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Chapter 1

Green eyes widened and then shone with glee as a familiar figure appeared.

"Michael!" He yelled, running into the open arms.

"Hello little brother." Michael smiled down at the shorter male, hugging him tightly.

"How have you been?" He asked tenderly.

"This place is... well its paradise and you know that since you made it for me. But, well I'm bored Michael." He muttered and Michael laughed, releasing him and leading him over to a bench. They sat facing each other and Michael sighed, making his baby brother frown.

"What's wrong Mike?" Michael smiled at the nickname.

"I thought you'd be bored, let's face it idleness is not your thing little one. I need your help Hariel." Michael admitted.

"With what?" Emerald eyes narrowed in concern.

"I know I'm the one who demanded you stay here and those reasons haven't changed but...things are getting out of hand. The garrisons are in disarray...angels are rebelling; some have even been killed. Our brothers... some are trying to break Lucifer free Hariel."

"Tell me everything." Hariel demanded eyes deadly and Michael suddenly found it easy to remember his little brother had once led and won a war.

"Nearly two years ago a young man named Samuel Winchester died, his brother Dean sold his soul to bring him back and only got a year instead of the usual ten. Lilith collected and Dean was sent to hell... where he broke." Michael paused and Hariel swore, he knew what that meant.

"Language little one." He chided, hiding a smile.

"So is he a demon?" Hariel asked and Michael shook his head.

"No, I commanded a garrison to lay siege to hell and rescue him but he had already broken when they arrived. A young angel named Castiel was the one to pull him from hell and return him to life. He has rejoined his brother and has been working with Castiel's garrison to try and keep more Seals from breaking, they are failing. Samuel is all but consumed by the need for revenge against Lilith and that will be his downfall." Michael explained and Hariel frowned.

"Why is Samuel so important?" He asked.

"Because he is the last of the children infected with demon blood by the demon Azazel and he has been learning to harness his powers."

"So what? Suddenly got something against people with demonic heritage?"Hariel demanded and Michael reached out to grasp his shoulder.

"No little brother. But what Samuel is doing is dangerous. He has begun consuming the blood of a demon calling herself Ruby. She is leading him around by lust and...he is Lucifer's true vessel. Not only that but he is the only one who can break the final Seal, by killing Lilith with his powers."

"So what do you need me to do?" Hariel asked.

"Help them, I have suspicions about many of that garrison, except Castiel. He is the only one whose loyalty to Heaven is definite and he cares for humanity."

"I go and they'll know who...what I am." Hariel warned and Michael nodded.

"I know and if I could think of any other way I would never risk anyone learning of you, especially Lilith or Lucifer." Michael whispered sadly and Hariel smiled at him, a familiar light in his eyes. Michael knew that light all too well; it was the thrill of an upcoming battle.

"It'll be okay Mike. Ex-war hero here." Hariel assured him and Michael finally gave him a small smile in return.

"And hey, least I don't have to scrounge round for a vessel." He said cheekily before vanishing from the garden Michael had created for him when he had brought Hariel to Heaven. Michael shook his head in amusement before leaving the garden himself.

Hariel reappeared in the middle of a rundown warehouse in the middle of a fight. It took a split second for him to take it all in and then he was moving.

Castiel gasped in shock as the demon he was fighting collapsed, not sent back to hell but dead. He stared in awe at the slender male who tore through the demons like they were nothing...and then he realised exactly why.

"Cas?" Dean called, supporting a groggy Sam.

"Stay back Dean, he..." Castiel trailed off and Dean was surprised to see a look of awe on the angels face. The fight was quickly over and then the young looking man approached them. Dean and Sam tensed and Castiel inclined his head in respect.

"Sir." He greeted and the new male smiled.

"Hello Castiel, Michael sends his greetings."

"Um...who are you?" Dean asked and emerald eyes focused on him.

"Dean..." Castiel warned.


"He's an Archangel." Castiel explained and both hunters paled, Sam ducking his head and practically flinching, getting the new angels attention. The angel sighed and then stepped closer to Sam, making Dean tense. But the Archangel simply held his hand out to Sam who froze and then hesitantly took the appendage. He gave a hesitant smile as the angel shook his hand and smiled at him, this was the first angel to actually look at him like he was human and not a demon. The angel smiled softly at him and then reached up to touch his forehead. Sam's eyes slid shut and he slumped into the angels' arms which would have looked rather comical if Dean hadn't been ready to kill.

"He is merely asleep to heal the damage caused by using his powers. My name is Hariel and we need to talk somewhere a little more secure." The next thing they knew they were all back in the boys' motel room. Hariel went over to the second bed and gently laid Sam down on it and then stepped back, smiling when Dean instantly moved to his brothers' side to check him over.

"It would be against orders to harm your brother Dean." Hariel told him with a small smirk.

"Last I heard you guys want to kill Sam." Dean growled and Hariel raised an eyebrow, turning to Castiel who nodded.

"Our orders where that if Sam did not stop using his powers he was to be stopped." Castiel said and then stepped back as Hariel actually growled.

"The ones who gave those orders are being investigated and Michael is not happy. Don't worry Castiel, he knows you are loyal but from now on your orders are to come from Michael through me."

"Okay I may not know a lot about angels and all but never heard of an archangel called Hariel before." Dean said and Hariel smiled.

"You wouldn't have. I doubt even Castiel has actually ever heard of me."

"It's true but I can sense you are an archangel."

"But I wasn't always. Do you remember what happened about ten years ago?" Hariel asked and Castiel's eyes went wide.

"Michael vanished and then he sealed off a part of Heaven...you?" Castiel asked and Hariel nodded.

"As the newest and youngest archangel Michael can be a bit... overprotective. Kind of like how I've heard Dean can be about Sam." Hariel teased and Dean stared at him. He was definitely not the usual angel. Dean looked back down at Sam in concern and Hariel smiled.

"He'll be alright Dean, I promise. He should wake up in about an hour or so."

"No offence but you're not like the others, even Cas here." Dean said and Hariel laughed, moving to sit down on one of the two chairs in the room.

"Probably because until ten years ago... I was human."


Hariel means Mountain for meeting God in Hebrew according to my baby name book.