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From Dawn till Dusk

Chapter 1

The television booming in the living room, the nincada's outside making my ears ring, my pencil tapping the desk in a fluid like motion. That's the answer! I bared it against the paper. Tck!

"It broke," My mumble slowly raging. "I can't do this Mom! I don't want to do this!"

"Honey, what's wrong," she asked, sluggishly walking over.

"Pencil broke," I said covering the real reason she already knew. She opened the drawer next to me and pulled out a new one.

"You need to finish English or you want have time for math."

"What's the point?" I whispered to myself, thinking the nincada's song would cover it.

"I've already told you," she said with sharpness that shredding my reasoning. "I wasted two of my years on some 'journey'. You're not going to. You're going to college and making something of yourself,"

"So you want me to go waste my life in some office space, never having my youth?" I retorted, furious.

"At least you want have to struggle to meet ends meet!" She yelled, the conversation spawning as fast as ever. "You'll have money and be happy!"

"What's the truth in it? I'll have money, but my dreams will be washed off the board." I asked rhetorically.

"Your dreams are futile, they'll never be obtained!"

"I'm going upstairs." I said, careful not to let her see me cry.

"No you're not, finish your homework!"

"I'll do it at school,"

"If you don't come down here, Sarah, you're grounded."

"Grounded?" I laughed hysterically. "I have no hobbies! I have no friends! They're chasing their dreams. My dreams! You can't take anything away from me!"

"How about your PokeGear?" She asked fruitlessly. I didn't reply to tell her she took it last week. I simply swayed up the stairs, to the first room on the right. I took a seat on my bed and looked all over the room, everything strewn across the floor. I could leave. I tricked her into signing the papers; I saved enough for a Pokedex. I could leave in the morning register at the professors and be off. Running away… Too clique, how about going out for a long while? That sounded better. Yeah, it could work. Mom would never expect me to do something so rational. I gathered my clothes, I'd wash them later. Slowly I packed them away. I had enough time; they'd be awake for a bit. I packed it all away: money, papers, household medications, anything else?

I dried my brown hair letting it fall half-groomed just beyond my shoulder.

"Probably the last nice shower in a while," I thought to myself, putting on my belt. I checked the alarm.

"1:36, should I really do this?" I asked myself. However, I remembered graduation for trainers. The void after they called my best friend's name. That should have been filled with my name. I picked up the bag and opened my door. Checking to make sure the note I had put earlier was still on the bed. It was there like it would be in the morning when my mother found my room vacant. I had to be taciturn, Mom was a light sleeper.

I crept down the stairs, careful to dodge the steps that would scream my presence. I edged down the side to avoid the steps the creaked. Five, four, I skipped one, two. The last step squealed as I planted my foot on it. I paused, before quickly hoping off, the step releasing another scream before going mute.

Just a few steps from my freedom! I rushed past the coffee table, making a quiet rush toward the door. Would I really be free? Doubt entered my mind as I grasped the door knob. Sure, I'd be away from this, but, she'd never forgive me, she'd nev- I let go of the thought right there. The thoughts that had stopped me times before. Kindling my emotions I opened the door, oddly it didn't make a sound as it guided the cool night air into the house.

I took one last look at the house before I stepped out into the summer night. The night air filled the world around me.

What pokemon would I pick? Treecko, the grass type, defiantly the second best pick for the first gym, but later he could easily overshadow the other two. Mudkip wasn't a bad choice either probably one of the best, it learned water gun at a low level, the first and fourth gym would be cake. Torchic made me want to drool though, if it evolved before the first gym, I'd have a type advantage toward it and the fifth gym. However torchic would pose a problem, the twins, specializing in psychic pokemon they could knock a blaziken out, and if I wasn't careful my whole team.

I was in downtown by now. The street lights made a fake tranquil twilight under the moon. If it wasn't for the lights, I would have been scared. I had a skip in my step, not bound by my mother's ambitions anymore. I'm ready to fulfill my own ambitions.

Something still didn't sit right with me though. I was usually not so risky… I guess she finally pushed me over the edge.

"Hey, what are you doing out so late?" My heart skipped a beat as I turned around; ironically it was a boy about my age.

"N-nothing," I stuttered, paranoia setting over me. Avoiding contact I back around, resuming a hasty walk.

"You have to be doing something?" he pestered.

"Running away," I muttered quietly.

"Ah," he said, "Where you going,"



"N-not here."

"Why are you so nervous and jittery?" he asked. I shrugged, running every possible scenario in my head. "Well give me your money, I need it." I kept walking.

"Stop," he demanded, grabbing my wrist. I tried to pull away but he held firm.

"Let go," I whispered, a wave in my voice. He held firm.

"Let go!" I said loudly my voice wavering.

"If you don't give me your money-"

"I don't have any," I lied; I had about four-thousand.

"That's a lie," he said holding firm. "Then maybe something else," I was too worked up to notice the last part was sarcastic.

I didn't want to do this, I thought. Do it, my mind told me. After that my mind paused for a few seconds, not thinking, just not ready to do anything. I snapped back after he gripped my arm a bit tighter. If I'm not careful- I was always careful and it would get me killed. I reached into my right pocket, and pulled out a knife. "Let go," I muttered slowly fiddling with the blade until it was open

He instantly backed off, "Hey now, don't get irrational." That was my problem.

"Stay put," My voice still wavered even though I was in control. He nodded. I simply walked on, gripping the blade in my right hand. I didn't know how to really use it, hell; I've never had any real conflict. I usually avoided them. I reached a crosswalk, and proceeded.

I looked back at him standing there, and then proceeded. I need to stand up for myself more. I mean do I really have the courage to take this journey? Yeah, I'll have to work on that self confidence thing too.

"Hey! Stop!" he yelled for me. "Watch out!" A horn, contact, my body thrashed around freely. The contract was broad and painful, no other way to describe it. Soon momentum fell and I was sent flying, about 5 feet I slid on the ground. Obviously, the truck caught up with my body and mangled my organs, just below the lungs. The wheels finally slowing ran over my body one by one. Luckily it stopped after the first set of wheels.

I can't explain the rest; I was in pain, yet not. I could feel it, but it was numb. I wanted to scream but made a faint yelp. I just sat (well lay) there, I don't know how long, I didn't recognize a single face around me, nor would I be able to remember them if I saw them later. It seemed like an eternity; then again, it felt like only seconds had passed. Everything was contradicting itself, maybe because I was on my deathbed, in the middle of the road. I mentally sighed, took my last breath, before the breath of life itself, rose into the starred sky.

"Alright, kid," said an echoing voice. I opened my eyes, to see I was in a darkened place. "Let's get this over with…"

"W-where am I?" I asked.

"In a happy place!" He charmed sarcastically. I finally noticed the pain of my lower mangled body, real pain, not the numbed feeling from earlier. It felt like hell. This brought the next question.

"Am I in h-hell?" I stuttered.

"No! Hahaha" I could see the source of the voice now, maybe he was purposely in hiding or I just didn't look enough. It was a pink little creature, I forgot its name. "I'm not a clafairy."

"Did you just read-"

"I'm Mew, idiot," He said, playfully. "…now about you having a second chance."

"Y-your giving-"

"Not exactly," He said. I had to admit, that mind reading thing was annoying. He interrupted my thinking. "Listening to what you're thinking when you're not being timid instead is annoying too." What does that even mean?

"Besides the points, I like you!" he said. "Now as for a second chance, you can comeback, as a pokemon."

"Th-that's crazy" I said.

"I know right? Just imagine Arceus' face, he tried to straighten that boy out and I'm adding another complication to his job!" Mew giggled. I was about to ask him what he meant. "Last chance; go back as a pokemon, or go to the afterlife and possibly regret it." I already knew what I'd say.

"I guess I'll-"

"Good choice," he said smiling.

"I have one more question." I said. He paused. "So now you pick the time to not read my mind?"

"Reading one of my client's minds? Not unless it's on a special occasion?"

"Why are you doing this?" I asked, feeling a bit more comfortable with him.

"Truthfully, I'm not really sure myself," it said. "Probably a number of reasons I don't want to share with you." Liar.

"See you." Mew smiled.

"Your Annoying," I whispered, being careful of him not hearing me.

"I heard that!" He said before playfully giggling.

I sighed, and managed to say one thing before blacking out.

"What an adventure this will be."