Author's Motherf#king Announcement: This will be incredibly long and boring for you guys, and arrogantly indulgent for me. But it relates to the sequel to Into the Fire. So, just skip to the last paragraph. Or something. It's ok, I would too. This is more for me, to collect my thoughts, than for you. Take a little peek into my madness.

You may not know this, angry readers, but my ultimate dream is to be a professional writer. I want to be published. I want a little shelf full of books, with my name on them, with my words in them. A legacy. In this epic little pseudo-quest, I decided to practice with fan fiction. The first results were… messy. The first good, hence official, result was baby Into the Fire, my most popular story. It was incredibly fun! I learned massive amounts. But I have a terrible secret.

Little baby Into the Fire… was an accident. *gasps of shock*

It's true! A binge of epic controlled substances that should be illegal (namely Kyle-091, caffeine, and boredom) and two hours of glorious passion, and Jack got sucked into Halo. And it all started.

My deepest shame. Because while Into the Fire is my most popular story, more so that I ever thought possible(I'm not an ambitious guy. The bar was at a comfortable low), it's so deeply flawed that I'm almost scared of it. I learned so much… but those learning experiences came at a price.

I thought my story sucked! I put the credit for its pseudo-success down as the result of the controversy that surrounded its conception, with general MB as… I don't know, stepmom. Or something.

Anyway! I was reluctant to pump out a sequel, for the same reason that terrible movies should not have sequels. But something awesome happened.

Months later, I read my own freakin' story. And while it was riddled with mistakes, it had something special. It had something that terrible and well-written stories lack, and atrociously spelled great stories had: heart. I dumped a lot of me into it, and it paid dividends. I grew to love my own shameful mistake.

While my new, shiny fic (Yankee Knights) may be as perfect as my current level of skill can maintain, it's not Into the Fire. I've toyed with the idea of making it a close companion story.

But I've caved to public pressure. I'm writing a sequel-I've got a solid prologue and the beginnings of an outline. While an underlying theme of Into the Fire was friendship, Thicker than Water (A working title, of course) will be more focused on family, both past and future. A lot of questions will be answered. I'm posting the prologue and first chapter on June 14, and hopefully a big chapter every seven days from then on. As for my current story, Yankee Knights, … I guess it'll go on the back burner. We'll see. As always, I appreciate your thoughts and reviews.