Search For The Mystery Of The Missing Medals

Hello…and welcome to my crossover fic that involves two unlikely detectives…Conan and Kindaichi. An idea popped into my head and I thought I should give this a try and see how well the reception goes as I'm going to do an experiment where in the two series' main protagonists would cross path and reluctantly work together in a case which a VERY eccentric businessman would approach each of them to offer them a "reward" if they help him with something.

Well…can't disclose everything as it would spoil the plot, so read on below and enjoy.


Kindaichi Case Files is owned by Seimaru Amagi

Detective Conan is owned by Gosho Aoyama

Hokkaido Prefecture.

It was about 17:00 hours, and several diggers are shoveling the grounds of an unnamed area near the mountains of Mt. Asahidake and the leader of the diggers is holding a megaphone urging his men to work double time as darkness is approaching within an hour or less, and the diggers to get the so-called item retrieved.

"Hurry up…Mr. Kougami is going to deduct our pay if we don't get this time dug out before the end of this day…use backhoe if needed…use even a drill…just rake whatever that's underneath the soil…!"

The hired manpower team sighed as they wondered why are they digging over something that even their boss is secretive about but after being told that they'll be paid big, they accepted the retrieval job without question. All they ever hope for is that the labor they went through is worth the risk.

"What did the boss want us to get?"

"Beats me…"

"Must be a treasure chest…I bet there's treasure here…"

"You and your imagination…"

"But what if it's true…? The boss wouldn't tell us anything…"

"Who cares…if the pay's big, why not?"


One of the retrievers commented and paused, which the others stopped their digging as they glanced at their co-worker before he finished his speech.

"…unless there's a vintage bomb hidden here…"

The diggers were starting to get shaken but he told them he's kidding, which the other whacked him on the head, and the boss reprimanded them for slacking off and everyone went back to digging the ground they were tasked to dig. After more than an hour of non-stop digging, one f them felt he hit something and alerted the others.

"Hey…I think I got something…"

The others began to dig the single area and the hole became deeper as they dig their way until they unearthed a huge chest, but the chest itself was locked, which made the diggers more curious while their boss contacted someone who is based on Tokyo. The scene shifts to Tokyo where an office is shown, and is right over a bakery, and a woman, in her 20's received the phone call and called her employer.

"Mr. Kougami…the digger you hired has called…"

As the man named Kousei Kougami took the phone, a conversation took place, and the digger-boss could hear the background music of "happy birthday" playing, which he sweat-dropped at wondering what kind of person he's dealing with, as he has been hearing that music for about a week.

"Mr. Kougami…I think we found the object you want us to find…a huge treasure-like chest…but it's locked and we don't know what's inside it…"

"Good…good…can you deliver it by tonight…?"

"Uh, sure…but where…?"

"At the Kougami Art Museum…that's where the object will meet its destiny…and if you deliver it before midnight…I promise you…Y 500,000 will befall you and your crew…along with a birthday cake…which will be fed to you and your men…"

"Consider it done!"

And as the communication is cut, Kougami began to instruct his workers to bake a new cake as he is going to "celebrate" the "arrival", something his secretary is not too keen on, as she seemed to know something about this so-called object.

At a busy street at around 12:00 midnight, a delivery van is cruising along the main road of Hiraizumi, where a driver and a fellow guard are watching the streets in front of them while inside the van several guards are hired to watch over the chest as they were instructed to protect it no matter what. They are armed and are ready for anything. They are about 10 of them on the compartment area while two are in the front, including the driver.

"What's with this chest and how come nobody's ever tried to pry it open…?"

"Must be treasure…"


"Could be…when we were carrying it, I swear I could hear sounds of coins…must be gold coins…but I wonder why we have to guard it when no one even knows about it…"

"The boss hired us to protect it…and this Kougami guy said he'll pay all of us Y 500,000 if we deliver this straight to the art museum…so I say that's enough for us. We can binge all we want once we get our payment…and besides…it's better than having gold coins with us…the customs and the IMF will go after us for possessing gold…if that's what the contents in this chest are…"

As the van is passing by the mountain road of Mt. Zao, two persons are seen hiding within the silhouette, and they seem to be eyeing the passing van and are taking their positions to make their strike. They are well-prepared as they are intending to do something evil onto the passengers of the van as the van makes a stop at an open portion of the road where trees surrounded them.

"Hey…why are we stopping here…?"

The front passenger/guard asked as the driver claimed that he needed to "pee" and said he'll just urinate at the nearby tree, which the passenger took the claim lightly seeing that they've been driving for an hour non-stop.

"Better hurry up, okay? We still got to deliver this chest to the art museum…"

The driver waved his hand as he heads for the tree, but then he grinned as the passenger was starting to get alarmed as the driver removed his mask, revealing the driver to be a female, who is no other than Sharon Vineyard, aka Vermouth. The front passenger banged the wall behind him to alert his fellow passengers of the impending attack as he realized that something is about to happen.

"Hey! We've been set up! It looks like an ambush! The driver's a fake! I'll try to drive us out….be prepared!"

As the front passenger takes the wheels, he managed to drive away but then a hail of bullets appeared from the trees, hitting the passenger on the head, killing him while four more shots are fired, hitting the front left and rear left tires, which slowly rendered the van immobile, and the passengers inside realized this.

"Shit! An ambush! We'll hold them off! You…and you! Take the chest and run off! Protect it no matter what! Try to get help!"

The two guards nodded as the others got off the van's compartment area and opened fire at all directions in an attempt to keep their attackers from opening fire, not realizing that they are clearly unmatched as they are facing snipers. Then a sniper fire hit the right front and right rear tires, with the van now flat, but as the gunfight ensues, two of the passengers managed to make off with the chest, as the rest stayed behind to protect the fleeing pair.

However, the sniper who shot the left portions of the tires, Korn, was an excellent sniper, and systematically, and patiently, took down three of the victims, reducing them to seven, but in 15 seconds, another sniper, who is hiding within the right portion of the area, opened fire, slowly killing three more, who is the one who fired the right portion of the van' tire, and the second sniper is revealed to be Chianti, and made a warning shot near the remaining men and this leaves the four remaining guards behind, and they hid at the front portion of the van to shield themselves from the shots.

"Shit…! Snipers…!"

"What do we do now? We can't run around in the open!"

"Shut up and let me think!"

"I sent a text message to the Kougami Foundation…I told them our location…they should be receiving the message by now!"

As the four men are waiting for the right time to come out, one of them saw Vermouth carrying something and is aiming at the van, and this spells bad news to them realizing what she intended to do, and panic ensues.

"The bitch has an RPG!"


"She's gonna blast us away!"

"I'm outta here!"

Before the four men could make their run, Vermouth fired the RPG and it struck the van, which exploded, and taking the four men with it as the impact caught them and are killed instantly. As the smoke cleared, Vermouth slowly came down, and so are the two snipers. They are now boarding a car hidden within the bushes and began to track down the remaining two men felling.

"Not bad, Korn…it's a good thing there's no age limit to snipers…"

"Thank you, Vermouth…glad I am serviced to a good organization like yours…"

"What about me…?"

"Of course you'll be praised, Chianti…both of you will be paid well for your work…but right now we need to get our hands on that chest…if it contains gold coins…we can use it to finance our operations…and the BOSS will be pleased by this…come on…they won't be far ahead…"

At the forest area of Mt. Zao, the two men managed to reach a park within Fukushima, but they are now exhausted and could not afford to go further without taking a five-minute rest, but they realized that they won't live to get that needed rest as they felt that they are being pursued and had to think of something. As one of the two men tripped, he accidentally dropped the chest, and the lock mysteriously opened, and there the two men got a glance at the chest's contents.

"Silver coins…? They looked ancient…"

"And worth a fortune…but…they seem to resemble medals or something…"

"But boss…we can't just hand it over to those killers-for-hire…"

"I sent a message to Mr. Kougami…close the chest and lock it again…I'll leave a note attached…hey, there's a parked car…let's put it there so that our comrades' deaths won't be in vain…and let's hope the driver is kind-hearted and would leave the chest to the authorities once he reads the note…"

After writing and leaving a note on the chest, the two men picked the lock of the car's door, they placed it on the backseat area and closed it again and ran off, heading back to the Mt. Zao border so that the pursuers won't come here and the car's driver would be protected. As the two men went back to the forest, the parked car's driver came and is revealed to be Hajime Kindaichi, a 17-year old teen who is misinterpreted as a delinquent but has excellent detective skills, though he is known by some as a slacker.

"Man…that was tiresome…solving a case of an old woman whose house is about to be bulldozed because of a hidden will…good thing I managed to expose her relatives…now I get back to Tokyo…it's past midnight and I need to go to school…"

By then Vermouth and her sniper crew caught up with the two men and Chianti fired her sniper rifle on the two men's legs to force them to reveal the location of the chest, but one of them squealed due to fear and pain, though he managed to compose himself and protect the chest.

"Which car is that…?"

"Why did you tell them…?"

"A car you say…cartoon…carpenter…caricature…cart…caravan…cartel…carpool…cartridge…card…carp…carve…"

Chianti shots him on the head and aimed her rifle on the remaining man, and Vermouth gave him a last warning.

"Last chance…where's the chest!"

"It's probably in the river that we through…"

"Really…but there's no river or pond near here…but that's okay…I can find it…Chianti…Korn…"

The two snipers fired their rifles and shot the man point blank and he is killed, but then Vermouth saw a car leaving and managed to get the plate number before heading for the main road. As Chianti is about to fire at the car, Vermouth stopped her.

"No…there are other cars passing by…we might be discovered if we attacked it…at least I have that car's plate number…we will track it down later in the morning…let's depart for now."

And so the three villains, who work for the Black organization, left and intended to use their resources to track down the car's owner and where it resides, as they hope that the chest will still be there, since Vermouth believed that the driver is unaware of the chest being there.

The time now is 02:00, and Kousei Kogami was roused from his sleep as his secretary, Erika Satonaka, barges in with urgent news.

"Mr. Kougami…we have bad news…"

"Not to worry…I have stocks of ingredients to make more birthday cakes…"

"It's not about the cakes…the chest that the diggers you've hired…it's been stolen…I read the emergency text message…there was a spy within the diggers and led two snipers to kill them and are after the chest…the last coordinates were in Mt. Zao ands Fukushima…"

Another person came in and is clad in biker jacket and pants, ready to go out. He is Shintaro Gotoh. He offered to lead his team to investigate but Kougami stopped him.

"No, no…not yet…we will let the police handle this…and I happen to know who will help us get the chest back…"

Opening his widescreen TV, he showed the footage of three persons he believed would help crack this case. One footage shows that the first person shown in the footage is Kogoro Mori, and despite him looking rather silly, he thinks he's ideal for the job, though he seem to be unaware that Kogoro is somewhat irresponsible and quite annoying.

The second person to be shown is Shinichi Kudo, and Erika began to take notice of him because of his good looks, and Kougami explained that despite being a senior high student, he was able to note down his "records" of Kudo helping police solve mysterious crimes, as well as having ties with the Metropolitan Police Department and their leader, Police Officer Juzo Megure.

Then the third person to be shown made Erika raised an eyebrow as the person shown in the footage is Conan Edogawa. He is a boy with Glasses and seemed to help the police indirectly at certain occasions, though neither she, Gotoh nor Kougami are unaware that Shinichi and Conan are one and the same.

"We set the meeting at 08:00…and we will get these thee detectives to help us search for the missing chest…for in the next few days…perhaps a week…we will celebrate the 800th birthday…and we must get that chest back within this time frame…"

Goto and Saotome nodded and al went back to sleep as they have 6 hours left to get some rest before summoning the police.

To Be Continued…

I hope you readers liked my debut Detective Conan fic…and though I should put this on the crossover section, I decided to place it here for now to see how the reception goes and if the reception is good, I'll decide if I should place here or move it elsewhere…


Kougami summons the police and finally meets two of the three detectives, and gave them the case they're about to work on, while Shinichi will reveal something that involves him and Conan…and Kindaichi will discover something in his car, which would put him in a dilemma…


Okay…here are the list of characters of the three series involved, so you'll know…

Detective Conan

- Shinichi Kudo/Conan Edogawa

- Kogoro Mori

- Juzo megure

- Vermouth

- Chianti

- Korn

Kindaichi Case Files

- Hajime Kindaichi

Kamen Rider OOO

- Kousei Kougami

- Erika Satonaka

- Shintaro Gotoh