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Yoshimori happily scarfed down another helping of Tokine's delicious pancakes, his tongue greedily licking his lips to catch the sticky syrup. It really wasn't a handsome sight, Tokine mused, laughing at his chipmunk cheeks. But these moments were so few that when he was like this, he almost reminded her of the boy Yoshimori, the boy who boldly announced he would seal Karasumori, the boy who's face would fall at the sight of her scarred arm. Of course his eyes still saddened slightly at the scar, but he told her that it now was a reminder to always get stronger, to always protect. She was happy he felt no longer burdened by it, but excited at the thrill to protect and grow.

Yoshimori looked up and smiled as he watched her get lost deep in thought. He speared a small piece of his pancake and held it up to her lips, smirking when a blush painted across her cheeks. She eyed the food warily before meeting his eyes. "You don't expect me to eat that, do you?"

"Yes I do in fact." He smirked. She scowled and made to stand up but a hand shot out to grab her wrist, gently of course. His eyes danced playfully up at her. "You're not moving until you eat it."

Tokine huffed, sensing a losing battle, and cradled the cake between her lips, her eyes on his as she pulled away and playfully made a face. "Now I have your germs." She whined.

He laughed and leaned in closer, the syrup on his breath and his natural spicy scent doing wonders on her senses. "You got my germs when you decided to kiss me." He smiled.

She smiled back and gave him a peck on the cheek before standing up and stretching. "Seems how I cooked, you can clean dishes."

She laughed when she heard him curse under his breath before giving a wave and making her way into the guest room where she was supposed to be sleeping. Sighing as she took off the tank she'd been wearing, she eyed a thin line running from her shoulder to her waist. The scar was much thinner today. Glancing at her leg, the same went for that scar. Perplexed, she yanked on her uniform and went into the bathroom and brushed her teeth.

Coming out she was met with the sight of a half dressed male leaning against her room's doorway, his school's unifom's shirt clutched in his left hand. She was instantly red in the face and smacked his chest, eyes lowered from his and face flaming.

"What are you doing in my room, Baka?!"

He looked down and chuckled at her flustered state, catching her hand as it again tried to hit him.

"Waiting for you," he breathed in her ear, his warm breath brushing over her face, causing her cheeks to turn even more red.

"And you couldn't do this fully dressed?" she mumbled dejectedly while he put on the shirt. He laughed and hooked an arm around her shoulders as they made their way to the door, pausing to put on their shoes. He held the door for her and they walked out into the October air. It was a little chilly out, the hint of the winter that was fast approaching.

Yoshimori put his arm around her again and held her close as they walked down the road headed to school. Soon they would start to see students, so Yoshimori gently pushed Tokine into the alley they were in yesterday. Tokine looked up questioningly.

He captured her chin and tilted it up to face him, his eyes boring into hers.

"Are you sure you're ready to let everyone know of us?"

She sighed and reached up a hand to grab his, clutching it tightly. "I'm not sure." She paused to look up at him, jaw clenched slightly. "I don't want to cause you trouble."

He laughed good-naturedly and squeezed her shoulder, looking ahead as two elementary girls crossed the street, giggly innocently at one thing or another. "Nothing you do could cause me trouble, Tokine. You should know that."

She chuckled along with him at her idiocy. Of course, even when he was a boy he tried to protect her; even if she told him not to, he just ignored her anyways.

Tokine released his hand and wrapped it around his waist proudly. "Best know what you're getting into here, Yoshi." She teased. He smirked and leaned in close, his lips bushing her ear, causing her face to erupt in a blush. "I'm sure I can handle whatever those jealous highschool punks can throw at me."

She smiled up at him and they fell into a comfortable silence as the school loomed ahead. Stepping into the school, immediately students were stopping to stare at the couple, girls leaning in close to converse over this new juicy gossip, boys glaring angrily at the manwith his arm around their precious Tokine. Tokine glanced up and smiled to see Yoshimori daring them with his eyes to try anything. She tightened her hold on his waist to bring his attention back to her, the smile still on her lips. His eyes instantly softened and a smile of his one reached his mouth. He brought her closer and planted a peck on her cheek, a satisfied smirk appearing on his face at hearing the growls coming from the boys around them.

He walked Tokine to her class and gave her a quick kiss goodbye, chuckling at the blush on her face from the public display of affection. He gave her another quick peck just for the heck of it and waited until she went into her class before heading to his own.

Hands deep in pockets he turned a corner to see a huddle of guys sitting on the stairs. At the sight of him, they all stood up. Rolling his eyes, Yoshimori waited as one big guy met him at the bottom of the stairs. The male came to a stop infront of him and cockily crossed his arms. The thug was a pretty buff guy, tattoos littering his arms. He might have been intimidating if Yoshimori didn't face down monsterous ayakashi every night.

Death chuckled at his thought, startling Yoshimori slightly. The demon hadn't talked much since last night.

Thought you were gone there for a little while, Yoshimori commented.

You only wish, Yoshimori, Death teased the boy. Yoshimori inwardly smirked and brought his attention back to the big lumbering fool.

"Look at this guy, boys." The delinquent growled. "Thinking his some big shot because he is banging the hottest girl in school."

Yoshimori rolled his eyes. "I'm not 'banging her' as you crudely mentioned."

The guy narrowed his eyes and harshly poked Yoshimori in the chest. "Watch it, smartass, or I may just sick my boys on ya'." The kekkaishi sighed and looked at his watch. He didn't have time for this. "I doubt your boys could touch me."

One of the guys from the group yelled out to their leader, "Roka, show that idiot why you don't mess with us."

Roka laughed and turned his attention back to Yoshimori."Me and my boys rule this school, idiot. There's no way you would win against us."

Yoshimori eyed the fool. "Five against one is not a fair fight, it's almost cowardly." Roka growled in anger at being made fun of, his face red in fury.

"Boys," he called, "Show him who runs this school." The gang laughed gleefully and leaped at Yoshimori. He used his speed to disappear before their eyes.

As quickly as the fight had begun, it ended. all the boys were at the bottom of the stairs, all unconscious with Yoshimori standing next to the battered form of Roka, completely unscathed. Yoshimori lifted the bigger male by his shirt, one bleary eye focusing on him, the other swelled shut. "I usually don't like to fight, but you were an exception to the rule. I fought you to show you that you can not even touch me. Therefore, don't try to fight me again, or the beating will be worse than this. Don't let me even see you, got it?" Yoshimori growled.

The delinquent fearfully nodded and Yoshimori let him drop, casually stepping over unconscious forms, turning slightly to deliver another warning over his shoulder, "Don't tell anyone what happened here or you know what will happen."

Death's approving aura radiated within his mind as Yoshimori took a seat in his classroom, the bell ringing right as he sat down.

Very good, Yoshimori. There may be hope for you yet.

Yoshimori sighed and cradled his head. He didn't understand why he had fought the thugs. Usually he avoided fights, and him beating the humans unconscious was definitely not him.

It is my influence on your mind that caused that scene. It needed to happen so do not worry over it too much. If you had not displayed your strength then they would have kept crossing you.

Beating humans so that they fell unconscious? That was necessary?

Yes. You proved that you were not one to be trifled with. Yoshimori could almost see Death's smile.

What about the speed I used? I've never been that fast before.

That is also because of me. Because I transformed into my true form while using your body, it caused your body to gain a few abilities. You will now be stronger and faster than any normal male.

I'm not sure whether I like or dislike that. What about Tokine being our mate?

Like I said when you were unconscious while healing, you two are soul mates, Old Ones, you two have been mates since the begining of time. Have you ever noticed how easy and comfortable it is being with Tokine? How you want to protect her against everything? How your heart breaks into millions of pieces at the thought of losing her, how it's impossible to imagine being on this world without her? Death's voice slowly got more and more passionate with every passing moment where his voice sounded almost in agony.

Yoshimori furrowed his brows. Death?

Sorry. He simply said, souding exhausted.

What happened?

There was a pause before Death said anything. I will tell all when Tokine discovers herself.

Wait? What?

Just keep an eye on Tokine. It should happen soon. Death's voice faded by the minute until he was completely gone, aura included. Yoshimori laid his head on his desk and slowly let sleep take him, thoughts swirling at the demon's secrecy.

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