Not the best chapter but some trivial, yet important foundations had to be set here. Hope you like it.

Chapter 3

"Up and at' em," a soft voice said. It was Lexi's voice. I fluttered my eyes, it took a second to locate my friend. She stood smiling in front of me. I yawned and looked toward the window, it was still dark outside. What time is it? A yawn, at first I thought it was mine but it was rougher.

"Kole get up." Lexi demanded. He stood up and looked around, he connected eyes with me for a few seconds then walked in a circle and fell back to sleep. Hard to believe he used to be human, it only made it harder when he said him and Lexi were siblings. Probably just a joke, he seems to do that a lot. Lexi sat me on the floor and began making the bed.

Lexi went over and nudged him, he slowly sat back up. "Why do we have to get up at-" he looked at the alarm clock beside the bed "five a.m.?" I looked at the clock, but I couldn't understand it. Lexi padded out the newly made bed.

"Why are you doing that?" Kole asked, nodding to the bed. "They have maids."

Lexi picked up her backpack beside me. "I know… I just felt like it though. Habit from home I guess." She's the same as always.

"We ready to go?"

"Let me make sure I have the ticket." She said looking thru her bag.

"Ticket?" I asked. Lexi picked me up.

Kole nodded. "You'll see."

We left the room, Lexi sat me down to check one more time to make sure she didn't leave anything, she reappeared with a Poke'Gear. She was clicking through something on it.

"I think we should go back to Littleroot for a bit." Lexi said. Kole looked at me then back at her.

"W-why's that?"

"I want to spend some time with Dad and… Hope."

"We don't have a ticket."

"This ticket works for any boat that leaves today." Lexi said pointing something on a ticket to him. The ticket was golden and black, like it had been a prize or something.

"I'm not going to convince you not to go am I?" She shook her head, putting the ticket away and typing something on her Poke'Gear. Kole sighed, looking at me. I smiled. "I'll find a way to keep it from her." I frowned.

"Let's check out, and get going."

A few minutes later we were at the front desk. Lexi was giving the card to a drowsy young girl attempting to swipe Lexi's card.

"Please… we are going to be there in Littleroot…" I begged. He shook his head slowly.

"Sarah, you don't know-"

"She's my best friend." The girl tried to swipe the card.

"You keep pestering me on this, no, she's hurt, and she doesn't need this!" He was getting serious, acting unusual.

"Have some sympathy…" I mumbled, partially retreating. There was a few minutes of silence, the cash register rang up, the girl finally got it.

Kole broke the silence. "You're usually quiet." I gave him a puzzled look. "You never used to argue this much."

"You never used to be so serious, still stubborn." I murmured. He smiled. "We don't even know each other that well."

"The first time we met was at that school field trip." He said, looking into the air. "I'll tell her who you are, the second she finds out you died. I won't keep her from it, so that probably means Littleroot."


"You both ready to go?" Lexi asked returning from teaching a credit card swiping class. We both nodded. I fell down instantly. Lexi giggled and picked me up. Kole reassured me I would eventually pick up walking. The street lights were still on as we walked down the paved sidewalk. We only saw one or two cars the whole way to the dock.

A few lights began to turn on up and down the street, people readying for the day. I began to doze off in Lexi's arms. I yawned and might have seemed asleep. But I could hear the conversation well.

"How do you think Aira will do in battle?" I tensed. I forgot about that.

"I would rather she not battle, she doesn't seem like the type that would like battling. She might get hurt." Kole said. Oh so now he cares about me? "Plus, she's weak as crap," Thanks a lot you son of a bitch.

"You didn't seem like the type to battle," Lexi protested. "What's the real reason?"

"You'll probably find out soon." He said. I was trying to stay awake, but I fell to sleep in Lexi's warm arms.

My ears twitched, everything was loud as heck. Where were we now? I slowly opened my eyes to find myself in a hotel room. No it was rocking slightly, we were on a boat. I looked around, it was small, two rooms, both could probably fit in your average living room, it wouldn't have been too small but there was furniture all over the place. I look over to see Kole on one of those couch pull out beds. He was flipping thru TV channels with his muzzle.

Lexi was petting me behind my ears with her right hand and reading something with her left hand. I couldn't read what it said but I could tell that it was handwritten. She also had something that looked like a scrap book in her lap. She always liked to read, although she'd rather be taking photo's or editing pictures into odd stuff.

"Had enough sleep?" she petted me. I nodded.

"What are you reading?" Kole called in the not so distance.

"Your journal." She said casually.

"Oh…" He said carelessly. "Wait. I didn't say you could do that!" He sprinted into the room and knocked it out of her hands. Just like him to do something. Most of the time that would have startled me, but I feel more comfortable around him now.

"Does it say who you like or something?" I joked.

"No," he protested, I could tell he was blushing.

"How do you have a journal anyways?" I asked. He picked it up with his mouth.

"Wrote in it before I died."

"What are you two talking about?" Lexi asked, motioning Kole to let go of the journal, so she could put it up.

"How you shouldn't eavesdrop on conversations." Kole retorted.

"Not really eavesdropping if you're talking right in front of me and I can understand you."

"I forget," He replied. Glancing at me and walking back into the other room. He glanced at me again, seems to be doing that a lot.

"I don't get him sometimes, Aira. He acts so odd sometimes. The first time I opened that book he burned me with an ember. I wish I could understand you too." Lexi told me. "He probably seems a hard head, the way he speaks to you he does. What do you think about him?"

We never really talked much, I just remember him being a clown. He would joke around all the time in class. I never really took note of him until we went on that field trip together. I didn't want to be paired up with him, but he was the only person open, I was too shy to ask anyone else. That was about two years ago.

"We're lost…" I mumbled to myself. Hand in one pocket, running my hand over brail with the other, wondering what it was like to be blind.

"We aren't lost," Kole (I'm not going to confuse you with names) said. He looked up at a sign, and began to try and read it out. "Si-Silph Co Meeting Room. That's it."

"We are suppose to be in their Auditorium," I replied quietly. I wouldn't have been in this mess if he hadn't followed those workers asking for a Pokeball, and of course he pulled me along with him. We kept walking.

"I think it's this way…" he said.

"We just came from that way." I murmured, pointing to the meeting room sign he had trouble saying.

"Oh…" We walked the other way.

"I want to be a trainer when I grow up," he said. He ran his hand across the wall.

"They'll have to send a rescue team the second you step on route 101." I thought. The halls became shorter and shorter.

"You don't talk much do you?" Kole joked. My face turned red.

"T-this way," I said making another turn.

"No it's this way," He said, pointing down a hall, he must have not been a good reader because there was a sign at the end of the hall that said fire exit. He grabbed my arm.

"Stubborn aren't you," I mumbled. He squinted at me and began walking the direction I first pointed out.

"What'd you want to do when you grow up?"

"League maybe, then I want to write a book about my journey." I said, his face drew long when I said 'write'.

"Writing is boring." He said, now he was trying to skip every tile, with every step. "I'ma have a Blaziken, or maybe a Sceptile… Swampert! Maybe all of them!" I took a second to process the jumbled sentence.

After five or six minutes, we found the auditorium (since all the adults except the old ones ignore eight year olds running around). Kole got two days of detention and I got a sad face for the day, obviously the teacher didn't really think it was my fault, but to be truthful, I didn't resist him when he pulled me along. I wanted to see more than the usual.

That was my earliest memory of Kole. We didn't talk much after that, I got a project in seventh grade with him, other than that he was a stranger to me, but someone I wasn't real quiet to.

"Here's something to eat," I reflexively tried to walk over to her and fell down. She giggled, and I heard Kole laugh, but I think he was laughing at the TV. She stuck the bottle of milk in my mouth. I instinctively took a swig of it. "We'll have to start getting you to walk tomorrow, it shouldn't be too hard."

I licked her cheek, by the time I noticed what I was doing it was too late. She smiled and opened my mouth with my index finger, "Should be able to eat in a few days."

"Lexi, Sa-Aira… Check this out, it's about… see the main character is a serial- killer, and his friend George is a drug addict. It's scary and funny." Remember when I said hard to believe he's human, alright I was wrong. I also noticed he unintentionally said my name, she might find out faster than I though.

"Let's go watch this crazy stuff," she said holding me like a baby and taking me into the next room. "You bought this movie over the TV didn't you?"

"No it was pre-downloaded on the thing," he said.

"You need to teach Aira to walk." She said, "I'm going to be picture editing tomorrow."

"The hell if I know how to teach someone. I just did it no teaching to it,"

"If you teach her it will be faster."