Disclaimer: If I owned them, Remy would join the X-Men, and FTR: how the heck did he get there in time to get into that picture? Wasn't he in New Orleans? You see, Stan has all these plot holes that need fixing.

A/N: This popped into my head literally about an hour ago, and since it's short, and right there, I decided to write it up and post it. And also, I felt the need for some Romy action.

Monday: The following list was anonymously slipped under Remy LeBeau's door this morning.

10 Reasons Why That Crazy Cajun Smokes:

He's addicted.

He's nervous.

It makes him look tough.

He's bored.

He's got a death wish.

He enjoys annoying people.

He likes the mysterious smoke-rising look.

It's his way of bonding with Logan.

He likes rebelling against mansion rules.

He's crazy.

Tuesday: The following list appeared mysteriously tacked onto Remy LeBeau's wall this morning.

10 Reasons Why the Swamp Rat Should Quit Smoking:

Rogue doesn't like it.

It'll kill you.

Smoking gives you lung cancer.

You die from lung cancer.

Let it be noted that if you get lung cancer and die, Rogue will never speak to you again.

It makes your breath smell weird.

Rogue likes being around you too much to not be around you, and she prefers not to contract lung cancer from second-hand smoke inhalation.

Sexy as it may be, it'll kill you.

Rogue likes you better alive.

You will not be alive if you get lung cancer.

Wednesday: The following list was taped to various surfaces that Remy LeBeau encountered throughout his day.

10 Ways To Make Quitting Easy:

Occupy your mouth with something else (like- for example –kissing Rogue.)

When you get nervous, think of something that makes you happy (i.e. kissing Rogue.)

Find a new addiction. (Other than kissing Rogue- you're already hooked on that.)

When you're bored, do something interesting (such as- kissing Rogue.)

If you're feeling suicidal, remember all the great things in life (like gumbo… and kissing Rogue.)

Bond with Logan over motorcycles instead. (Mentioning kissing Rogue is not acceptable under these circumstances.)

If you have to break a mansion rule, break the No Overly Public Displays of Affection rule by kissing Rogue.

Annoying people? Well, nothing will annoy Scott more than if you kiss Rogue right in front of him…

As long as we're talkin' crazy, the fact that Rogue can knock you out with one kiss is pretty far out there.

Also, drink lots of water and start chewing gum.

Thursday-Saturday: Remy LeBeau has suddenly stopped smoking.

Sunday: Remy LeBeau appears to be spending a rather large amount of time unconscious lately.

Monday: Remy LeBeau is officially a non-smoker.

"Ah told you! Ah told you Ah could get him to quit in one week!"

A/N: Yes, Rogue, you're amazing.