Search For the Mysterious Missing Medals

Okay…I know this fic should have ended, but a thought hit me and after re-reading this fic, I thought I should give you an insight on what has happened to BOTH Hajime Kindaichi and Shinichi Kudo. I guess I should give this a shot so as to give this a PROPER closure, as well as to give light that connects this and to my other fic, "Hunt for The Mystical Medals".

Who knows…maybe those who happen to come across this fic might like it…

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At a cemetery, Hajime Kindaichi and his friend (and possible love interest), Miyuki Nanase, arrived and are now standing in front of Kindaichi's uncle's grave, with her bringing the flowers and Kindaichi the candles, where he lit them while Miyuki placed the flowers on top of the tombstone, and there the pair offered some silent prayers, hoping that Kindaichi's uncle is at peace believing that the murderers, the agents of the Black Organization, are being pursued by police.

"Oh, Kami-sama…please give eternal rest to Kindaichi's uncle's soul…please let him be at peace and not become a vengeful soul…"

"Uncle…I hope that you have found peace at the afterworld…and hopefully…the butchers who did this to you will soon be caught…I'm sorry if I wasn't attentive to you before your untimely passing…had I go after you sooner…this wouldn't have happened to you…"

After a few minutes of silent prayers, Miyuki spoke so as to cheer her friend up since Kindaichi lost a relative, who is quite close to him, and the teen detective seemingly responded to her efforts, though he is still missing him, as he felt that he should've been more attentive and not slack off during the time when his uncle is leaving carrying a chest that has the artifacts loaded in by mistake.

"Kindaichi-kun…how are you feeling…? I know it's painful for you to lose your uncle…"

"I'm fine now, Miyuki…I'm fine…"

"I'm sure your uncle is at peace now…I'm sure those killers would be caught…"

"I sure will…thanks, Miyuki…"

As Miyuki glances back at the grave, Kindaichi's eyes caught something that he didn't expect: he caught sight of what appeared to be three spirits: his grandfather – Kyosuke Kindaichi; his uncle – who died at the hands of the Black organization agents; and Shinichi Kudo – the teen detective whom he teamed up with several weeks ago. The trio smiled at him before slowly fading away, and Kindaichi stared wide-eyed, as he had a feeling of something good…and bad…that has happened to Shinichi, and he tried to go to the spot where he saw the three souls stood before disappearing.

"What the…? Am I seeing things…? Or is that Shinichi Kudo with them…?"


As Kindaichi approached the spot where he saw the three souls, he finds that there is no one there, and he wondered if this is a premonition of something good…or bad…is about to take place, which Miyuki came to him and asked what's wrong, in which his reply made her a bit baffled.

"Kindaichi-kun…what's wrong…?"

"I…I thought I saw three ghosts…"

"Really…? Maybe you're just seeing things…"

"I don't know…but I thought I saw the ghosts of my uncle…my grandfather…and Shinichi Kudo…"

"I think you need to go home and rest…lest leave some parting prayers before we go…"


After that, the two teens went back to Kindaichi's uncle's grave to offer their parting prayers before leaving, with Kindaichi still baffled whether what he saw a while ago is something he should feel worried about.


At the afterlife, Kyosuke Kindaichi is accomapanying Shinichi's soul towards heaven, as Shinichi himself came to realize what has happened to him, and now regretted not doing anything to stop the Black Organization, seeing that with his death, the secretive criminal syndicate will freely do whatever they want, and now he is sure that Shiho Miyano, currently as Ai Haibara, will follow him next once her identity is revealed to Gin.

"Guess we lost the battle...the Black organization would eventually rule Japan's criminal empire..."

As Kyosuke Kindaichi stood outside "the door", Kami-sama came out, and tells the two men to wait as he opens a "book" where he reads a list of names where new souls arrived, and calls out both Kyosuke Kindaichi and Kindaichi's uncle's names, telling them to go ahead, and the two men bowed as they passed through the door, and are now inside the "Kingdom of Heaven", while Shinichi is baffled as to why he is not called. He would soon learn later what the reason is.

"Kindaichi's Uncle...Kyosuke Kindaichi..."



"You two may enter..."

"Thank you..."

"Thank you..."

"Huh? Am I not...? Am I going to...?"

"No...yes...and no."

"Huh? What...?"

"You see..."

Kami-sama told Shinichi that the reason why he is not called is because his name didn't appear on "the book", and stated that he did not do anything bad, thus he is to be sent back to Earth, as the "almighty" tells the teen detective that he still has a "mission" on Earth and he knows it, but when Shinichi told him that he is wounded by what he believed to be a "monster", Kami-sama smirked, stating that "all will be fine" and that he will soon play a role once he goes back to Earth.

"Wait...but I'm will I...?"

"Yopu will soon learn send Mr. Kudo back to Earth, would you...?"

At this point, Kami-sama snapped his fingers and an "angel" came out all of the sudden, and she resembles Skuld, who is wielding a huge mallet and struck the teen detective – HARD. Of course, Shinichi was thrown out from Heaven and is heading back to Earth…FAST, and he wondered what Kami-sama meant about what "role" he is about to play, when he felt that he is heading back to Japan, and he slowly loses consciousness as he is about to be "reunited" with his body…where the scene shows that Shinichi Kudo's body lay on the ground while the mantis-like monster is rampaging the parking lot, while a teen vagabond is facing the monster.

Cliffhanger (FOR REAL!)…

Hope you like the TRUE ending of this fic even though it leaves you (AGAIN) in a cliffhanger on what Shinichi's fate is…while Kindaichi has left to get on with his life…even though he got a TRIO of premonition on what he would be expecting from this point on…

And that's it…as the fate of this chapter will be moving on to the next fic…which I'm sure you'll know where to go…just look down below…


No more previews…this ends this fic…but it also opens a new one as a follow-up is on the way.

The title of this follow-up fic is titled: "Hunt For The Mystical Medals".