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Merman's story

Chapter 1: Work

Two merman's were swimming. Or like the younger one was trying to keep up with the older one.

"Prince Naruto wait!" Konohamaru yelled after the prince.

"You're too slow" Said the blond spiky haired merman.

"I'm not! Where are you going with so hurry?"

"To work."

"To work? You're mermaid's prince and you are going to work for human! What will queen Tsunade say when she hears about this?"

"Don't tell her about this." Naruto said and continued swimming.

"Prince you can't go there its sharks territory!" Konohamaru yelled and stopped.

"I know but it's fastest way."

"No prince it's dangerous." Konohamaru said, but Naruto didn't listen him.

Konohamaru saw something big moving closer to prince.

"Prince look out!"

"What are you doing Kisame?" Naruto asked and turned around and looked at the big blue shark.

"Well let's see you are in our territory so I can do anything I want to you." Kisame said and smirked.

"Oh yeah. How about I tell Itachi who really messed up with his papers. Don't forget that I helped you that time AND Itachi told you to watch that I don't get hurt in our world. What he will do if he hears about that you are threatening me" Naruto said with big grin on his face.

"You're lucky that you're boss favorite" Kisame said and started to swim. Naruto swim after him.

"Come on I have helped you many times. How many times you have pissed of the model? I really don't get it why you're scared of Itachi."

"Well he doesn't show his scary face when you are around." Kisame said and swimmed faster.

"Hey Kisame wait!" Naruto shouted. Konohamaru only stayed still and after a while he started to swim back to the underwater town named Konoha.

At Sharingan's

I want more feeling in your eyes Neji" Sasuke said.

In sharingas there was very busy day. ⅓ of the models wasn't able to come and the photos were supposed to be send before 6.

"Sorry." Sasuke heard someone saying behind him. He saw his older brother Itachi and Itachi's own personal photographer and his own personal photographer Nauro.

"It's okay Naruto" Itachi said.

"No it's not! Sasuke yelled. Naruto looked at angry Sasuke who left Neji and another model alone and came in Naruto's direction.

"You're 20 minutes late. Do you know how much we are already late and you decided to come late to work!" Sasuke yelled.

"I didn't plan to come late." Naruto said.

"Calm down Sasuke we aren't that late." Itachi said.

Sasuke was about say something but he heard someone calling him.

"Come on dope get your camera!" Sasuke yelled and turned around.

"Don't call me dope, teme!" Naruto yelled back to Sasuke and was about to go to get his camera when Itachi stopped him.

"I have better idea dear little brother. You said that we don't have enough of the models. So how about we use your photographer in replacement."

Naruto was confused, why did Itachi said that. Sasuke think for a while before he answered.

"Fine. But if you mess this up you're fired. Remember that." Sasuke said and left.

"Sucks to be you man," Kisame said and left.

Naruto looked at Itachi with a sad face.

"Don't worry it's not going to be that bad." Itachi said with a smile.

"Not that bad! In today's shots almost everyone is with water! And you know that I can't touch water!" Naruto shouted but stopped when he realized that he was yelling at one of his boss.

Itachi only smiled. "I said don't worry. I will put you in those shots that are not close to the water." Itachi said and pushed Naruto towards the makeup artist. Naruto really didn't need much of the makeup. After that Naruto changed and went to Itachi who was waiting for him.

"It suits you."

"Ha ha very funny I can barely move in this thing."

Naruto was wearing white robe and he had all short of jewels on him. Naruto walked next to Neji, but on the way his jewel got tangled up with another models dress and it took a while to get Naruto and the model separate. When Naruto was free he walked next to Neji.

Neji was wearing same as Naruto but his robe was black.

"Who choose that a fantasy is today's theme," Naruto asked and tried to remove himself from Neji. Their head jewelry was stuck.

"I think that it was Sasuke's idea this time. Need a hand?" Itachi asked.

"No." Neji said. It didn't take long before he got himself free.

When they were in their position Itachi started to take shots.

In that shot was suppose to show different of the light and darkness with moves and expressions.

When Itachi was about to take the last shot Naruto trip, but Neji grabbed him and pulled hi, to his chest. That make Naruto blush.

"Interesting light attracted to the darkness why I didn't think of that." Itachi said and took more than one shot.


"Where is Naruto," Tsunade asked.

"I heard from Konohamaru that he's in human world again your majesty," Iruka said.