Summary: Sheppard wakes up hurt after an explosion and wonders if his friends even made it and who was doing this to them.

Warnings: Violence can be found as well as detailed inputs about how kills are made. Maybe not on this first chapter but t will come.

Note: This my first story ever put up on this kind of site. If you find spelling errors please tell them so I can be better. English is not my original language and I´m exploring it so if you not rude feel free to comment about how I have built up the sentence wrong or anything. Of course some nice reviews would be nice as well, enjoy.

He had felt something was wrong. His guts had told him that it was too good to be true. Bu this time he had not bent to that feeling, just kept going and now they had to pay for that. He remembers that he shouted to the others get out of the building right now. The ticking of the bomb as it counted down to zero, the explosion and then it all went black.

Smoke, fire and thunder? No It must have been small explosion. Sheppard opened his eyes to see if he was alive or if he had moved on to heaven, or where ever you came after you died. He cough as if his lungs where full of smoke only to find that a sharp pain was shooting out from his side. Looking down he set eyes on a wound. It was maybe not the worst wound he had but right now he could not remember any that had hurt this much. Soon he found out why. He found something melted into the flesh. It seemed some sort of fabric had been thrown at him in the explosion and then melted by the heat.

That brought him back to present day as he looked all around him. There was big block as stone from the building all over the place and from numerous fires rose at the skies with black smoke as result.

He didn´t see anybody anywhere but he didn´t assume the worst. Maybe they got out before him, maybe they were searching for him or maybe they were trapped under a stone or worse. He tried to get up to a sitting position but the pain that beamed out was at first more then he could handle. His mind threatened that it would go black again if he didn´t take it slow.

After several tries and heavy breathing as well as more pain he was even on his feet. His P-90 Was hanging on its place like a faithful comrade. "To bad you can´t stop explosions as well as you stop the Wraith" He said between his ponderous breathing to his gun as he took his first step away from the rubble. "They got to be here somewhere or looking for me, yeah, they must be." He said to himself after the thought about how Ronon, Teyla or Mckay had been crushed under there.

He held one of his hands over the wound as if that would help against the pain, the other one he kept on his gun. Something must have planted that bomb and maybe he was back to see if the job was done. Sheppard didn´t want to run in to anything but his friends right now. He felt something hot pouring between his fingers and looked down. The wound had started bleeding. "Well that's not good." He said to himself he realized that whatever was in the wound still was hot and probably still was burning his flesh. With a hiss of pain he pulled out the shreds of the black fabric. He didn´t know what the material was but he could feel the coolness hit his skin when it was gone. The relaxing feeling only lasted for a second as the pain once again took over and clouded his brain of any other thoughts.

"If I stay here, I´ll die. If I Don´t get to the Star gate in time I´ll die. If I don´t find my friend I´ll probably go crazy. Sounds like my future are as fantastic as always."He mumbled before really starting to look around and find out where he was.

The bleeding seemed to stop when the black fabric was gone but the pain was still there. Every step was hard to take and to focus on walking and searching at the same time was becoming hard. Shouting out their names was out of the question as he needed the air to keep going. It was like he had run one of Ronan and his rounds on Atlantis.

He heard something behind him, fast he took shelter behind the largest rubble he could find. He had to hunker down to be out of sight completely. Sheppard tried not to breath as heavy as his body wanted him to in fear of what ever made that sound would hear him. Great, now the bomb placer comes to see that the bomb did its job. Sheppard held his P-90 hard, ready to shoot. He carefully peeked over the rubble he was behind and saw 3 wraiths looking at the rubble and talking to each other. Sheppard couldn´t hear what they were saying but assumed they were searching for their bodies or survivors.

Sheppard didn´t want to confront them alone but he could feel the anger rise. They had taken the lives of his comrades, they had brought the house down on them and they were the reason he was in this state. He took some deep breaths and counted to ten thinking, I will not stand up and shoot them, over and over again.

He saw Sheppard sitting behind the rubble looking like he was praying. He himself had seen the wraith to. He must get to Sheppard before they did, he didn´t look in any shape to fight. He took a leap forward when the Wraith looked away and bent down beside the man that looked surprised to see him. "Didn´t think I was alive?"Ronan smiled. "It takes more than a house to bring me down." He was trying to lighten up the mood. It was working and Sheppard smiled for a second before the expression of pain crossed his face. He hid it as fast as he could but Ronan had seen it. His eyes searched and found the wound. Ronan shook his head as it didn´t look good at all. He didn´t have the time to look at it now, he had to take care of the wraith that was getting closer for each moment.

Sheppard couldn´t express his happiness when Ronan crouch down beside him. It was like a white light was surrounding the man. He heard Ronan's attempt to joke and nearly laughed when the torn muscles on his side told him he shouldn´t.

Sheppard counted the three shots fired against the wraith. They were so surprised they didn´t even return fire. "Come on Sheppard we have to get you o the stargate." Ronan helped him on his feet again. He leaned heavy on Ronan shoulder and they started o walk.

"No, we have to see if Teyla and McKay are alive first. They could be worse than me." Sheppard had not finished the sentence before his legs collapsed under him. Ronan got him up on his feet again.

"Right now you are the one that's worse; I can get back to search with more people later."Ronan gave Sheppard a worried glance as he feared his commander would pit up a fight about it.

Sheppard sighted. "Alright, maybe your right, but we have to take a quick look before heading back to the star gate. I hope they don´t guard it, stupid wraith."