First chapter means a little explanation slash background you might want to know now instead of in a few chapters. (1) Zero is Human for now, his parents were killed by Shizuka but he wasn't turned (2) This isn't a happy fic…. If you don't like sad stuff then I warn you against reading this. (3) Kaname and Zero are the same age as they are in the manga (4) Rido is a normal happy/ loving uncle, not the crazy psycho he is in the manga

I think that's it for now… if you have questions just ask! Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Find Your Wings

Chapter 1: Back on Your Feet

Zero sat in the auditorium waiting for the assembly to begin. When it did Zero stared at Kaname Kuran, Student Council President, as he made a speech about something, Zero wasn't paying attention. All he could think about was how much he envied Kaname and how much he loved the boy at the same time.

Kaname had everything that Zero had ever wanted. Kaname had a loving family, granted it was his sister and uncle that watched him as a married couple. But that sort of thing wasn't frowned upon in the Pureblood lines. That was another thing that Zero envied, Kaname had standing in both Hunter and Vampire society while Zero was left to contented with a broken past of Great Hunters. After his parent's were killed his whole world fell apart and the Kiryuu clan lost nearly all of their power in Hunter society. It was just Zero and his twin Ichiru that were left to carry on the name.

Zero snorted to himself because he could never see Ichiru being a Hunter. He was always sick or off doing something else. Besides he had just opened up his own café instead of going to school like normal children their age. Being a Hunter had always been Zero's dream, even now when it was close to impossible. Since his parent's deaths Zero had been staying with distant relatives and Yagari had not been able to continue tutoring him. It sucked in Zero's opinion and it was one of the things in his life that he hated the most. Actually he would take that back because there were a lot of other things that made Zero's blood boil.

Yet he pushed on in life just to spite all those who had ever pained him. He was attending a private school now where only the elite went. He had studied hard to get here and even though the tuition was high Zero had worked out a way to pay it. He hated it but he did it. It also paid for his apartment that he had gotten so that he did not have to live with his aunt and uncle. Zero looked back at Kaname. He was really good looking, then again all Purebloods were.

There were more then just looks to Kaname though. Zero had loved him since he had first head about him, back when Kaname's parent's were still alive. Zero had gone with his parents to a Vampire ball and he had seen the young Pureblood with his family, he had seemed so happy back then. Then a few years later when Kaname's parents were killed Zero watched Kaname closely in the news and every time he appeared stoic and in control even though he must be in deep pain. Not long after that Zero could sympathize with Kaname about how it felt to have no parents and Zero could never keep it together as well as he had seen the young Pureblood do. He envied him and loved him.

Kaname was the reason Zero had gone to this school. He had hopes of getting near the Pureblood. Soon after entering school here he knew that was impossible. The handsome, super popular, Pureblood, Student Council President would never take note of a piece of scum like Zero. And in his own eyes Zero was really scum, he was so tainted it surprised him that people could stand to be near him. Zero leaned forward in his seat and rested his head in his hands. He felt nauseous now. He was so disgusted with himself.

"Yo, Zero you okay?" Senri, the Vampire sitting next to Zero asked.

"Fine. Just tired I guess." Zero sat back up and looked at the boy. They had been in the same class since Zero entered Cross Academy. He was a nice Vampire, always picking up on Zero's mood swings. They never talked much but Zero could tolerate him. Besides Senri was dating Takuma Ichijo, Student Council Vice President and best friend of Kaname Kuran. It made Zero feel a little closer to the unattainable Pureblood hottie.

"Whatever. You should go to the nurse if you're sick."

"I'm not. I'm just bored out of my mind." Zero tilted his head back and looked at the ceiling.

"Fair enough. We should be done soon."

"Thank god." Zero sigh.

As soon as the assembly was over Zero jumped to his feet and headed to get his school bag since the school day was over. He was going to meet up with Ichiru to help out at his twin's café.

Kaname sat down in his small office and flipped through a few papers. "Great speech Kaname-Sama."

"Thank you Aidou." Kaname said looking up at the beaming Vampire.

"What's the agenda for the day Takuma?" Kaname held his hand out for the papers and Takuma set them in his hands. Kaname looked over them and set the aside.

"Kaname would it be okay if I leave early?"

"Do you have another date?" Kaname quirked an eyebrow.

"Actually" Takuma blushed. "I do."

"That's fine go have fun."

"Thank you. I'll do all my work fist though."

"I honestly don't care Takuma. You can leave now if you want." Kaname said as he flipped a page lazily.

"Thank you, Kaname." Takuma smiled and walked out leaving Kaname alone.

The Pureblood sigh. It had been so boring today, his speech hadn't been nearly as good as Aidou seemed to think. He had been distracted, too much was on his mind right now. He had been to a council meeting with Rido the other night. They had met with members of the Hunter's Association. Toga Yagari had been there and whenever Kaname saw that man he got angry. It was stupid of him to do it really but he still did. Even after all these years it still bothered him.

Zero walked into Ichiru's café and forced a smile for his younger brother. "Hey Ich. How's your day so far?" Zero grabbed his apron.

"It's been busy. It seems like I've been baking all morning."

"Well get used to it. This is what you'll be doing."

"Ya until I can hire the extra help. Till then it's just you nii-san!" Ichiru pulled Zero in for a hug.

"Get off me." Zero scowled.

"Fine. Then get to work." Ichiru smiled at Zero and went back to the kitchen.

Zero walked out and flipped the sign around so the Open now faced the outside world. Then he walked back to the counter and took his place behind it. The business was slow for the first hour and Zero had a lot of down time so he pulled out his homework and started working on it. The bell rang and Zero looked up. "Hey, Shiki." He smiled at his class mate.

"Hey Zero." A blond Vampire walked in behind the brunette. "This is my boyfriend Takuma."

"It's nice to meet you." Of course Zero already knew who he was.

"Is this your place?" Shiki asked.

"Nah. It's my brothers." Zero shrugged.

"You have a brother?"

"Ya a twin." Zero spun on the stool and shouted.

"No way."

"Hey Ich! Come out here a sec." Zero called over hs shoulder and his brother came out.


"Ichiru this is my classmate Shiki and his boyfriend Takuma."

"Well fuck. There's two of you Zero." Senri lauged.

"Wow…" Takuma tilted his head sideways as he looked at the younger Kiryuu twin with his long hair that was tied back.

"Hi. It's nice to meet classmates of Zero's." Ichiru smiled at the two Vampires. "He never brings friends home… then again he's never home much."

"Shut it." Zero said.

"But it's true. You're always at your flat."

"Which is why I bought it. Any way." Zero turned back to the Vampires. "Can I get you guys anything?"

"I'd like a green tea." Takuma smiled.

"I'll have the same thing."


"I'll get it for you Zero! You can talk to your friends."

Zero rolled his eyes as he rang them up. "You ready for our calc test tomorrow?" Shiki asked.

"Ya I guess. It's not like it's anything hard. What about you?"

"Not in the least. Takuma is going to help me study though."

"That's nice." Zero faked a smile.

"Ya, Senri is hopeless when it comes to math." Takuma smiled and grabbed his boyfriend's hand.

"Two green teas!" Ichiru smiled broadly and handed over the drinks. The two thanked Ichiru and left. Zero looked back to his homework. But he caught something Takuma whispered to Shiki.

"We'll have to tell Kaname." Zero's head snapped up and he watched the two walk out. His heart was beating fast and he wanted to know what they were going to tell Kaname.

"Why don't you visit us so much?" Ichiru leaned on the counter next to his brother.

"Because I hate it there."

"But why? I love it?"

"Just drop it." Zero scowled and started scratching out work on a chemistry calculation

"You're so moody. Tsh." Ichiru left his twin.

Zero and Ichiru walked side by side toward their aunt and uncle's house. When they got to the gate Zero bade his twin goodnight and continued on. He still had work to do before he could go home for the night. He hated it but he had to.

Zero made his way to his door, totally exhausted. Shoving the key in the lock he knew he could finally relax. It was almost three in the morning but Zero didn't care. All he cared about was getting clean. He quickly stripped out of his clothes and threw them into the washer. If only washing them could erase the memory. Walking into the kitchen he poured a glass of orange juice then walked to the bathroom where he bent over the toilet and stuck his fingers down his throat. Immediately he vomited the contents of his stomach into the toilet. After a few more wretches Zero stood up straight and went to the sink to splash water on his face and rinse his mouth with water.

While the water in the shower was warming up Zero took a few swigs of orange juice, he'd have to eat something before he went to bed, then again that was his usual routine. Getting into the warm shower Zero started to scrub himself clean as thoroughly as he always did. When he was sure he was clean he just stood under the warm spray of water and relaxed. Then he got out, grabbed a granola bar and went to bed.

He whished he could sleep all day tomorrow but he had to be up in three and a half hours to get to class on time. This was how it was going to be from now on since he was helping Ichiru. Three and a half hours of sleep would have to do since he had no time to nap in the afternoon. But he was helping his brother so it was all worth it in his eyes.

As he was drifting off to sleep the last words Yagari had said to him rang out in his mind. "This isn't the end of your life all you need to do is find what you're best at. One day you'll find your own wings to fly on and you won't need a family name to lean on Zero." Zero snorted to himself. Yagari had taken away the one chance Zero had at doing what he did best and he resented the man. But he had also gotten back on his feet since then. He wasn't happy but at least he wasn't dead…yet.

Kaname lay on his bed looking up a the ceiling. He was trying to sort through his emotions right now so that tomorrow he could go back to school calm and collected like he normally did. He knew what was putting him into such a mood and it was Toga Yagari. It brought back past failures that Kaname hated to admit even though he was still striving to find him. It made him remember that it was Yagari's fault that he lost sight of the one he wanted. Yagari had given up on him and let him fall into the crowd and Kaname had lost all sight of him for years and years now. He had searched wide and far and had not found even a hint of him. It was Yagari's fault, it was something that Kaname would never forgive.

After all the one he sought was Human, he could have died for all he knew but there was still a speck of hope that he lived on. He could walk right by Kaname and he wouldn't be able to recognize him, not now, not after all this time. It had been eight years since he had seen him. Kaname could only imagine how the beautiful silver haired boy had grown up and how he looked now. He could only guess what he was doing with his life now. Kaname could only pray that he still had a chance at seeing Zero Kiryuu.