So, this idea was born when I was on Stumbleupon and came across a list of things titled "If a dog were your teacher..." and I instantly thought of Zack. I love Zack. Anyway, this is just a couple of short things about what we could learn from Zack, since he was dubbed the puppy after all. Of course, Angeal's in this too. And it shan't be Yaoi. Well, not on purpose. Who knows. Hopefully you'll enjoy, review, and maybe even give me suggestions if you feel the need. Awesome-o?

When loved ones come home, always run to greet them.

Angeal trudged along the overly long hallway, his heavy boots leaving a trail of dry mud behind him. He had just returned from a week-long mission that Lazard had sent him on in the middle of somewhere he couldn't even think about remembering, let alone write a full report about what happened. What he needed was a nice warm shower and a good night's sleep. Yes, that would make him happy. Then he could worry about that darn report in the morning.

He slid his keycard into the slot on his door, waiting for the little green light to hurry up and signal that he could go inside. It took his mind a few seconds to register the flicker, proving how weary that particular mission had made him. It had been a lot more troublesome than Lazard had originally made it out to be.

Pushing the door open, he fumbled with turning the lights on as he tried to close the door behind him, before he gave up and just trudged through the dark. His SOLDIER enhanced body could see fairly well without any light, so he wasn't worried about walking head-first into a wall.

A scuffling sound alerted him to the fact that there was another presence in his apartment, and to say he was surprised would be a lie. Of course Zack would be there, he always was. Without fail, the young puppy-like man would wait in his mentor's apartment for his arrival home, before launching himself at the poor man in a mass of tangled limbs and excessive chattering – not unlike a puppies yapping.

The thought made him smile – albeit weakly, as he recalled just why he had given the boy such a nickname.


He barely had time to turn around before something slammed into him, knocking him off his feet and onto the ground.

"How was it? Are you tired? Was it fun? Did anyone die? Did you kick everyone's ass? Did Lazard call you and tell you I made my own fort out of cardboard boxes? 'Cause I told him too but I don't know if he did but I really wanted to tell you but I didn't 'cause I didn't want to stuff up your mission and then Kunsel got angry at me 'cause I set fire to his which was only expected 'cause we were playing dragons and princesses and he was the princess and I was the dragon and I set fire to his castle and killed him so I won and then he got all cranky and then- Ngh!"

Angeal pushed Zack off his chest, relieved that he could breathe again. Through the boys incessant yammering and the fact he was basically choking the man, Angeal had lost his ability to breathe.

Zack sat up and crossed his legs, resting his head on his hand as the man caught his breath.

Zack smiled cheerily as his mentor glared at him.

"Welcome home!"