Remember me

Blinded by the Moonlight

Summary: Tell me again my dear, will you be waiting here? Cryptic Songfic.

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Created with the entertainment purposes.

Contains snippets of the song 'Butterfly Wings' by Owl City.


If I was a raindrop,

You'd be my thunderstorm...

Listening absentmindedly to music, the fine strands lulling her to sleep. He watches contently, casting his warm breath onto her skin.

A chilly winter morning, and she'd already fallen asleep. Just like always.

He planted a soft kiss on her forehead and took off his jacket. Wrapping it around her, he whispered into her ear, "I'll be back." As he pulled away, she grabbed at his arm instinctively, clinging to the only source of warmth. Just like a small child. He smiled, and pulled her arm gently off his.

"Don't go." Her soft voice trailed off, her eyes still closed. Sleeptalking, no doubt. He grinned and decided to stay. Just for her.

So darling don't let me go

The thought is appalling

But should I slip away

Into the stormy sea

Will you remember me?

It's so pretty. Look! It's so preeettty~

Yeah. It's beautiful.

I wonder if I can catch it. C'mon! Let's go catch it!

H-hey! Wait up! Remember we're not supposed to be out here-

Oh, you. You're so serious and stuff. Loosen up, will you? They won't find out. After all, we look like normal teenagers.

But you never know; they have patrols around he-

Like I said, don't be so daft! C'mon, it's getting away!

... Fine.

Remember me... Will you remember me?




A mass of shockingly scarlet blood stained the snow.

He was screaming her name, telling himself and his beloved that they would make it together, that they wouldn't fall now. The guard clicked his concerto again.

"Don't worry kid, you'll be gone soon after." A deranged smile. "Close your eyes and try not to yell."

He clenched his eyes shut, yet hot, steaming tears fell down and froze on his cheeks.

The shot never rang out.

Asleep in a warm cocoon

Dreams of lovely things

We're both gonna wake up soon

So we hope that tommorrow brings

Us our butterfly wings

"... A wonderful friend, daughter and asset to our town..."

Tell me again my dear, will you be waiting here?

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