A/N: I've never actually written an Iron Man before. The idea sprang into my head after watching Iron Man 2. Enjoy.

The morning seeps into his...their room exploding like a billion stars as he blinks a few times to the sudden bright light. He curses a little under his breath for having woken up at such a start and instantly begins to mutter.


"I'm on it, sir. I apologize for not having thought of it earlier myself," the robot whispered quietly as the windows began to darken.

The intensifying light descended into a dim orange glow in their room once again. He smiled contentedly and decided on snuggling his nose back in her wild morning hair. She didn't stir as he pressed his lips gently at the back of his neck.

He truly loved her.

It had only been two months since the destruction of Vanko and ever since they had shared that kiss on the roof top, he couldn't quite shake the feeling of having almost lost her that night. It constantly bombarded him with worrisome thoughts every time she had stepped out of the mansion to go about her daily errands. He felt restless and sometimes even anxious to await her arrival back home.


The first day they spent together after that disastrous night held a rather affirmative value to his extensive mind. They had slept together on his bed but it was not in the way that many would have assumed. They simply slept with the comfort of each other's arms around them. At the time he had thought quite curiously that if she had been any other woman, her clothes would have definitely left her body the instant her frame touched his bed. But for some unknown reason beyond his mortal comprehension, he felt compelled to do the right thing for once. He felt the distinct need to just hold her because all he wanted at that moment was the assurance that she was okay, well and breathing in his arms.

And in the midst of his slumber that evening he had vowed quietly before he drifted off to sleep that he would never let her go again.

That night became a memory so dear to him that when he sometimes thought of it, his lips would unconsciously twirl to a smile. There was definitely something about the way he felt about her that had stricken careless composure to reveal a man that was far more affectionate than most had been led to believe.

The other memory that had quite lustily lingered in his thoughts was that one particular morning somewhere in their first week of sharing the bed together where they had somewhat pushed the boundaries of their new found relationship. He couldn't help but stifle a laugh at this particular memory.

She had been the one to initiate the situation after all. But the whole idea that she was the one wanting this from him when he was simply contented in holding her was rather amusing. He was after all a world renowned play-boy so it was only expected that he would be the one to initiate such endeavours.

He remembered how she had woken up pressed against his body as if not willing to ever let go of him again. She had taken one look at him and instantly pressed a kiss at his lips. He being the typical male replied to the sudden kiss. It deepened much to his delight and the feeling of her fingers running through his hair only encouraged him.

He pressed into her, devouring her mouth with his as their motions grew into something more. He wanted it to be slow of course. Not because he had shallowed down in the months he spent battling the metal poisoning, but because he had suddenly woken up that night when they stood on the roof top. He had some so close to losing her that being with anybody else other than her was just not an option anymore. He wanted her. He wanted to be with her for the rest of his life and now that he got the chance to have her, he wanted to do it right this time.

He wanted her to know that when he did this, he would never turn back. That he would take it forward and look to the future and build upon it. He wanted her to know that whatever this was between them wasn't just the casual fling. To him it would be something special.

His lips twirled into a smile at the thought and he pressed another gentle kiss at the back of her neck. He felt every ounce of a hopeless romantic and he knew he was becoming less the egotistical male and becoming more of the affectionate softie that many would never have even imagined.

"Tony," her voice was muffled by the blankets as she shifted and intertwined her hand with his at her waist.

"Morning," he greeted softly against her neck followed by a line of kisses trailed from the back of her neck to her shoulder.

He leaned amusingly against his elbow as he peered down at her. She looked up at him sweetly and leaned up to press a kiss at his lips.

"Mmmhmmm," he dulled into her lips as she shifted from her side to her back as he moved on top of her.

He felt her hands slipping from his but quickly replaced later through his hair as he deepened the morning kiss. He thought hastily that this sort of thing they had been doing was very much unlike his normal behaviour. Kissing and smiling and this sort of thing were very unlike him. But he was enjoying every minute of it with her. Given that they had only been doing this every morning now for the past month and a half, it never seem to make him bored. Instead, he had begun to look forward to every morning now.

His hand slipped behind her head as he kissed her on her lips before trailing a kiss down her neck to the spot where her neck met her body. The hollow dip where he pressed a kiss made her body arch. His lips curled into a smile against her neck.

She spluttered suddenly against him and his smile became a frown as he leaned back to look at her. He managed to catch a quick glimpse of her pale face before she had pushed away from him with her hand on her mouth. He noticed that she seemed to be holding back something in her mouth with her hand as she hurried herself into the connecting bathroom. He sat up in bed quite hastily to follow after her. His footsteps only quickened when he began to her vomiting violently in the bathroom.

He stepped into the bathroom and instantly reached for her hair as she spilled the contents of her stomach into the toilet bowl. He couldn't think as to what had gotten her suddenly ill. They had been spending the week off from work so he couldn't really think as to how she had caught the stomach bug from anyone. He certainly wasn't feeling ill so that notation instantly drew a negative in his checklist. He thought maybe it was that take out they had last night. The chicken she ate didn't quite look right to him.

Then he thought suddenly at the medical machine he had been working on in his workshop. He was about to ask Jarvis to run a diagnostic on her but his thoughts was interrupted as she sat back from the toilet bowl. She looked at him with her messy hair and pale complexion.

"I suppose it's a good time to test out Larry" he said simply as he scooped her up in his arms.

"Whose Larry?" she asked.

"Building a new prototype for the medical department," he said simply. "It's supposed to view your internal organs to give doctors a better view on what's going on inside."

She nodded and leaned her head against his head.

He brought her down the elevator to his workshop and deposited her into the seat of the medical machine. The machine itself looked simple enough. There was a chair and around it was a series of contraptions that she had no bearings or idea of what they were all supposed to do. She sat patiently as he looked at the screen and began the diagnostic.

"Jarvis, run Larry's internal system viewer..."

"Sir, we haven't tested this yet the results-"

"Just do it," he instructed with a serious tone.

"At once," Jarvis responded.

The internal system viewer took a moment to scan her body.

"I'm going to concentrate the scan at your stomach, so if you could lift your shirt a little that will help," he said with a smile. He noted how her skin was still pale and he reached forward quickly to give her hand a quick squeeze.

He sprang the machine to life as he began to narrow down the internal system viewer to the particular parts of her stomach that looked somewhat far from normal to him. But much to his dismay and confusion her stomach was looking very much as it should be. He looked around a few times, muttering words of "expand" and "get rid of this" as if he were determined to get to the bottom of her displayed sickness earlier.

He motioned to expand the three dimensional image of her stomach a little and froze suddenly when he heard it. There was an echo of a heartbeat, not Pepper's heart beat but something entirely else. His heart began to race as he stared intently at the small trembling dot in the wireframe.

"Sir, I believe-"

"Jarvis, mute," he spluttered between a cough.

His mind was coming up with a thousand different thoughts. He didn't know which way to think or what to even believe at that point. He haphazardly stumbled his fingers through the three dimensional wireframe while being extra attentive to keep the model behind the screen. He wasn't entirely sure if he was doing this out of her benefit or his at that moment. It wasn't like he was going to run away if his suspicions proved to be true, it was just he hadn't the faintest idea of what he should do or how exactly he should react. He didn't even want to think about whether she would respond in pure happiness or outrage. The thought made him realize that he was at the point in his life where the smart and intelligent man the world knew of was completely and utterly baffled.

"Tony, what was that?" she asked while listening to that steady echoing heart beat.

His silent thoughts stumbled anxiously at the sound of her voice. If his suspicions proved true then that would mean that she was... He didn't think anything further as he instructed his arms and hands to begin working to get to the bottom of this.

"I'm...I'm...trying to find out" he trailed of lightly as he expanded the image with a motion of his hand.

He absently tossed away the unnecessary wireframe data to get a clearer and more direct view of that particular echoing heart beat. It was definitely not her heart beat he concluded. He noticed the beat of that echoing heart beat was completely out of tune with the lazy scribbles of her heart beat on the screen. His breath was beginning to hitch lightly and suddenly he found his mouth to be completely dry.

His mind was racing and his heart was skipping beats entirely as he narrowed down the wireframe. It had taken a few mishaps of throwing some wireframe parts haphazardly into the wireframe trash bin. He had finetuned the wireframe image of her internal organ to the point of utter precision that before him lay one single life form. It squirmed lightly in her organ, only a hint of two legs and two arms forming at either side.

He sat back on his chair in disbelief at the wireframe image of the life form staring at him. It looked very much like something he did not want to think about right now. It wasn't a matter of his happiness that he questioned. He was by all means, happy and honoured to the very ends of the world that she would be the one to be writing history for them. But he was worried and scared about her reaction. They had only been officially together for two months and he noted firmly that they had only begun sharing the bed approximately five or six weeks ago.

He said the first thing that came to his mind, "It can't be."

"What's wrong?" she asked, trying to reposition her in the chair so she could take a good look at what had suddenly captured his attention.

"Don't move," he hissed and instantly regretted the tone of his voice, "I mean, just keep still for a moment Pepper, I've almost got it sorted."

He knows what it already is by the looks of it, but he instructs Larry with the instruction, "Analyse DNA structure of target."

The three dimensional image wavered in front of him and a list of data and figure began to run beside it. The data retrieved began to type itself across the screen.

Organism Type: Foetus

Gender: Male

Estimated Age: 5 weeks old

"Compare DNA structure to," he grabbed his DNA profile from a wireframe image of various folders.

The scan ran and a comparison result was displayed before him within a matter of seconds.

Direct Match

Father: Anthony Edward Stark

"Is everything okay, Tony?" she asked rather impatiently this time.

The way she says his name almost makes him want to melt inside. He doesn't know whether to tell her or show her. He doesn't know whether she will smile or throw dagger eyes at him. He doesn't know whether this will change things between them. He doesn't know what is going to happen and for the first time, he is utterly at lost of the countless possibilities.

He decides to show her and hold his breath.

"Uh...I think you need to see for yourself," he said as he muttered for the screen to disappear. He pulled the wireframe closer and sat on the empty seat beside her.

"I don't understand, it's a virus right? Or a-"

He watched her expression closely as her eyes drank in the wireframe image before her. Her voice cut short by the discovery was slightly open as if she was going to say more but simply could not find the words to do so. Her expression fell into a melancholy gaze as she stretched her hand forward.

She pulled the wireframe closer and he noted how she had fingered the wireframe extra carefully as if she were trying not to disturb the life form. Her eyes moved to the data documents displayed next to it and he knew she was reading everything, word for word. She was reading it all.

"I don't understand," she exclaimed suddenly and he was sure he was in for an ear full.

"Pepper," he begins but she presses a finger to his lips as she ponders in thought.

Her eyes instantly find his and she looks to the ceiling as if she had suddenly worked it out.

"That's it," she pointedly remarked, "That morning, our first time."

"What are you talking about?" he asked curiously, his eyes dancing between her and their baby.

"The patch you invented, I didn't put it on that night," she slapped her forehead and continued, "I didn't even think we were going to... and then I woke up and you were looking at me with that sexy look and... god, I didn't even think. I was so wrapped up in the moment..."

He chuckles at the mere thought of her thinking that he was 'sexy'. In fact the thought did a rather large swell at his ego at that precise moment. But for once that was actually the last thing on his mind right now. He listened as she intently rambled on and was polite enough to take her hand in his to intertwine their fingers.

"Pepper, you're pregnant and trust me when I say this but I am ecstatic and completely honoured that of all women I have bedded, it is you that I am sharing this with," he said sincerely with every inch of his soul on display for her eyes only.

He could tell that she was taken aback at his words. He knew that she wasn't quite expecting him to be ever so calm about the whole situation.

"Jarvis un-mute," he instructed without thought.

"Congratulations, sir and Ms Potts," Jarvis congratulated.

She seemed to ignore the AI as she started, "Why did you compare the DNA structure of the foetus with yours? Worried that I was cheating?"

He surprised a laugh and instead smiled openly at her. He shook his head and said, "Oh yeah, I was afraid my play-boyish tendencies had spread to you."

She glared at him.

"No, Pepper. I know you wouldn't but I wanted to make sure that it was what I thought it was. The only logical way I thought I could prove it further was to match the DNA structures," he explained.

She looked at him for a moment more before turning her eyes to the wireframe internal organ live view again. He tried to read her face and her expression, but he couldn't no matter how hard he tried. She was tense he noticed, but she wasn't entirely outraged either. He was admits trying to figure her out when she suddenly turned to him with that very open and longing gaze.

"He's even got his own heart beat," she whispered as she stretched and pulled the wireframe image closer between them.

He turned his eyes to the little foetus again and really looks at it properly this time. He had never thought or even dreamed that of all people he would be sharing this with her. He didn't even think it was logically possible for him to be responsible enough to be honoured in this type of way. He wasn't even entirely sure if a baby was actually fit to be raised so close to this dangerous workshop.

His thoughts haltered for a sheer moment at the thought of him standing at one of his work tables with a toddler sitting on the table helplessly looking over at some scrap metal in his little chubby hands. He wonders if he can manage tinkering in his workshop and keeping his eye on his little son at the same time. He thinks he could probably manage both; be the Iron Man for the world and the father to his son.

He thinks he can manage diapers, milk bottles and grease stains on his shirt after a long day working on some miscellaneous project in his workshop. And he can't help but think how fitting it would be teaching his son how to properly build his first miniaturised arc reactor or how fun it will be teaching his son how to build his own version of Jarvis. And all the while as his thoughts wondered aimlessly he didn't' even notice the open smile forming on his lips.

"Tony," she called his name beside him.

His thoughts danced away as he turned to look at her again.

"I know you, Tony," she began, her eyes displaying mixed emotions of uncertainty, "I know what that silence means but that smile is something entirely else and I'm not too sure where that leaves us."

"Are you happy?" he asked simply, his smile never leaving his lips.

She looked at him for a moment again before looking at the wireframe.

"I'm certainly not angry if that's what you were worried about," she said with a small smile forming on her lips.

"I love you Pepper and I think we should get married."

She stared at him with a blank look for several minutes.

"I mean, it is for your best interests," he muttered. "I don't want the press thinking I had bedded you, knocked you up and then kept you around for the sake of it. I rather they think of it as, 'Tony Starks, a married man?'"

She continued staring at him and this time with a raised brow.

"That was kind of the part where you say," he mimicked her posed hands for a moment and squealed in a girlish tone, "Oh Tony, of course."

She fought a laugh and settled for a smile as she swatted his shoulder playfully.

"You know there are about a dozen hundred or so women who would die to be 'the one' and all along 'my one' has been always beside me," he drabbled softly as he looked at the wireframe of the foetus again.

He felt her leaning towards him as she gently pressed her head into his neck. He felt her lips suddenly touching his neck and he felt the single press of her kiss against him.

"I will marry you, Anthony Stark," she breathed so softly under her breath that he had barely heard it.

He turned to her and dipped his head a little to look in her eyes. "Pepper?"

She looked seriously at him before saying, "On one condition."

"With reason of course," he said with a smirk.

"I'd like you to carry me upstairs now and make love to me," she said with a twinkle in her eye.

He stared baffled at her response but couldn't help but hide the growing smile on his face.

Life was certainly going to be interesting from now on he thought before he gathered her up in his arms with the very intention of fulfilling her conditions.