that's why you didn't put up much of an argument about coming here…"

"Yes. I spent quite a bit of money for the trip here and to reserve a little… tour of the facility. The only way you're going back home is by completing the tour."

Blue shrugged off the creeping terrible feeling. "Alright. Let's do it! Life is about experience!"

"What are you, Platinum? I'd never thought you'd say such a thing."

The first part of the tour wasn't at all extraordinary. It was just a view of the various pieces of equipment that people use to launch things into space. But the second part was hellish.

"What is this again?" Blue asked as Green strapped her into a seat in the center of two hoops. The seat was attached to the inner wheel, which was connected to the outer wheel at two points. One at the top of inner wheel, and one at the bottom, allowing the inner wheel to spin around, which would make the seat spin around. The outer hoop was attached to the main frame also at two points, but one at the far left and the other at the far right, allowing it to spin as well… And for some reason, there was a camera fixed on her seat that was aimed at her face.

"It's called a gyroscope," Green answered. "It's… used to train people to get a sense of orientation in space."

"Then what's this camera for?"

"To catch your reaction."

"… Is this going to be fun?" Blue asked hopefully.

Green shrugged. "Sapphire sure thought so."

"Wait, you took Sapphire here but not m-"

Without warning, Green pushed the inner hoop and Blue started to spin around a vertical rotational axis. He then pushed a button on a console nearby and the outer hoop started to spin around a horizontal axis of rotation, while the inner hoop continued about its vertical axis.

Blue started to scream. "AH! What is this?!"

"I said it's a gyroscope!" Green said in between laughs.

"Please stop this! I think I'm going to be sick!"

Green pressed another button on the console. The gyroscope didn't stop, but rather, sped up. Blue screamed more until she stopped in order to prevent herself from throwing up. After what seemed like an eternity, Green stopped the gyroscope and the spinning hoops eventually returned to their original position. Once the wheels stopped moving, he went over to Blue to help her out of the seat.

Blue looked terrible. Her hat had flown off pretty early on and her hair was all over the place thanks to the gyroscope. The moment she was unstrapped from the seat, she reached over to strangle Green. But when her feet touched the floor, she immediately stumbled into his arms.

"Having fun?" Green asked with a smirk.

"Shut up," Blue growled out. "… And tell the floor to stop spinning…" She tried to stand on her own will, but looked really unsteady. "… Can we go home now?"

"Nonsense. The second half of the tour hasn't even started," the Gym Leader answered. "I told you to be careful of what you wished for."

"… How did Sapphire handle this gyro thing?"

"She was laughing all the way. She couldn't walk for a while, but she really enjoyed it."

"That girl is crazy, I'm telling you. No human being would enjoy this…"

The third part of the tour was relaxing. It was another view of the equipments used in space, followed by a brief history lesson. Apparently every shuttle launched had a risk of being shot down by Rayquaza when it was not dormant.

The fourth part of the tour was worse than the gyroscope. Again, Blue found herself strapped to a seat attached to a giant machine in a large circular room. The seat was high above the floor, attached to the giant machine on the side, with the machine situated in the center of the circular room. And once again, there was a camera fixed to the seat, aimed at the Dex Holder's face.

"In here, you will experience the g-forces and high, high acceleration," came Green's voice from the speakers. The Gym Leader wasn't in the room, but rather, watching from the windows outside.

Blue let out a long sigh. She made a note to herself to never ask ludicrous things from Green again. He would make her regret it and she was regretting asking him to take her to space very much right now…

Before long, the giant machine started to rotate around, causing Blue to shoot around the circular room, much like a rock tied to a string that was being twirled around. Damn circular motion…

At first, the 'ride' was… quite enjoyable. It felt like a ride in some amusement park. Then the machine started to accelerate more and more and more. Eventually, the machine stopped accelerating and maintained its angular velocity. At this point, Blue couldn't keep her eyes open. She felt as if she was going to lose consciousness soon, and tried her absolute best to remain conscious.

Green watched with amusement for a few seconds before he looked at the command console. Apparently Blue was experiencing 15 times the force of gravity, which was quite dangerous for someone with no experience and training whatsoever. Hell, she could even die. So he quickly stopped the test and the machine slowed down until it came to a stop. Once the machine stopped completely, Green ran inside the testing chamber to check on Blue's condition.

"Green… Green…" came her feeble voice when he approached. "Are we… done yet?"

"No," Green lied, quite relieved that Blue was okay. "There's a vertical acceleration test you have to experience."

The girl groaned. "L – Listen… I'll pay for the ride home. So can we… stop this and go home already?"

"Well, there is one more reservation we have to attend," Green said as he helped Blue out of the test seat. "There's a restaurant in the western side of Mossdeep City that supposedly has a very good view of the ocean. I reserved some seats there. If you can eat, of course."

To his surprise, Blue suddenly seemed to recover. "Alright then, let's go eat!"

"Wait, were you faking the effects of the g-forces?"

"Of course not," Blue said as she tried and failed to walk. Green supported her from the side and the two Dex Holders slowly headed outside. "But if I can recover from a coma in like… a day, I can shake off the horrible nausea."

Green smiled. "Of course. I sometimes forget how strong you are."

"But please don't do this to me again."

"I won't."

Blue took a shuddering breath. "I've been thinking for a bit, and I made up my mind. Green, I won't ever ask you to take me somewhere like space. I'll only ask you to take me to various restaurants in whatever region we're in. So do you think you can do that without trying to kill me?"

"Sure thing," Green said with another smile. "That, I'll be happy to oblige."

Next up: second part of the Green & Blue burst. But this will not be updated until SA has progressed far enough, as it is a scene taken from SA.

Post Ending:

"By the way, Blue," Green said with a smirk. "I'm pulling a page out of your book."

"Say what?" the girl asked, confused for a second.

Green pulled out a couple of photos and showed them to Blue. Her expression hardened and she appeared a little pale… They were photos taken during her 'training' with the gyroscope and the high g-force experience. And she looked like crap.

"What would happen if I showed these to our juniors?"

"… You wouldn't do that, would you?"

"It's called retribution," Green said with satisfaction. "You blackmailed all of our juniors, so they'd appreciate the fact that the tables have turned."

Blue stared at him in disbelief. But she soon regained composure and tried to bargain with him. "… Alright. What do you want?"

Green didn't answer. He simply smiled at her and walked away. "I'll think of something. Until then, I'd advise you to be careful with what you say or do. And don't pull off any pranks on our juniors."

"Wait! Green! Promise me you won't show those pictures to anyone else!" Blue yelled desperately.

"I know you currently have this little appearance-competition thing going with the other girls," Green said. "Imagine what they'll do for this little piece of evidence…"

Blue watched Green walk away, struck speechless and stunned motionless. She felt dread for the first time in a long while. It seemed that the Gym Leader had learned from her a bit too much…

"Green, you devious jerk… You beat me…"

As mentioned in SL #007, here is the explanation for the updated Age Relations. It's identical to the ones in the rest of S-EARL. If you've seen it anywhere there, then no need to see it here. However, since not everyone who's following SE follows SA/SR/SL, this piece is added for the fourth time.

From this point onwards, the most recent edition of the Age Relations will be posted on my profile, along with its changes/updates. So no more mass S-EARL redundant updating!

Age Relations:

Birthday, Ages (Arc):

Red: August 8, 11 (RGB), 13 (Y), 14 (GSC), 16 (FRLG, E)
Green: November 22, 11 (RGB), 13 (Y), 14 (GSC), 16 (FRLG, E)
Blue: June 1, 11 (RGB), 13 (Y), 14 (GSC), 16 (FRLG), 17 (E)
Yellow: March 3, 9 (RGB), 11 (Y), 12 (GSC), 14 (FRLG, E)
Gold: July 21, 11 (GSC), 13 (E), 16 (HGSS)
Silver: December 24, 11 (GSC), 13 (FRLG, E), 16 (HGSS)
Crystal: April 30, 11 (GSC), 13 (E), 16 (HGSS)
Ruby: July 2, 11 (RS), 12 (E)
Sapphire: September 20, 10 (RS), 11 (E)
Emerald: May 31, 11 (E)
Diamond: April 4, 12 (DP, Pt)
Pearl: June 6, 12 (DP, Pt)
Platinum: October 27, 12 (DP, Pt)
Black: N/A, 14 (BW)
White: N/A, N/A

RS arc starts on Ruby's birthday and ends on Sapphire's. Therefore, Ruby's birthday would have passed but not Sapphire's. But Ruby is recorded to be 11 in RS arc while Sapphire is at 10. Therefore, Ruby and Sapphire will be at the same age when Sapphire's birthday passes. E arc takes place a year after somewhere in the same 80 day time frame, which is after Emerald's birthday. Emerald is recorded to be 11 along with Sapphire. Therefore, Ruby and Sapphire are 1 year older than Emerald.

Ruby, Sapphire: 0
Emerald: -1

DP arc starts in September (in the actual Japanese version), after Diamond and Pearl's birthdays. Platinum's has not passed yet, but all three are recorded to be 12. Therefore, Platinum is 1 year older than Diamond and Pearl.

Platinum: 0
Diamond, Pearl: -1

Silver is recorded to be 13 in E arc but his birthday has not passed yet. Therefore, he is two years older than Ruby and Sapphire. Yellow is recorded to be 14 in E, but her birthday has passed. Therefore, Silver and Yellow are at the same age. Crystal's birthday has passed in E and she is recorded to be 13 years old. Therefore, she is 1 year above Ruby and Sapphire, but 1 year below Yellow and Silver. Blue's birthday has passed in E, but not in FRLG. If Blue's birthday did not pass in FRLG, then neither would have Red's or Green's. Therefore all three are at the same age. Blue is recorded to be 17 in E, therefore the Kanto trio are 4 years above Crystal.

Red, Green, Blue: +4
Yellow, Silver: +1
Crystal: 0
Ruby, Sapphire: -1
Emerald: -2

In GSC arc, Crystal is recorded to be 11 while the Kanto trio are at 14. This means none of the Kanto trio's birthdays have passed but Crystal's has, since they are actually 4 years apart. If Blue's birthday has not passed, then neither would have Gold's. But Gold is recorded to be 11 in GSC, therefore he is 1 year above Crystal.

Red, Green, Blue: +4
Yellow, Gold, Silver: +1
Crystal: 0
Ruby, Sapphire: -1
Emerald: -2

As White's birthday and age are not known, we don't know if she is the same age as Black. Black is 14 in BW arc, but his birthday's not known, neither is the date in which the BW arc takes place. So he could be 15 if birthday has not passed, or 14 if it has.

From this point on, the Age Relations are merely postulations.

Although Platinum is 13 in Pt arc once her birthday passes and Emerald is 11 in E after his birthday, given the apparent temporal proximity between the Pt arc and the HGSS arc, it's possible that DP and Pt arcs take place 3 years after E.

Red, Green, Blue: +4
Yellow, Gold, Silver: +1
Crystal: 0
Ruby, Sapphire: -1
Emerald: -2
Platinum: -3
Diamond, Pearl: -4

We assume Black and White are at the same age.

Black, White: 0.

Given the nature of Pt arc's conclusion, it's possible that the BW arc takes place at the same time or very close to the HGSS arc. Therefore, the updated Age Relations that will be used in all of S-EARL goes as…

Red, Green, Blue: +4
Yellow, Gold, Silver: +1
Crystal: 0
Ruby, Sapphire: -1
Emerald, Black, White: -2
Platinum: -3
Diamond, Pearl: -4