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Worse fic

"What are you doing with my laptop?" Justin shrieked, bursting into his room and finding his annoying little sister there, typing away at his laptop, without his permission.

"I'm writing a fic." She replied non-chalantly.

He scoffed. "Please, Alex, I'm begging you, don't do this. The world already has its share of bad writers."

She narrowed her eyes and glared at him, and then the idea hit her. She smiled deviously at him, ready to manipulate. "Oh, you mean I'm better than you in writing bad fics?"

He scoffed again. "Wha-Psh-Nah… I can totally write worse fics than you if I want."

"Okay. Then prove it." She challenged.

He thought for a moment. If he backed out, he would have to endure a lifetime of teasing and taunting and who knows what else. "You're on… what's the topic gonna be?"

She grinned deviously. "Us."


"Write a jalex fic."

"Ew! Alex, that's not-"

"Chicken. Pack, pack, packao."

He groaned outwardly. "I can't believe I'm about to say this, but…Okay."




7 days later, this was the fic Justin came up with:

Alex looked at the mirror and put on her red shirt and matching leggings which she had bought From harper and they were really cute and matching all the boys liked them. Alex

Looked around and came downstairs and saw her parents talking to some old man who had a beard and a moustache. He looked scary. Alex thinks.

"We have to tell her someday Jerry." Her mother says.

"How will we?" her father asked. "tell me what

daddy?" alex asks her father.

"Alex you're adopted." Her mother said. "we didn't want to tell you honey because we love you like our child."

"What! I'm adopted! No! how could you nto tell me!' alex yelled at her parents and tehn runs out of her

room into the outside and started crying the looking at the stars.

"Alex." Justin comes behind her and said. "don't be sad, princess. Now I can tell you somthing finally. I love you alex."

"What! You can't love me! I'm yoru suister freak." Alex hsirks.

"But I love you/." Justin insisted. "and u r not my reel sis. Come on lexi. We can make this happen lexi. Mom and dad dotn have to know. And we will not anyone. We will be fine promise.


"I love you too justin." Alex smiled and they went home happily holding hands and livced happily ever after.

Justin finished reading this fiction, and looked at Alex with a smug grin. "I made all the characters totally OOC, switched back and forth between tenses, messed up the spellings, didn't give proper punctuations or proper paragraph starting, and didn't give any thoughts and emotions of the characters at all. Try and top that."

Alex scoffed. "I will."

Justin licked his lips. "I'm not nervous, Alex." he said in a squeaky tone.

Alex grinned. "I didn't say you were, but thank you Justin."

And this is the fic that Alex came up with

I took Justin to the club. He was wearing a ripped jeans and t-shirt with one of those mickey mouse logos you know he looked hot but I can't tell him that I was wearing a cute pink skirt with a corset top and my knew high leggings because he said he

Loved it and I was dancing with him having fun when he got me a drink. we drank and then I am drunk so I can't walk and he takes me home. I take her hand and he takes me to my room.

I say. "thank you Justin." And kiss him and then he kissed me back and we tumble into my bed and we do that thing wink wink you know.

I wake up in the morning and found that Justin was sleeping beside me. "I love you Justin." I whisper. "I love you too alex." he whsipeerd abck and then he sat up and he started crying. Oh my gosh alex what will happen now what if you get pregnant. What if mom and dad find out."

"relax Justin nothing will happen. I tell him, "I'm on pills and we will make it. I promise. I love you. Please."

"I love you too." He says and then he starts making out with me again and I giggle and we fall asleep in my bed.

Alex smirked victoriously. "My fic was totally worse than yours."

Justin dismissed her with a wave of his hand. "Nah. Please. Mine was way worse. The adoption cliché is much over-used than the pregnant one."

"Fine." Alex put aside the laptop. "Let's put it on the internet and let people judge it."

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