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Round #1 / Challenge #2: "Get mad, then get over it." - Colin Powell

In those first few weeks after being burned, Michael's wrath consumed everything and anything in his path. He was being played like a fool, strung along with vague leads and dead ends. Getting dumped in the same city as his mother didn't help his temperament at all.

The next few months helped curb Michael's destructive rage. He was still furious about his burn notice and the lack of information, but time had helped clear his head and give him a new perspective. He was slowly but surely building a new life here in Miami. He had his friends, and his mother, only when he was desperate and in duress. It wasn't perfect, but it was his and that was all that mattered.

Years later, as he sat in his mother's kitchen, Michael wondered if it had all been worth it. All the games, the lies, and the lives lost. One day he would ask them, ask them if their ends had truly justified their means. Someday he would find out, maybe, but not today. He wasn't in the mood to explain why he had to leave so suddenly to his mother.