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Matthew smirked, pulling the half dazed Prussian into the bedroom, and shut the door. Gilberts eyes widened slightly as the Canadian's lips drew up into a devious-and VERY FUCKING SEDUCTIVE smirk. the prussian swallowed and casually brushed off his shirt.

"So..." He gave the other a half smile. "What did you have in mind up here?"

Matthew took a step forward, his gaze absolutely smoldering. Gilbert swallowed as the blond made his way closer and closer, until his hand slid teasingly down the albino's face, the look in his eyes burning Gilbert up. fuck... "What are you thinking?" Matthew teased, making his voice oh-so-sweet. Gilbert couldn't help it. He really couldn't. It was horrible, but he imagined himself just ripping Matthews clothes off of his body and just throwing the blond onto the bed. But he couldn't do that. not to Mattie... But he just couldn't resist the urge to touch him. No. He NEEDED to touch Matthew. His skin was burning. Gilbert swallowed, moving against the Canadian and wrapping his arms around his waist, and kissed his neck lightly.

"Mm, not sure." He felt his lips vibrate against that soft feverish skin. "S'your house, after all." His heart was speeding up, going even faster as the Canadian pulled him in and then pushed him back. For a second Gilbert was just falling, but then he hit the other teens soft mattress and let out a short gasp before the blond was almost on top of him, though he was only standing there.

"Mmnnn..." Matthew smirked and licked his lips, sending shivers down Gilbert's spine. "So it is..."

The Prussian reached out, grabbing ahold of Matthew's tie and pulling the blond down as he lay down on the bed. Matthew landed skillfully on top of him, smiling down at the albino with sparkling eyes. He leaned down slowly, brushing his lips against Gilbert's neck lightly and then beginning to nip lightly at it, trailing to different places. When Gilbert drew in a breath he felt Matthew chuckle and begin to suck harder, running his tongue in patterns across his neck, right near his ear and even going up and gently sucking on his ear lobe.

"Ahn..." Gilbert moaned quietly, his fingers curling in the sheets and his pants becoming tight on him. Oh shit..."Ah!" He back arched as Matthew's fingers fluttered over his crotch, his lips still moving against Gilbert's skin. The albino found himself beginning to pant as Matthew pulled away, looking down at him with those mischievous indigo eyes.

"Gil..." His voice was slightly breathy, and EXTREMELY sexy. Not to mention that his cheeks were flushed and his eyes feverish. fuckkkk... Gilbert wanted nothing more than to just pull him down again. Had he ever wanted someone this badly? Ahn...

"Nyeah?" Gilbert looked up at him, his cheeks lightly dusted with blush.

"I..." Matthews eyes fluttered for a moment before he fell to the side of Gilbert.


"Mattie? Hey, you okay?" He questioned, moving to place a hand on Matthew's shoulder.

Matthew nodded, curling against the Prussian and letting out a long breath. "Ahn..." he moaned. Gilbert blushed, remembering his erection. "Hot..." he breathed. Gilbert looked the other over. Right...He still had on his whole suit. Gilbert's fingers twitched with the thought of once again just tearing the layers off of the Canadian...But...he just swallowed it.

"M-Maybe you should shed one of your many many layers?" He suggested.

Matthew made a small moaning noise, and began to strip off his vest and tie. As his fingers left his tie, he looked at Gilbert, pulling the first few buttons from his shirt and smirling at the albino. It made his fucking head go crazy. How could Matthew be doing this to him? Suddenly the other grabbed the Prussian's own tie and pulled him down until he was on top of Matthew. Gilbert froze for a second, just staring down at Matthew, battling with himself in his head. He wanted him...he bit his lip, and sat up.

"Woah..." He smiled as Matthew's fingers laced back up around his tie. "Yes?"

The blond simply smirked and pulled him back down into a kiss. Slow and soft at first, but then Gilbert gave in and kissed him like he had wanted to for SO long now.

"Mmn...ah..." Matthew gave a tiny gasp and then closed his eyes, giving in to the kiss.

"Mmnnn..." He took a breath in. "Gil..." The fuck! He was NOT making holding back easy. Not with sounds like that...And the way he said his name...Gilbert leaned in and kissed him again, hard, as his fingers unbuttoning the rest of the blond's dress shirt.

"Mattie..." He breathed, the others eyes fluttered and then closed and as Gilbert leaned in to kiss him again he realized that the others breathing had become even, and he had stopped kissing him back... The Prussian moved away to look at the blond.

"Eh, Mattie?" He leaned down, poking his face and then smiling at the soft murmurs Matthew let out from the action. "Oh." He sighed lightly. "You're asleep." With a hmph, Gilbert popped himself down next to the Canadian, turning on his side to look at him. "Now what?"

As if on cue, Matthew cuddled closer and murmured nonsense into the albino's side. Gilbert laughed lightly, and brushed the curl out of the blonds face. Matthew made a little noise and squirmed.

What is this?

Gilbert brushed the curl again, expecting a similar reaction, instead Matthew growled a bit and grabbed hold of his arm, holding onto it like a pillow and letting a little contented sigh out.

Gilbert smiled. " Mattie, you awake?" He whispered. His response was a very soft purr-like snore coming from the other teen. The Prussian decided to sit there for a little while, let Matthew hold onto him, and to watch the Canadian sleep. It was nice seeing him like this...

Fuck, what am i? Fucking Edward Cullen? Watching Matthew sleep...That's just weird...

Slowly, not wanting to wake the sleeping Canadian, Gilbert pulled his arm away and stood up, looking around. He realized that he had never really looked at Matthew's room too much. It was calm and interesting. His eyes drifted towards the desk on the side of the room and he noticed a pile of note books. Gilbert walked over, curious and picked up the top one, flipping through it quickly.

"A diary?" He closed the book, drumming his fingers against it. "I wonder..." He glanced briefly at Matthew to make sure that he was still asleep, and then opened it, flipping to Page 5. The page was scribbled on with a deep red crayon, a scribble done with lots of pressure...Gilbert scrunched his brow a bit, and flipped a few more pages to 11.

He began to read:

" my...new family is nice. but...i dont want to be around them. i dont want to be near anybody...people are horrible...people hurt people. what if they turn out to be like daddy? would they? i dont know...but daddy is gone. he...he killed himself. what if they kill themselves? what if thats how people are? i dont want them to die...i dont want anyone to die! i..."

Gilbert quickly closed the diary, shaking a little- "I...didn't know..." He put down the diary, his fingers hovering a few centimeters above it as he turned to look at Mattie, "What happened to you?" He whispered. The albino didnt want to intrude on Matthews personal history...But that was just...he swallowd and picked the book back up, opening it to a little bit later of a date.

Page 17:

"i should just die. it would be better if i did. no one seems to be able to see me anyways. so its not like dying would make a bit difference. who would miss me? today Francis touched my shoulder and...i thought the memories were going away. but i just...i cant get it out of my mind. i screamed, and pushed him away from me and...he smashed his head into the side of the table. it was horrible. Francis looked really hurt. i cant tell them though. i don't want them to know...they don't need to know...they wouldn't want me if they knew i was broken... i can hear them talking down stairs. mama and papa are fighting, saying my name. Francis needed to go to the hospital and get stitches. i...i'm sorry...it would be better if i was dead. yeah... then i wouldn't hurt anyone. father killed himself because of me. i know it. but i...he hurt me too. i cant even...why would he do something like that. he thought i was mother. he was going insane. he was too drunk. justify it as i might...father still...he...TOUCHED me. more than that. more than anything i would ever ever want. but if..if he had said that he was sorry that he didn't mean to...would i still be like this? unable to let anyone touch me at all. i want to stop it. i don't think i can...i...thats why it would be better if i just... died."

Gilbert was shaking as he closed the book. "Fuck..." His voice cracked and he wiped at his damp eyes and whispered. "Mattie..." Did he still feel...Gilbert swallowed and looked down at the dairy.

"Just one more..." He opened the book to the last written on page. the most recent. From a few days ago actually... Gilbert took a breath in and look at it. "Gotta make sure he's not thinking this anymore." He began to read:

I...I don't know what to do anymore...it seems like everything has just shifted. i haven't written in a while. my counselor would be mad at me. but there really wasn't anything to write about-well actually. that's a lie. we moved again. and I'm going to a new school. i actually have friends there. and...i met Alfred. he's my twin brother. a good guy...a hero. haha well close enough. he saved me...from Francis. after my adoptive dad died...francis...why did it have to happen again? why? Francis...he tried to...like my father...he..no-Alfred came and saved me. and then i met my real mother. apparently she took him with her when she left my father. and left me with my father. part of me hates her for it. but the other part of my knows that i shouldnt...i shouldnt hate her...but that doesnt stop me from being mad at her. but still...i was too mean to her... i...a few weeks ago everything came crashing down on me. i realized that i'd been living in some kind of fantasy land. and that everything was beginning to be okay. i wanted to die. just wanted to sink into a black hole and never come back...but then...then gil came over. gilbert...i...he...he spent the night and that day with me. and we've been spending as much time with eachother as possible. i'm glad that hes there. he...he is someone really special in my life. oh god...he...damnit...hes my best friend. right? just that? i dont know...even though no one is going to read this...its still embarrassing putting down thoughts like this...because of him...i am able to have people touch me. being around him makes everything bad go away. i dont have nightmares when he is there...its nice...and...he asked me to go to the winter dance with him. well-i kind of push/suggested it. he said he had someone that he wanted to ask...i wonder who it was. it made me a bit...i dont know...jealous i guess? i dont understand! gil is...i...ahhhg!"

Gilbert couldnt help the smile which was spreading over his face, his eyes going soft as he looked towards the bed at his Matthew. His? No...erm... "Mattie..." He laughed lightly and turned around, walking over to the bed. With a smile still on his face he crawled in bed next to Matthew, pulling the blankets over them, and then wrapping his arms around the sleeping Canadian.

"Come little Alfred, I am going to seduce you" Ivan looked back with a certain glint in his eyes. The American could feel his own eyes widen in shock and his cheeks blaze with heat. Ivan chuckled deep in his throat. "Are you scared Alfred?" He smirked. "I promise I won't be...that rough with your body"

"What!" Alfred glowered at him. Was he making fun of him, joking maybe? The blond snorted at the Russian, trying to act cool. "No! No way am i scared...Psssh I'm an American we aren't afraid of anything remember." He smirked. "So I'm definitely not afraid of a commie bastard like you" He laughed at the Russian, trying to be as brave as he possibly could. But...damnit! He was so nervous that ivan would just rip him to peices and leave him with nothing to hold onto. All of his nerve endings would be shot and he would just be a pile of flesh and bones and scraps of whatever articles of clothing remained in tacked. Yup...Ivan was going to kill him. That commie bastard... The Russian would be holding on to Alfred's limp body, his mind would have yet to come back to its natural state. The American's heart pounded in hischest and he was sure Ivan could hear it.

"How many times do I have to tell you, Russia is no longer communist" Ivan sighed as he continued to drag a squirming Alfred down the deserted hall. A hall they weren't supposed to be down.

"Whatever" He snorted, trying to sound cocky like Ivan, but instead completely failing, the words falling out of his mouth in a rushed breath.

Fuck! why am I so out of it right now?

Ivan's fingers curled tighter on Alfreds wrists as he turned and smirked at the American, his violet eyes gleaming with mischief. The American couldnt help it. He was scared, fuck! He was really scared, Alfred didnt even know what to do in a situation like this, he still had is fucking V-card. Silently he prayed to God, Buda, fucking Allah! That Ivan wouldn't figure that out, that maybe he could use his super hero skills and trick him somehow. Yeah...Like that would work. The commie probably had some evil Communist powers that allowed him to see into Alfreds mind and Ruin my life!

If people found out that Alfred was still a freakin VERGIN at his age...He would be the laughing stock of the school! The guys in gym did NOT need to know that, fuck! It was something that Ivan could use against him. But If he was going to lose his-

Suddenly without even a blink of an eye, Ivan came to a complete stop. The American hadn't realized this until he found himself faceplanting into his shoulder blade.

"The fuck man-" Alfred growled, the material of Ivan's black cotton shirt rubbing against his face, it was sleek and had a toasty feeling to it, as if it was giving off its own heat, and was not the heat of person wearing it. Alfred began to pull away, but before he even realized what was happening he was shoved towards a wall. Ivan had slammed him with so much force that when the blond's back bumped up against the icy wall, his breath escaped his lips in a light moan of American gasped for airm his eyes slamming closed. Agh...

"My my Alfred making noises already and we haven't even gotten to the good part. You can make all the noises you want when we get started," He moved closer, pressing his lips against the American's neck and hen moving back. "Da?" His voice was as silky as cream, and Alfred knew that he was hovering above him because he could feel the Russian's heated breath on his face. The American's eyes fluttered open, his baby blues catching the glinting violet eyes which were boring into his. Ivan smirked, his face flashing with all of the things that the Russian wanted to do to him, and all that Alfred really wanted to do was spit in the nasty Russian's face. How dare he think that he could do this to him! But...He didn't want his last day on earth to be this one. Alfred glared at him as venomously as he could, though the look didn't even seem to faze him...Stupid Russian, he should be crying under my glare! But it actually seem to make Ivan all the more eager to touch Alfred. The large, pale Russian hands came up, a single hand enough to lock Alfred's wrists above his head, the other hand coming up under his shirt. Alfred shivered as Ivan kissed his lips, then moving to his neck, and up to his ear.

"I will make you mean my name." He assured, his voice silky and seductive. Alfred swallowed.

I am NOT turned on by this. Nope.

"In your dreams," He growled, trying to pull away from the Russian. "You only WISH that I would say your name" He sneered. Who the fuck does he think he is, the queen of Sheba? The American though, a smirk playing on his lips as he began to regain his confidence.

"And if i do dream about you, moaning my name," He kissed his again, teeth dragging along the skin of Alfred's neck, his hands beginning to trace patterns under the American's shirt. "If i dream about touching you, about making your body mine," He niped again at Alfreds skin, rujning his tongue gently along the surface of his skin, making the American let out a small moan. Ivan smirked. "And yet you deny that you will call out my name..." He bit down harder and Alfred gasped. "Little Alfred," He came up and kissed his lips, then pulled away a little bit, enough to look the American dead in the eyes. "I will make you scream it." He breathed, taking the Breath from the American's lips, and trailing his fingers to the end of Alfred's dress pants. The American gasped and Ivan laughed again, reminding him of a tiger taking the first bite out his pray. The blonds heart skipped a beat as violet eyes got darker...In a scary way. Any confidence that Alfred did have, any cockiness...Was drained from him, it was like a giant fly swatter coming down and squishing the fly that had landed on the kitchen table. He was drained of any hope of having the Russian not touch him while he was in this state, having any hope of going home safe...

In one big sweeping motion Ivan's nose was nuzzling itself in Alfred's neck and the American couldn't help but cringe. There was no way of him possibly escaping Ivan's wrath,

One: because he has me pinned up against a wall one of my wrist he held in his massive hand above my head, and:

Two: He is so fucking strong that not even the Hulk, Thor and Captain America could take him down while all working together. AND THAT'S SAYING SOMETHING!

Alfred, shuddered, biting his lip, as not to make any noise at all as the Russian trailed his kisses.

What a great way to spend a night.

Alfred stood as still a stone, hoping that it would only make give up if Ivan wasn't getting a reaction out of him. He'd hoped that the Russian would give up sooner or later and his virginity would be spared... He really didn't want his first time to be with the Russian. Alfred despised Russian's and their communist ways. Ivan was no exception! Alfred couldn't believe that he had been starting to-

Ivan moved his lips about an inch from Alfred's skin , "If you pretend to play dead Alfred, it will only make things harder for you" he murmured onto his heated flesh. The American could feel goose-bumps start to form, only they began to form from the inside out taking any sense he had with them to the surface.

Alfred closed my eyes again and pretended like he couldn't hear the Russian. He still stood still because he didn't want his body relaxing anymore then it had to. He didn't want to give Ivan any satisfaction. All he wanted to do was tune Ivan out, but it was hard as he kept giving the skin on his neck little licks and bites. Alfred wanted to tell him to stop and that he hated him with every fiber of his being...That he was only using him... Only it didn't come out the way he had planned it to. "I-I" He gasped. "Iva-van… You…Need to sstoop" Ivan let one of Alfred hands slide loose from his grip, a chuckle resounding deep in his throat. Alfred took the chance to try to fight back. He placed his free hand on Ivan's chest and gave him a shove. It didn't faze the Russian at all. Alfred shoved him again, yet he still continued to make marks on the American's neck. What was Alfred;s mother going to think? Agh! There has to be a way to get him to leave me alone... The American growled in his head, his body was starting to react to Ivan's sensual kissing in ways that he didn't want it to.

No matter how hard he shoved at Ivan's chest with his free hand it only seemed to make him ignore the fact that he was trying to shove the Russian away from himself. Alfred's fingers then gripped at the front of his black shirt, and he could feel one of the small buttons in his palm. Alfred pulled at the shirt, but that only made Ivan kiss him harder, giving the Russian the incentive that Alfred wanted him to keep going which he did not. Ivan then began sucking the skin right at the base of my collar bone. The American could feel Ivan's hand that wasn't pinning his wrist to the wall travel down his shoulder and come to rest right on my chest. His fingers danced with the buttons of Alfred's shirt, sending unwanted shivers down his spine. Alfred was just about to try shoving the Russian again when a brilliant idea nestled its way into his brain. His eyes snapped open and he could see how Ivan's scarf was barely touching his cheek. A smile that Ivan couldn't see crept its way across Alfred's face. Letting his fingers unclench the material of Ivan's shirt that he had gripped so viciously he lay his hand flat on his chest.

Alfred could feel his sculpted muscles underneath his finger tips. Slowly Alfred traced his fingers up Ivan's chest and let them lay on his shoulder clenching it, as if to almost pull him closer. The American waited a few seconds to see if Ivan noticed that he stopped shoving at him. When he didn't show any kind of reaction, Alfred slithered his hand up by the collar of his shirt, his finger tips brushed the flesh by the beginning of his chest and base of his collar bone. Ivan was the type of guy to have at least the first couple of buttons undone on his shirts so that on lookers could get a tease of his body, or at least that was how it had been tonight...

Alfred's fingers became nimble and quick as they slunk their way up and up and up until he could feel it.

The material was soft like the downy feathers of a baby duckling as Alfred brushed his fingers across it. It felt as if it was alive giving off a heartbeat. Ivan, might as well have never in all the history of ever knowing him ever, ever taken the scarf off. It was as if it was a part of him, living, and breathing like the rest of his body. It kind of had a life of its own. Stopping, Alfred anticipated Ivan's next move, but when nothing drastic happened to him, he knew it was safe enough to move his hand up and under Ivan's scarf, to place his ten little fingers along his sacred neck that no one had ever laid their eyes upon. Alfred had heard a rumor once that Ivan didn't even take off his scarf to take a shower. But rumors are rumors one can't believe everything you hear from people.

Taking a deep breath as if to make him think he was enjoying myself Alfred counted to ten. Then before he could change his mind, the American moved his hand up and under Ivan's neck... His hand became submerged in a place of the delicate canvas called skin, and heated material called scarf. As Ivan touched the American's palm to his neck, he could feel the Russian's heart beat pulsate through his hand.

Ivan's neck felt polish and fluid, like not a single mark or scar rested there. Alfred absentmindedly began to caress the sleekness of his skin letting his heat soak through the fine rings on his fingertips. He had his eyes closed just pictured the granite like color of his neck so pure and white, white as the first snow fall of winter. It didn't occur to Alfred that Ivan had stopped what he was doing until he felt a sharp unpleasant pressure on his wrist which was protruding out from under his scarf. The American's eyes snapped opened and he quickly pulled his fingers away from him, and in his movement Alfred accidentally moved his scarf so that instead of having both ends behind his back one end was in dangling in the front of his shirt. It was longer on one side then the other. This couldn't be good. Alfred couldn't concentrate, his mind was fizzling because all he could see was a pair of dark violet eyes staring into the depths of his soul. At that moment he was really praying for his life. The American's hand was ripped out from underneath Ivan's scarf. And once again he found myself being dragged further down the hall.

Alfred didn't protest quite as much this time as Ivan dragged him around a corner and through a dark doorway.

Alfred was getting what he deserved.

He should have realized not to mess with a Russian boy and his scarf. They stopped again. This time they weren't in a hall way. They were in a large room; Alfred knew it was large because it felt like there was a slight breeze, and light was pouring in from the stained glass windows that encircled the room. It took his eyes a second to adjust as Ivan only stopped for a second then continued to drag the American along behind him to where ever it was they were going.

As they walked along in silence Alfred felt as if many different pairs of eyes where following them. He moved his head from looking at the deep dark colored rug to look at twelve different stone like paintings that hung in between the windows. They seemed familiar somehow... It wasn't until Ivan pulled Alfred over to a narrow bench that he realized the stonelike paintings on the wall were actually the sings of the cross. The story of how Jesus marches his own cross up to the hill with all of Jerusalem watching him.





They were in the sanctuary.

That was why Alfred felt like one hundred eyes were upon me, like he was committing some huge sin. Alfred got to glance behind himself and see the altar there in its majestic form. The deep reds of the altar cloth that hung down till they just kissed the rug shone like rubies. The huge oil painting of Jesus and his disciples at the last supper, they all seemed to glitter in the bath of the moon light that shown down through the windows. It seemed so odd looking up at the altar and painting with an odd empty feeling in his chest. The altar was usually lit with candles and the huge organ shone its gold glorious pain to the whole church as hymnals sang from its gigantic belly. Now it just looked haunted and disturbing. Ivan didn't seem to notice the sad beauty of it all.

"Ivan, I don't think we are supposed to be in here" Alfred whispered feeling as if it was more respectful then actually talking. Ivan only glared at him, not caring what came out of the American's mouth. Suddenly, the Russian placed both of his massive hands on Alfred's shoulders, pushing him down so that he was sitting on the hard wooden pew.

Wrapping his arms around Alfred's neck Ivan straddled him, pressing his chest to the Americans, their foreheads touched and Ivan didn't say anything. instead he just looked deeply into Alfred's eyes. the American stared back with the same intensity, because for the first time that night he didn't mind that he was with him. The blond figured it was being in the sanctuary that made him feel so clam and at peace with himself, and it was silent between the both of them for a second.

"Don't worry my little American, no one will ever come to look for us here" Ivan whispered huskily into his ear. Alfred swallowed hard.

Okay, fine, fuck peaceful...

He could care less if anyone found them, he just got the chills from the idea that right now him and Ivan were in front of the eyes of God... shitfuck. Like, come ON! He would be the witness to everything Ivan intended to do to my body. Mom would kill me.

"B-But we are in a sanctuary!" Alfred's voice cracked, and he looked up that the huge painting behind the marble altar.

"Da, that we are" Ivan didn't once take his eyes off of the American. The violet orbs ran over every inch of his body, making Alfred feel quite uncomfortable. The eyes then rested on his neck, it was like the Russian was planning it all in his head. His next move of attack.

"Ivan…" Alfred began to protest but was stopped by Ivan placing a pale, slender finger on his lips.

A dark smile spread across Ivan's mouth. His eyes seemed to be glowing a deeper darker purple then the usual violet. They seemed as purple as the night sky that was out and above the windows.

"Shhhh If were quiet, no one can hear us" With that he brought his lips quickly to the American's neck, his lips and tongue sucking and licking. Alfred's body and mind were starting to react in different ways just like he had a feared that they would. Only one would be the winner in this battle and Alfred was afraid defiantly wasn't going to be his brain.

Ohh I hate Ivan right now hate hate hate hate hate, hateeee hateeee hate him….. Alfred swallowed, his back arching slowly as Ivan his a sensitive spot on his neck. A small noise came out of his mouth.

Ivan is a communist bastard!

The American's brain was in turmoil. His thoughts didn't match up with what his body was trying to tell him was right. "mmmnahhh I-Ivan…"

He is going to die! I hate hate hate himmmmm

"Ah!" Ivans fingers teased the hem of Alfred's pants, his hand even going so far as to gently slide over over the fabric, over his crotch.

Ohh if he wasn't so fucking strong I'd whip his ass!

.ohhh why is he doing this? does he KNOW how much I despise him, and want him dead?

One of Ivan's hands was now slowly trailing its way up and down down Alfred's chest. His hands were cool against the American's own burning skin, like snowflakes kissing at your cheeks.

"I..I…Ivan….Hhgnnnnn..." Alfred skrewed his eyes shut.

Once I got out of here he was dead I would have his head on a silver platter agh! I hate Ivan I hate Ivan I hate Ivan I hate him I do I do hate hate hate hate hate….no no now his hand….it was getting closer to why am i FUKING HARD! grawr! die Ivan DIE!

The Russian's hand begin to trail down Alfred's chest slowly, and Alfred snapped his eyes open. It seemed seconds, minutes, and hours all flew by, Alfred closed eyes, his lids whizzing at supernatural speed. It would only be a matter of time before his hands went down his-

Ivans fingers, which were once again playing with his pants, began to do something different. They managed to pop open his pants, the delicate, smooth fingers slid down his pants, into his underwear, grabbing his cock with a force, and beginning to massage it. Alfred bit his lip, but ouldnt stop the moan from escaping his lips.

"Ahnnn" His back arched as Ivan began to go up and down his shaft.

After all of this...


Alfred planned to tell Ivan just how much he hated him, and wanted his despicable communist Russian body dead but for now just for a little sweat revenge, he was going to have some fun.

Alfred arched his back off the hard wooden pew, biting his lip seeing as it was the only thing I could do to stop myself from screaming out as Ivan trailed kisses down his chest. His breath was hot and stuck to Ivan's skin like dew on a spider's web. Alfred could feel it mix with his own sweat and just the idea of it made his already hard penis throb with anticipation. Ivan's mouth began to venture lower and lower until the American could feel his plump lips kiss the base of his throbbing cock. A spasm of pleasure ran up his spine. Alfred could feel drops of pre-cum squirting out of hims.

Fuck, Alfred's eyes widenened.

He wanted him...

Ivan chuckled against his skin. It seemed like hours ticked by as he waited, just waited. Damnit! What was he waiting for? All Alfred wanted was for him to take him into his mouth and blow him until the air ran out from his lungs. Slowly set his gaze directly at Alfred, a smirk coming over his slightly parted lips. The American's eyes widened in dismay and a thrilling feeling fell into the depths of his stomach.

"время, чтобы немного развлечься бы вам не кажется?(time to have a little fun, don't you think?)" Ivan's voice was like a piece of red velvet lace twirling its self all over Alfred's body, making his brain go into hyper-overdrive. When he spoke Russian to him it made Alfred's body tingle. His brain started to do that melty thing, as in he couldn't keep his own thoughts together long enough to comprehend what the hell he had said, because what ever it was that he had said was fucking sexy as hell...

Smiling a cocky ass smile Ivan took the American's throbbing cock into his mouth and slowly began to hum. His humming sending tingling resonance all the way down his shaft and up his spine. Alfred let a moaning gasp slip, as he I had NOT braced himself for Ivan's mouth.

His throat was tight and blazing with heat as it constricts around Alfred's temperate member. He began to jerk his head up and down so that he could take all of my length into his windpipe. All the while he was swirling his tongue around the base of the American's erection, blowing his short nerve endings to bits.

Ivan's hand that wasn't placed on Alfred's thigh was tenderly stroking his scrotum. His fingers where long and smooth, and he knew just where to poke and pinch. Alfred was becoming dizzy with the ecstasy of it all.

"Mmmnnaa...I-ahn...Ivaaaah Ivn..." The American panted. "I-I-ahn!" Alfred bit his lip, and Ivan pulled away to look at him, a dark glint in his deep violet eyes.

"Alfred," Ivan licked his lips, smiling in a way the blond would have thought to be scary but right now he was do damn horny to care how the Russian looked at him. Why was RUSSIAN fucking turning him on so much! agh!

Never breaking his eye contact Ivan leaned down and proceeded to kiss the top of Alfred's head, with a smirk on his lips he ran his tongue over his slit licking up drips of cum. He closed his eyes, It was all to much for the blond's brain to handle. Ivan now had him completely in his mouth again, deep throating him as he bobbed his head up and down, faster and faster until the pressure started to build up so much that it hurt. Alfred just... couldn't take it any more. He stopped suddenly and pulled back just so that his mouth was on the head of the American's cock. He began to suck on it, at one point he sucked on it so hard that his mouth had gone dry. But sucking on his head is what did just the trick, with a jolt of orgasmic pleasure Alfred began to shoot waves of his white sticky seed into his mouth. He swallowed it, while at the end he licked his pink lips with a grin.

Alfred let out a pant and opened his eyes to see Ivan sitting back on his hunches, he was watching him in that scary way he does like how a wild animal looks into the eyes of their pray right before they kill them. Only Alfred didn't care, he didn't have the slightest care in the world. He just had amazing god like oral sex preformed on his penis so why should he care about anything really.

"Давай немного Альфред пришло время для меня, чтобы быть внутри вас ( Come, little Alfred it's time for me to be inside you )" His voice was as creamy as silk as he slowly got off his hunches and slinked his way towards the American. Alfred shivered in realization that...This was it.

It was to late to go back.

He was going to loose his V-card and there was nothing he could do about it. His hands felt cold dancing their way up Alfred's stomach then to his chest in order to rest on his shoulders. His chest, though, was warm as he laid on top of the American. Alfred couldn't look away from his gaze, it seemed as if he was staring into the depths of his soul.

Alfred watches as Ivan placed his fingers in his fingers in his mouth, and then suddenly felt one finger slide through his entrance, he bit his lip, making small noises for what seemed like forever as it was followed by a second, and a third, and then finally he could feel it, Ivan's penis pushing right up against his entrance. The Americans member slightly poked the Russian in the stomach, as it was still rock solid. A thrilling sensation filled him as Ivan slowly began to kiss my neck. With out controlling himself he wrapped his arms around Ivan's neck, his fingertips trailing over Ivan's satiny skin. The American arched his neck so that he would have better access to his skin there.

Alfred stared up at the ceiling. It seemed like the mosaic tiles made pictures of angles. He wondered when they had gotten there. Maybe its just that he had never been in this position so

He never had the chance to really notice them. They were pretty and kept his mind on other things until Ivan lifted his mouth off of his skin and murmured "Готовы ли вы? Я буду так легко это привычка больно столько же. Я сделаю вас чувствовать себя действительно хорошо. Готовый для меня, чтобы быть внутри вас? (Are you ready? I'll be easy so it wont hurt as much. I'll make you feel really good. Ready for me to be inside you? )" His Russian was making the Blond's brain go all fuzzy. Alfred lifted his head up from resting on the hard wood of the pew and looked directly into Ivan's violet eyes. He was met with smoldering lips pressed against his. Alfred couldn't breath, gasping for air, he was met with a tongue that wrapped itself around his. The American used his own tongue to fight against it. But his tongue didn't win in the battle for dominance. Suddenly Ivan pulled away, pulling a condom out of a pocket in his coat.

"Wait-" Alfred growled. The Russian smirked at him.

"What, you didn't think that I would come prepared?" He smiled, and slid the condom on, then pulled out lube and began to put it on. He was done before Alfred even had a chance to say anything, back on top of the American with his forceful body and passionate lips. Then Alfred gasped again when he felt it, the slight pain of Ivan pushing his way inside of him. The pain started to become unbearable. He didn't know it was going to fucking hurt this much. If he knew it was going to hurt this much he would have never signed up for this. Alfred dragged his mouth away from his and let out a moaning gasp, the deeper Ivan entered into him, the more it hurt. " Ahn..." Alfred bit his lip hard, writering in pain underneath the large Russian. the American dug his fingers into Ivan's shoulder blades. Carefully Ivan stopped pushing and moved his face to look at at him.. He had a bit of worry in his eyes. "Is something wrong Alfred?"

Alfred could only look up at him for a split second before he clenched my eyes closed again. "Y-y...mnah...y-yes...th-th! there is ...s-some...'omething …..wrong!" He panted trying to get his fucking words straight. He could feel how the Russian was slowly starting to slide his penis out of him. Only he didn't want him to, because he was afraid that when he re-entered him it was only going to hurt again. "I-it j-just!" he sucked in a breath. "H-hurts a l-la! lot, that's all" He barely got the words out. Ivan leaned in and kissed Alfred's neck, reaching up with a hand to brush his bangs out of Alfred's sweaty face.

"Alfred," His violet eyes widened. "I-is this your-"

The American blushed madly, but the American cut him off before he could finish "Yes for God sakes its my first time Ivan" I spat out like word vomit.

The Russian chuckled under his breath which he probably thought Alfred, didn't catch but he did, his eyes snapped open and he glared at him. Alfred did NOT need Ivan laughing at him. No fucking way. Ivan then leaned down and kissed him, almost dulling the pain from him being inside of him for a brief second. Pulling away, Ivan murmuered "I wasn't going to ask you if it was your first time ever having sex, which I can see clearly now that it is, I was going to ask you if this was your first time ever having sex with a man and how you would compare it to having sex with a woman. But as seeing you've done neither so far I'm glad that I get to be your first"

What he said had the blond totally caught off guard, the ducking cocky communist bastard

"Ivan just shut up and fuck me before I change my mind" He growled at the Russian, shifting slightly to find a way to make the feeling of his dick up his ass more comfortable.

"My pleasure" he teased.

And with one good thrust, his dick was sheathed all the way inside the American and- DAMN did it send a wave of pain up his spine and throughout his entire body.

God fucking damn it!

He could feel his eyes starting to water. Why did his penis have to be so long and thick? 9 ½ inches of dick rammed up your ass isn't fun if its your first time having sex.

Ivan reached a hand up and wiped the tears from the corners of my eyes "Alfred just relax, the more you clench your muscles together like that the harder it is for me to thrust into you and the more its going to hurt" The Russian spoke quietly kissing both of his cheeks.

Alfred took a deep breath and tried to listen to what he was saying, then another, letting the air get to his brain, his heart rate was coming down and he didn't feel so tense. Ivan slid out of him as carefully as he could, only leaving the head of his penis in the beginning of the Americans passage. Suddenly, he thrust into him again and Alfred noticed that his muscles clenched and unclenched around Ivan's throbbing cock. But when his muscles weren't clenched, the feeling of his penis inside of him didn't feel that bad, it just felt...Different, something that he would have to get use to.

"Damn Alfred your so tight" Ivan panted into the skin on his collar bone.

"Sorry I'm such a virgin." Alfred seethed. The American then moved a bit just so that when Ivan thrust his penis in, it would enter at a different angle. the blond laced his arms around the Russian's neck instead of his shoulder blades, and rubbed at the back of his neck, twirling his fingers into his hair at the base of Ivan's neck. He felt Ivan shiver a bit and smirked.

"What was that for?" Alfred asked, trying to keep the smug smile off of his face.

"No one has ever touched my neck like that before because its always been covered by my scarf" he glanced at him, violet eyes glowing.

"Really~" Alfred mused, placing both of his hands on either side of Ivan's neck, his fingers right under the Russian's ears and then began poking and prodding at the neck muscles that lay right underneath the surface of his skin. Ivan shivered again, letting out a stifled moan. It came from way back and his throat, sexy, and Alfred began to laugh to himself. He had just found one of Ivan's weak spots, his neck.

Alfred heaved in a lung full of air as Ivan thrust so deep inside of him, that he didn't think the Russian could have gone any deeper. It didn't hurt as much as the first time they had done it, but it still a bit painful. But...It was a good pain... a nice pain...Damn it all!

Why did it have to be like this? The American was actually enjoying having the Communist inside of him. He was actually moaning out the others name, gasping with please and with pain...

Ivan began to go faster, and suddenly he hit something, something that made Alfred gasp and his whole body just feel...ehnnnnn...

"I-I-ah...n...na...Ivan..." Alfred moaned.

Ivan smiled, his eyes glinting as he looked at the American.

"I told you," He kissed him. "That you would like this, that you would-" His voice became husky and soft. "scream out my name." And the kisses fell again, before Alfred could say anything, deep and passionate, Ivan was burning Alfred with his cold fire inside and out.

And Alfred liked it.

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