Chapter 10

"It was about time you woke up. You slept two days straight."

"And you have fucked me all this time." Naruto growled. Orochimaru smirked.

"Yes. Come let's get ready for the ceremony."

"What ceremony?"

"Our marriage ceremony." Orochimaru said and pulled Naruto with him.

Kisame was calling to Itachi.


'Shit he's in a bad mood.'

"I have bad news." Kisame said nervously.


"Orochimaru is planning a ceremony."

"What kind?" Kisame quiet down and gulped.

"An m-ma-marriage ceremony." Kisame yelped when he hear loud crack.

"Stop it." Itachi growled.

"I can't." Kisame said quickly.

"Then interrupt it so that I can get there."

"You under water? You can't do anything in there."

"You want to stay alive, right? Then do what I say or you wish you were never born." Itachi growled and hung up.

"What he's up to?" Kisame asked himself and put his phone to his pocket.

"Senpai!" Kisame turned around and saw Suigetsu running at him.

"Where are we going?" Suigetsu asked.

"We're going back." Kisame said and jumped to the water. Suigetsu behind him.

"What's the idea? We just got there!"

"We are attacking Konoha." Kisame said and swim at Konoha.

"At last! I get others." Suigetsu said and swam away. Kisame continued swimming.

'Itachi. What he's up to?'


"Nii-san, where are you going?" Sasuke asked. Itachi didn't answer and walked out of the room. Itachi was almost out Sharingas when.

"Itachi wait, un!" Deidara yelled. Itachi gave Deidara Uchiha's death glare and continued walking.

"What's his problem, un?"

"He's angry because he hasn't seen Naruto." Sasori said and warped his hand around Deidara's waist.

"Where is he, un?" Deidara asked.

"Don't know but if he doesn't come soon Itachi is going to break the whole building." Sasori said and kissed Deidara's neck. Sasuke walked out of the ground floor's "living" room.

"He broke his desk again about five minutes ago." Sasuke said and walked to elevator.

"He did what, un!"


Itachi was almost running to the harbor.

'I didn't want to do this. Our family is banned from there but I don't care if I die there today. I will get you back Naruto.'


"Naruto are you okay?" Iruka asked. Naruto nodded. He was trembling. He didn't want this but if he runs away his mother will die.

"I don't have choice." Naruto whispered. Iruka pulled him into hug.

"I'm sorry. I can't do anything to help you."

"It's not your fault." Naruto said and hugged Iruka back.

*Couch* Iruka and Naruto turned to the door and saw annoyed Orochimaru.

"Naruto come here." Naruto slowly let go of Iruka bur before he did he whispered something in Iruka's ear. Naruto swam to Orochimaru who grabbed Naruto's arm and dragged him behind him out of the room.

"Naruto you…" Small pearls sink down. Iruka was crying.

/ / / / / /

Orochimaru drag Naruto to the throne room. Naruto saw thousands of eels and snakes and couple merman and mermaids.

"Good that you all came to celebrate my marriage to Naruto." Orochimaru said when he saw mermen and mermaids angry faces.

"Come." Orochimaru whispered in Naruto's ear and licked it. They swam to the gray eel which was swimming around two crowns.

"Kabuto began." Orochimaru hissed and warped his hand around Naruto's waist.

"Hai Orochimaru-sama. Do you Orochimaru Sannin take Naruto Uzumaki as your lawful husband, to have and to hold from this day forward for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?"

"I do."

"Do you Naruto Uzumaki take Orochimaru Sannin as your lawful husband, to have and to hold from this day forward for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?"

"I…" Naruto started but before he could answer blue eel cut him off.

"Orochimaru-sama!" blue eel swam quickly at Orochimaru and dodged purple ball.

"How dare you." Orochimaru growled.

"I'm sorry Orochimaru-sama but the sharks are attacking at Konoha."

"What!" Orochimaru swam to the closest window. Sharks were everywhere killing the snakes and eels.

"Everyone leave." Orochimaru hissed. Naruto went after others but Orochimaru's snake tail warped around his waist. Orochimaru yanked Naruto forcefully which made Naruto cry in pain.

"You have nerve. You thought that your friends will help you if you ask." Orochimaru growled.

"No." Naruto whispered. Orochimaru lowed his head next to Naruto's.

"It seems that you need a punishment." He whispered in Naruto's ear and released Naruto. He swam to the doors which lead to garden where Tsunade was held.

"No I didn't ask their help. I didn't know anything about this!" Naruto yelled and grabbed Orochimaru's hand and tried to stop him. When Orochimaru opened the door Naruto swam in front of him and kissed him. Orochimaru stopped and looked at Naruto. Soon Naruto broke the kiss.

"Please don't kill her." Naruto whispered. Orochimaru closed the door and grabbed Naruto's chin. Orochimaru licked his lips.

"Only if you do something to me." Orochimaru said and ran his finger over Naruto's lower lip. Orochimaru swam to throne and sat down and waved Naruto to come to him.


"This is easy."

"Senpai what's that?" Suigetsu asked. Kisame looked at same direction as Suigetsu and saw Iruka and small merman who usually played with Naruto. They were carrying a statue.

"It can't be." Kisame swam to Iruka and Konohamaru who startled.

"What are you doing? Where's Naruto?" Kisame asked.

"He's in throne room. We are moving Tsunade-sama in safer place. It was Naruto's wish." Iruka said sadly.

"I see. Suigetsu!" Suigetsu swam to them.

"What senpai?"

"Help them to move the old hag somewhere safe."

"What! Why should we help them?" Kisame sighed.

"If she is hurt Naruto is sad and if Naruto is sad Itachi is mad. Is that good reason to you? Or do you want to face angry Itachi? I know that I'm not and I could easily make you face him in my place." Suigetsu gulped.

"I got it. I will help them." Suigetsu said. Kisame watched as Suigetsu, Iruka and Konohamaru swam away. He turned to palace.

"We have to hurry. But how we defeat Orochimaru?"

"Leave him to me." Voice said next to Kisame. Kisame turned to the voice.



"Aaah you truly have a talented mouth." Orochimaru moaned and grabbed Naruto's hair. Naruto felt like he was about to puke. He wanted to stop and cry. Naruto moved his head up and down Orochimaru's length.

"Look at me." Orochimaru commanded. Naruto lifted his head little and looked into Orochimaru's golden eyes. Orochimaru pushed Naruto's head and made him continued the blowjob.

"Oh Naruto." Orochimaru moaned. Naruto gag when he heard Orochimaru moaned his name and almost puked. Orochimaru pushed Naruto's head down so that Naruto took him all way and started to thrust into Naruto's mouth. It felt like thousands years to Naruto before Orochimaru released inside his mouth.

"Swallow." Orochimaru said and lifted Naruto's head. Naruto forced himself to swallow all cum before he couched.

"Good boy but I'm not complete satisfied." Orochimaru leaned to Naruto's face and kissed him deeply. Orochimaru mumbled something which make Naruto rise do that he was standing or would be if he had legs. Naruto's wasn't dry or Orochimaru didn't chance him so he was on his merman form.

Orochimaru was about to pull Naruto to his lap when black ball broke the barrier and fly right past head. Orochimaru released Naruto who fell to the ground. Orochimaru changed to back his merman form as the room filled with water.

"Whose there!" Orochimaru yelled.

"I think you know who I am. I came here to get what is mine." Dark figure said. Naruto turned to the figure and smiled but the smile disappeared soon.

"Itachi, how?" Naruto watched Itachi who had tail black as night, his eyes were red. Itachi smiled at Naruto

"I will tell you later Naruto." Itachi said and dodged purple ball. Orochimaru forced Naruto to his chest.

"As I thought you are one of the traitors." Orochimaru hissed and held Naruto tight to his chest so that Naruto couldn't get away.

"I didn't betray anybody. Just because I was born in Uchiha's clan doesn't mean that I will be like others.

"What are you talking about Itachi?" Naruto asked and tried to get away from Orochimaru.

"Don't you remember who killed your dad and your real mother?" Orochimaru asked. Naruto looked into Orochimaru's golden eyes.

"What are you talking about?"

"The one who killed your parents was Itachi." Naruto's eyes widened. Naruto looked at Itachi's shocked face.

"No." Naruto whispered.

"Naruto I." Itachi started but Orochimaru cut him off.

"The one who killed Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina was no other than Uchiha Itachi.

"I don't even know his parents." Itachi yelled and shot black ball at Orochimaru. Orochimaru dodged the ball and his grip loosened and Naruto took the chance to get away from Orochimaru but he didn't swim to Itachi.

"Naruto come here!" Itachi yelled.

"Are you really going to go to him? He killed your parents. Do you remember the night of your 7th birthday? The dark figure killing your parents right in front of your eyes." Orochimaru hissed. Naruto didn't know what to do, who to believe. His head felt like it was about explode.

"Naruto believe in me." Itachi said and held his hand up to Naruto.

"Believe in you? Ha! Naruto he lies about anything about your parents and what he feels about you. He doesn't love you he just wants to have his revenge against Konoha!" Naruto ignored Orochimaru and swam to Itachi. Naruto almost touched Itachi's hand when Orochimaru grabbed Naruto's neck and pulled him pack.

Itachi was about to shot ball at him but he stopped when Orochimaru placed Naruto in front of him.

"You don't want him to get hurt, right?" Then leave. Orochimaru hissed and squeezed Naruto's neck. His hand glowed purple and Naruto changed to human. Naruto swallowed little the sea water before he covered his mouth.

"How long do you think he can hold his breath?" Orochimaru asked and smirked.

"Tck." Itachi wanted to attack Orochimaru but he couldn't risk Naruto's life. Itachi swam backwards. His eyes never left from Naruto. And then all of the sudden someone hit Orochimaru. Itachi swam to Naruto who transformed back to his true form as the same time Orochimaru fly to wall. Naruto turned around and saw to familiar persons.

"Mom! Ero-sannin."

"Are you okay Naruto?" Jiraya asked. Naruto nodded. Tsunade swam to Naruto and hugged him.

"Thank god."

"Mom you're strangling me." Naruto said. Tsunade released Naruto and looked at Itachi.

"Your family is forbidden to come back to sea."

"I know that but as long Naruto is safe I don't care if I lose my head." Itachi said and kissed Naruto's forehead.

"I will overlook this, this time but it's not time for that. Now we have another problem." Tsunade said and turned to Orochimaru.

"How could you be alive?" Orochimaru yelled and pointed Jiraya.

"You almost got me three years ago when you tried to kill me because I find the truth about Minato's and Kushina's death. But you had forgotten that I had frogs as friends. They gave me an antidote just in time." Jiraya said. Naruto looked at Orochimaru.

'He was the one who killed my parents!'

"You and your frogs come always in my way but this time they can't help you." Orochimaru hissed and transformed into snake and attacked Jiraya who dodged him.

"Ero-sannin!" Naruto yelled and was about to swim to him but Tsunade stopped him. Itachi warped his hands around Naruto.

"Uchiha I leave Naruto to you but if he's hurt in any way I will get your head." Tsunade warned and went to help Jiraya. Itachi leaned to Naruto and placed his head next to Naruto's.

"Did you really thought that I killed your parents?" he whispered. Naruto turned to Itachi.

"I'm sorry. I'm just confused. I didn't know who to believe. The figure from that night still haunts in my mind." Naruto whispered and hugged Itachi. Itachi hugged him back but his eyes never left from the fight.

"You love birds duck!" Jiraya yelled as big purple ball came at their direction. Naruto closed his eyes and hear loud explosion. He opened his eyes and saw red barrier around him and Itachi. Naruto looked into Itachi's red eyes.

"Are you okay Naruto?" Itachi asked and looked into Naruto's eyes. Naruto nodded. Itachi smiled at him before he turned to glare at Orochimaru.

"Hand's of he's mine!" Orochimaru growled. His eyes were full of anger. Itachi tightened his grip around Naruto who buried his face into Itachi's chest. Itachi smirked at Orochimaru.

Orochimaru knocked Tsunade out and hit Jiraya at the wall and the rocks at wall fell and trapped Jiraya's tail. After that Orochimaru attacked at Itachi who shot red pall this time but Orochimaru dodged it easily.

"You're weak! You will never be able to defeat aargh!" The red ball had hit Orochimaru's side. Orochimaru transformed into his merman form and held his left side.

'What? An counter ball.' Itachi shot another ball which Orochimaru dodged and dodged it again when it came back.

"That won't work second time." Orochimaru said before he screamed in pain.

"What the hell is that?" Orochimaru growled.

"Uchiha clan's special magic. It will follow the target as long it hits the target." Orochimaru glared at Itachi and hold his side. He was bleeding on his side and back. This wasn't going to end good for him.

"Orochimaru-sama!" Kabuto yelled and swam to Orochimaru.

"Kabuto we're leaving." Orochimaru hissed to the eel who nodded.

"No you don't!" Jiraya yelled and swam at Orochimaru when he got his tail free. Thousands snakes covered Orochimaru and Kabuto and when the snake's were gone so was Orochimaru and Kabuto.

"That slimy little." Tsunade growled and held her head.

"Mom!" Naruto yelled and swam to Tsunade and hugged her before he started to cry. Tsunade rubbed his back.

"Ssh it's okay now Naruto." Tsunade whispered. Tsunade raised her head and looked at Itachi who was glaring at her.

"It seems like your boyfriend is jealous." Tsunade said and Naruto turned to Itachi.

"Why would you be jealous if I hug my mother?" Naruto asked.

"She isn't your REAL mother." Itachi growled.

"Actually she is my obaa-san but she doesn't like me to call her that." Naruto said and rubbed his head. Itachi stopped glaring at Tsunade who was searching Jiraya.

"Where that pervert went?" Tsunade asked herself before she heard women's screaming.

"JIRAYA!" Tsunade yelled and swam after the noise. Naruto swam in front of Itachi.

"You were merman all this time?"

"Yes but my clan is banned from sea and I'm one of the two who knows that Uchiha clan's members are mermen."

"Sasuke knows?"

"No Madara and you next question "why I don't change into merman because Uchiha clan were able to change into human at their own will in beging with."

"Why you didn't tell me?"

"You would have told your "mother" and she wouldn't let you come back to work or to see me ever again if she knows. So I thought." Itachi said and kissed Naruto who kissed him back. Oh how Naruto had missed Itachi even thought they were apart less than a week. They broke apart when Naruto cried in pain. Someone had pinched him with something. Naruto turned around and saw his mother.

"That hurt."

"Sorry but if you want to talk to Itachi go to human world. He's banned from here no matter what he did today."

"Why he's banned?" Naruto asked.

"Because my selfish father." Itachi explained and pulled Naruto to his chest, "And we are going now." Itachi added to Tsunade and dragged Naruto with him.

"Wait I wanna know more. And WHY everyone drags me?" Naruto yelled. Tsunade watched behind them.

"I hope you like my present that I gave you Naruto."

"What did you do and what is that?" Jiraya asked and pointed the douche in Tsunade's hand. He was sitting on the window sill holding his black eye.

"I always suspect Orochimaru. I somehow knew that he wants Naruto bear his child so I ad in him antidote for the liquid that makes merman's body change so that he can get pregnant. But if that antidote is destroyed he can get pregnant." Tsunade said and showed the needle on her hand.

"Did you tell him?"


"You're evil."

"At least I'm not molesting young women."

"Is this the way to speak to you safer? If I wasn't help you would be still a statue. I'm sure that I deserve a kiss."

"In your dreams you perv."

"That's right in my dreams and dreams about…" Tsunade glared at Jiraya who swam away but before he did he said,

"People are planning party. I will go help them." and he vanished.

"Huoh. That perv. Naruto I hope that you're happy."

Naruto and Itachi

"Naruto could you please, walk yourself?"

"No." Naruto answered and tightened his arms around Itachi's neck.

"You know that I could carry you like a princess if you want."

"NO! That's embarrassing!"

"And piggy bag isn't?"

"No." Naruto said and smiled. They were walking…well Itachi was walking at Sharingas.

"I missed you." Naruto whispered.

"Me too." Itachi said and let go of Naruto's legs who fell down.

"Itai." Naruto rubbed his butt and glared at Itachi who was smiling.

"Nice view." Itachi said and his smile turned into smirk. Naruto looked at Itachi with confusion before he noticed that the jacket that Itachi had given him didn't cover his lower parts anymore. Naruto blushed and covered himself quickly.

"Pervert weasel." Naruto growled.

"Yes I am, but I'm not the one who transformed into merman without clothes."

"It's not like I wanted this. He made me." Naruto said and stood up. Naruto looked at Itachi and noticed Itachi's angry face before Itachi grabbed his hand and pulled him into a kiss. Naruto warped his arms around Itachi's neck when Itachi released his hand and deepened the kiss.

"Hey love birds! What are you doing middle of the street?" Naruto blushed and quickly pulled away. He turned around and saw Kisame.

"Kisame thanks about…" Naruto started.

"No problem. At least I didn't die." Kisame answered.

"What did you say? I didn't catch the last part." Naruto asked. Itachi glared at Kisame who gulped.

"N-nothing, hahaha." Kisame laughed nervously. Itachi pulled Naruto to his chest and started to walk at the doors of Sharingas.

"Itachi I still have something to say to Kisame."

"Later." Itachi said and pulled Naruto inside.

"Yo Naruto where were you, un?" Deidara asked when he noticed Itachi and Naruto coming in.

"It's not your business. Tell Sasuke not to come in my floor no matter what." Itachi said and pulled Naruto to elevator.

"Where are we going?" Naruto asked.

"To my floor." Itachi said and pushed one of the two buttons which were forbidden to employees. Itachi looked at Naruto and stared at Naruto's neck which was covered with hickeys and bite marks.

"Itachi what." Naruto started but Itachi cut him off and kissed him hungrily. Itachi pushed Naruto to the wall and deepened the kiss. Naruto ran his fingers in Itachi's hair. When Itachi broke the kiss he attacked Naruto neck and bit the marks that Orochimaru had left and covered them with his own. Itachi moved his leg between Naruto's legs and rubbed Naruto's member with his leg.

"Ah Itachi what if someone comes in?"

"I don't care." Itachi said and opened two of the jacket's top buttons and kissed Naruto's naked chest before he started to suck Naruto's nipple. Naruto gasped when Itachi bit him softly. Itachi smirked and teased another nipple too which made Naruto moan.

All of the sudden elevator stopped. Itachi turned around and saw that someone was getting on. Naruto buttoned the Jacket up quickly and turned around. Itachi pulled his tire off and cowered Naruto's eye with the tie before Naruto was able to see who was coming.

Itachi kissed Naruto and held Naruto's hands away so that Naruto couldn't take the tie off.

Itachi lifted Naruto so that he had to warp his legs around Itachi's waist. Itachi broke the kiss and let Naruto breath.

"This one is taken." Itachi said to the man and smirked. Itachi watched as Neji's face turned red from the anger. Neji wanted to attack Itachi but he stepped slowly back and let the elevator doors close.

"Hey Neji what's wrong dude?" Kiba asked. Neji hit his fist on the wall.

"Nothing. I'm perfectly fine." He growled.

/ / / / / /

It took forever to Itachi before they were in his floor.

(Lemon starts)

Itachi pulled jacket off Naruto and kissed him. While they were walking to the bedroom Itachi took his clothes off. Itachi pushed Naruto on the bed and attacked his neck. Itachi pumped Naruto's member as he kissed his way down.

"Itachi please hurry." Naruto pleaded but Itachi only kissed him.

"Patience my love." Itachi said and took Naruto's member in his mouth and pushed his head up and down. Naruto grabbed Itachi's hair. Itachi sucked harder which made Naruto moan and tighten his grip on Itachi's hair.

Without warning Itachi slipped his finger inside Naruto who gasped. Itachi continued sucking and thrust his finger in Naruto. Soon he slipped two another fingers inside of Naruto. Naruto cried in pain when third finger went inside him. All of the sudden Naruto stretch his head back and let out loud moan. Itachi smirked and pushed the same spot again. Naruto moaned again and looked at Itachi.

"Itachi hurry. I want you inside me." Naruto said without thinking. Naruto blushed when he realized what he had said and slapped his hand over his mouth. Itachi's smirk widened.

"Gladly." Itachi position himself on Naruto's entrance and thrust himself all way in hitting right to Naruto's prostate. Naruto moaned every time when Itachi thrust inside of him first slowly then faster.

"I-ita-Itachi ah please aah harder." Naruto moaned and grabbed sheets around him. Itachi grabbed Naruto's hip and thrust even harder and deeper inside Naruto.

Naruto felt that he was close and so did Itachi. Itachi went faster and kissed Naruto. Naruto warped his arms around Itachi's neck and deepened the kiss. Itachi grabbed Naruto's member and started to pump it hard with his thrusts.

It didn't take long before Naruto broke the kiss and leaned back to bed and came screaming Itachi's name. Itachi moaned when Naruto's walls tightened around him and thrust faster in Naruto before he came inside of Naruto moaning his name.

Naruto tried to calm his breath when Itachi pulled out of him and kissed him before he lied next to him.

(End of lemon)

Naruto snuggled next to Itachi who warped his hand around him.

"I thought I will never see you again." Naruto whispered and rest his head on Itachi's chest.

"Don't worry. I will never let you go." Itachi said and kissed Naruto's head.


"Never." Naruto smiled and kissed Itachi softly before he lied his head back on Itachi's chest.

"Thank god it didn't work." Naruto whispered.

"What?" Itachi asked.

"Some liquid which was suppose to make me pregnant." Soon after Naruto realized what he had said he looked at Itachi's angry face.

"But I haven't got pregnant so it didn't work on me." Naruto said quickly and sigh for relieve when he saw Itachi's face calm down.

"Don't ever mention what that man did to you or I have to lock you up so nobody else finds you." Itachi said and kissed him. After Itachi broke the kiss Naruto nodded.

"Are you sure that liquid doesn't work on you?" Itachi asked.

"Seem so." Naruto said before he yawned and closed his eyes and fell asleep.

'Damn.' Itachi cursed in his mind and pulled the blanket over him and Naruto.

Three weeks later

"Are you okay dude?" Kiba asked and rubbed Naruto's back who was puking in the trashcan.

"I don't know. Lately I have been puking every day. It just comes up without warning and then it's gone." Naruto said without lifting his head up.

"You should go to see a doctor." Kiba said. Naruto nodded and lifted his head up before he puked again.

"Kiba go to work. Naruto are you okay?" Itachi asked and walked to Naruto. When he was next to Naruto he helped him up from the ground.

"No I feel sick." Naruto said and covered his mouth with his hand. Kiba was about to say something but he left when Itachi glared at him.

"Naruto!" Naruto heard Iruka's voice behind him. Naruto turned around and saw Iruka walking at him.

"Iruka-sensei. Why are you here?"

"I have something important to tell you?" Iruka said. Itachi looked at Iruka curiously before he led him and Naruto in his office so another would hear.

"What did you wanna tell me?" Naruto asked after Itachi had closed the door.

"You're pregnant." Iruka said nervously.

"I'm WHAT?" Naruto yelled.

"Pregnant. The liquid that Orochimaru used has taken effect on you and you are pregnant with Itachi's child." Iruka explained.

"How do you know?" Itachi asked.

"Tsunade-sama has looked after Naruto in these three weeks with her crystal ball and she decided that it was about the time to tell."

"B-but I'm guy how we explain this to others?" Naruto asked.

"That doesn't matter. We just have to make sure that they don't notice it and I don't mind spending time with you A-L-O-N-E," Itachi whispered in Naruto's ear.

"That's not the point!" Naruto yelled.

"Tsunade-sama will help you with the child." Iruka said.

"Children. There's no way that we are going to have only on child." Itachi said and warped his arms around Naruto's waist.

"You are enjoying this, aren't you?" Naruto growled.

"Yes. Let's go to our brake." Itachi said and dragged Naruto with him out of the room.

"Sensei help me!" Naruto yelled as Itachi drag him into elevator. Iruka sighed and closed Itachi's office door and was almost out of the building when he saw white haired man walking at him.

"Ah dolphin-chan it's been a while." Kakashi said to Iruka who ran back inside Itachi's office and locked the door. Iruka leaned to the door and listen carefully as Kakashi walked to door and knocked.

"That's cruel Iruka-san. We haven't seen each others in weeks and you run away when you see me."

'Of course. Who wouldn't?' IT didn't take long before Iruka heard Kakashi give up and walk away from the door.

"Naruto-kun are you alright?" Iruka heard Kakashi ask. Iruka unlocked the door quickly and yanked it open.

"Naruto!" Iruka yelled and came out of the room but didn't see Naruto anywhere.

"Shit!" Iruka cursed and turned around and tried to run back in to the room but Kakashi grabbed him before he reached the door.

"Cursing isn't nice Iruka-san. Now what shall we do?" Kakashi asked and smirked. Iruka's face paled and he tried to get away but Kakashi dragged him out of the Sharingas into his car. Everyone could hear Iruka's voice as the car left.

Life isn't gonna be easy for Iruka and Naruto but it's end for now.