A/N: Honestly… I have a lot to be sorry about. Geez, I've been gone for a long while. (Roughly six months I think) But don't you worry. The plots are intact. I have the files saved everywhere. I have the notes in my notebooks and I've been dreaming about the stories more often than I usually do. I think my body is telling me to go back to writing soon.

Work is a bitch. Specially because I have graveyard shift scheds. Oh well… That's what the night differential is for.. But I still wish it would let me write more often.

Since I'm nearing one year in ffnet I plan on updating Other God, Message in a Bottle and The Court of Carnal Delights by the end of the month. MIAB 9 is actually done. I just have to polish the kinks. Other God is really giving me problems regarding the characters… Mi-chan's fault mostly (glares at the silver-headed bishounen). But I'm nearly there. I just have to make sure Michan's emotional transformation is believable. (goodluck to that) The second chapter of the Court is halfway done. Those who are waiting for Sodales will have to wait a little longer. Sodales takes more time to conceive but rest assured I'm working on it. (Apparently for me, Sodales is the most engaging to write about since not only do I enjoy mythology, I learn from it. *winks)

Cheers, guys.. I'm proud this fandom is perking up a bit.. I'm seeing new stories and reposts.. That's good.. Great even.

Promise to update soon.. Thanks to the support of everyone who ever read my fics.. specially to those who left reviews. I love you guys… You make me smile after a long day.. I mean a long night of work..

See ya soon..


Anne Raven