Blink to Break the Magic

by Mackenzie L.

This is going to be a multiple-chapter fic of moments from Carlisle and Esme's life together and apart.

*The Twilight Saga and its characters belong to Stephenie Meyer.

How did you feel when I first took your hand?

When I first heard you land

On my heart's softened sand?

How did you feel when I first let you see

What you had done

To the hero in me?

How could you have seen me when no one else had?

Did you think of me fondly

Even when I was sad?

How do you keep your eyes shining so bright?

Even while lost

In the shadows of night?

How do your arms still long to embrace,

Having heard me sing sins

And seen lust on my face?

How can you want me after all I have done?

How am I blessed

To be your only one?

How does our love grow, year after year?

Do you think that it knows

Our end will never near?