I really enjoyed writing my last fic about this pair so I've decided to write another! Once again Yoshikine and Kekkaishi is not my idea sadly (forgot to say that last time) No flames please!

"Hoi! Johso! KETSU!" Yoshimori, age fourteen, shouted, sweat running down his face. He'd been chasing this stupid ayakashi for half the night and he was cursing every second of it. The ayakashi broke through the barrier and scampered into a tree. "Dang it!" He shouted. "Yoshi, you have to focus!" Madarao warned him as they raced after the ayakashi, who was leaping from branch to branch.

"What do you think I'm doing here?" The young kekkaishi yelled at the ghost dog. "Well no need to yell," Madarao complained, "I'm just trying to help." "Just shut up and let me finish this!"

Yoshimori turned his attention back to his prey and suddenly was looking up at the sky with a throbbing head. "Yoshimori! Sorry I didn't see you there." Tokine, age sixteen, said as she sat up from her sprawled position. "N-no problem.." He replied, dazed. He shook his head and looked up at the trees to see that damnable ayakashi watching them from a low branch. He growled and stood up shaking out his crumpled uniform. The ayakashi cocked his head. This was the first time Yoshimori could really look at it.

It had a small body, almost squirrel like. It had a cat's head and three bushy tails. It's fur was auburn with some weird yellowish designs mixed in. It's eyes were blood red and he saw waves of dark aura surrounding the thing.

The ayakashi cocked it's head again and said in a deep voice, "Oh? There's only two of you? Do the kekkaishi even care about keeping this wonderful place protected? Do they value it so low that they put two children in charge of this place? I wonder…." "Oh shut up!" Yoshimori yelled and flicked his wrist. "Hoi! Johso, Ketsu!" The ayakashi leaped to another branch and howled. The howl was bone-chilling. It seemed to go through out Yoshimori's whole body and make his legs numb. He growled and shook his legs out, but his attention jerked back to the demon as waves of cold dark aura pulsed around them.

"So this is the power of Karasumori! I feel so amazingly powerful!" The ayakashi cried as it's shape blurred. Dust blew everywhere and Tokine and Yoshimori were blind for a moment. When the dust cleared what they saw made their faces pale and sent fear all through out their bodies.

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