The silent echo trailed out from her lips and faded away with the burning amber that was sinking towards the ground. She stretched out her fingertips and tried to brush the hot tips of the sun, but clasped nothing but the gentle swell of the upcoming breeze. Her red ribbons that held her braids together became undone and danced lightly in the wing before swirling away. She felt moisture in her eyes and tipped her head back, tasting the offending salty tears that trickled down her throat and smiled forcefully.

'It will be okay, won't it, Yorito? It will be okay...' She struggled to lift her lips upward, her small and fragile frame trembling from the effort.

The tears overflowed and trickled out of her scarlet orbs and cut paths down her cheeks, splashing lightly against her ivory hands that she tightly wrung out in front of her.

'Yorito...' She whispered and anger clouded any coherent thoughts as she began leaping up in a frenzied manner, sending wild kicks into the air as grief brimmed in her heart.

'You PROMISED we would be able to start again!' She yelled at the darkening sky. 'Didn't you want me to be happy?'


The word gripped her heart with ice cold passion and she stared at the sky, the sky that he so loved.

'Yorito..' The word came out barely a whisper, devoid of any emotion.

'Why did you bring me back? There is no life if Yorito is gone!'

'There is no life...' She mumbled hollowly and advanced towards the edge of the school building, feeling the wind whip her tear stained cheeks, bowing her head humbly at the orange tinged beauty above her and-

Without anyone noticing, she slipped quietly into the shadow of the sky that cradled her tenderly like a child, sending her gracefully spiralling down into the depths of the moon, the sun, and the stars that so gently studded the velvet sky and to the people that she loved most..

Yorito? Matsuri? Wait for me..

Just a random thing that came to me after watching the anime. Hope you like it~