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Find Your Wings
Chapter 28: Starting Over

"I'm sorry Kaname." Zero stood up straight. His heart was pounding in his chest. His veins were humming with pain. He hadn't meant to mislead Kaname this much…"I've mucked this up haven't I?" Zero sigh. "Let me start again. Kaname I don't want to be in a relationship like what we had before. That's over and done. I want to start over. I want us to start again and this time I'll share everything with you. I won't hide anything."

"Zero…" Kaname felt light headed. "Zero." Kaname pulled Zero's face close and kissed him. Then he shoved Zero hard and made the Hunter stumble. "Don't do that to me ever again! I thought I was loosing you forever!" Kaname got out of the car and shoved Zero again.

Zero burst out laughing. "The first thing I will tell you truthfully is that I've tried so hard to give up on you and stop loving you but it's only backfired and made me love you more. I couldn't leave you if my life depended on it."

"Then why won't you come home with me?" Kaname asked.

"I have a report to hand in. and if I go with you I wouldn't be free till next week." Zero flashed Kaname a toothy grin. "So that being said I'd like to swing by tomorrow if that's alright? I've got to see Ich first but I'll be over right about the time you wake up."

"Perfect. Bring you belongings."

Zero raised an eyebrow. "Why?"

"I guess I jumped the gun… would you like to move in?"

"Honestly… I would love to. I've been waiting my whole life to hear you say that."

"Wonderful. "Kaname smiled widely. "So I'll see you tomorrow?"

"If my report is finished."

"And if it's not?"

"Then the Association has to wait."

"Then I'll see you later." Kaname moved closer to Zero.

"Yes." Zero closed the distance and brushed a kiss across Kaname's lips. "Sleep well."

Kaname felt giddy as he watched Zero walk up the steps. Things were looking up for him. After all this time he just might be able to have Zero again.

Zero walked into the Association and shouts erupted. Then Kaito was flinging himself at his student. "What the fuck!" After hugging him Kaito pulled back and looked at Zero. "You really are all right. You like hell though."

Zero looked down at his slashed and bloodied clothes. "I guess so."

"We're so glad you're okay." Amber also hugged Zero. "Where is Kaname?"

"He went home."


"He really didn't do much and he wanted to sleep."

"What did Kuran do to get you out?" Yagari asked.

"He just drove me home. By the time he got there I was already done killing the Es. Which brings me to the point that I think I solved the problem in that region. Shizuka was collecting Es and they were the ones doing the killings. I killed them all so it should settle down in that region."

"Good job kid. Glad you got back to us." Yagari ruffled Zero's hair.

"Yeah me too. I think I'm going to shower and change before I work through my report."

"Maybe you should come home with us." Amber offered.

"Sorry I've already got plans for the day."

"You're going to see Kuran aren't you." Kaito smiled.

"I've got to see Ichiru."

"Sure. Sure but you'll probably be seeing Kuran tonight."

"Why would he go see Kuran?" Yagari asked.

Kaito stifled a laugh as Zero glared at him. "Zero's probably going to be all proper and offer him a formal thank you."

"Good." Yagari said gruffly. "Alright then now that Zero's safe I'm heading home."

They all bade Yagari goodbye as he left.

"Aren't you totally tired?" Amber asked.

"A bit. But a shower and some tablets should sort me out good." Zero smiled.

"You're going to power through the report. Hand it in then greedily take your two weeks off and spend the whole time in bed with Kuran." Kaito smiled and elbowed Zero.

"What's it to you if I do." Zero grinned.

"Go get started then. God know's you could probably use a pick me up after this shit."

"Kaito." Amber smacked her husband.

"Chill. I'm just having some fun. But that reminds me we should be on our way to avoid most of the morning traffic."

"Good luck driving home." Zero said.

"Thanks. Have a good two weeks off." Amber and Kaito said. They both hugged Zero before heading out.

Zero walked up to his office grabbed his shower bag and an extra set of clothes before walking to the showers. He cleaned himself and enjoyed the warm water. Stepping out he dried off quickly and threw on his clothes. Tossing the towel in the hamper and brought his dirty clothes back to his office so he could bring them to Ichiru's and wash them.

As he sat Zero immediately pulled up the form for the report on his computer and started working. As he took a short break to go find some coffee Zero sent Ichiru a message letting him know how the mission had gone and asked if he could come over.

His phone rang and Zero rolled his eyes as he answered. "What Ichiru?"

"Zero! Are you really okay?"

"Of course. I'm coming over later so we can chill out."

"Good. I didn't know anything had even gone wrong."

"See that's fine then. We can talk more when I get there in a few hours."

"Well I'll be working till the evening but you can sleep at my place."

"Great. So I'll see you later then?"

"Of course. Be safe getting here Zero."

"I will. Later Ich," Zero hung up and sat back down with his coffee.

He finished his report and handed it in. The president let him know he wouldn't have to report for two weeks. Zero was grateful he would have time to relax. Getting into his car Zero realized just how tired he was and he hoped he'd be able to keep his eyes open till he got to Ichiru's.

Zero walked into Ichiru's café an hour and a half later. The Hunter was feeling quite tired by now. After giving his twin a hug Zero went upstairs and crashed on Ichiru's couch.

When Ichiru closed shop at five thirty he went up to see how his twin was. Zero was still sleeping on the couch and Ichiru stood for a minute watching Zero sleep peacefully. Then he walked over and shook Zero awake.

"Wha?" Zero sat bolt upright.

"Relax Zero. It's just me."

"Oh Ich."

"I figured I should wake you up and feed you before I send you off to Kaname's." Ichiru walked into the kitchen.

"Who said I was going to Kaname's?" Zero asked even though that was his plan.

"Well if you aren't I'm going to kick your ass and drive you there myself." Ichiru walked out gripping a coffee mug as if her were ready to throw it.

"Relax I am. I'm actually moving in with him tonight."

"Finally!" Ichiru threw his hands in the air and went back to cooking.

"What do you mean finally?"

"Well it sure took you long enough to stop being a prat about everything. I mean come on can't you tell how much he loves you?"

"Actually I can't." Zero pointed out as he walked into the kitchen.

"Then you're an idiot."

"Ich I'd hate to ruin you idea of Kaname but when we went out before it was rather horrible for me."

"Obviously. If it had been peachy you wouldn't have tossed it all away."

"Ichiru… do you hate me for leaving?" Zero looked at his twin.

"Honestly, when you first left I was hoping fiercely that you would turn up dead. I was angry at you for saying things and that's why I said those things. And I'm sorry I did. But after a few days of not hearing from you was when I realized you might actually be dead and I was so scared you would be. That's when I really started to rely on Kaname. Then Uncle tried… that… with me and I was angry at myself for not believing you and helping you. But I was also angry that you'd never told me before. And when everything had passed and I'd been living here a few months everything settled down and I hired a few people and my café started to grow and I was really happy you'd left because you were giving me a chance to be myself." Ichiru sigh. "Honestly though when you came back it was the happiest day of my live. I'm sad I've lost three years with you but you changed and you're so much better then before so I'm happy you left. I was never mad at you… just the situation I suppose."

"I see."

"Just don't ever do it again!" Ichiru brandished a wooden spoon at his twin.

"Don't worry I think everything might just work out for me this time."

"Good." Ichiru smiled. "So don't be a dick to Kaname and keep him around. I really like him. You know he searched so hard for and it seems you were right under his nose. If you had told him or I you wanted to be a Hunter he could have found you just like Isaya and this all could have been solved a year and a half ago. But it is what it is and now you've got a chance to start over."

"I know… I just hope I'm in Kaname's league." Zero leaned his head against the cabinet.

"Of course you are. You're a Hunter of great status."

"Yeah right. That's not enough to be in league with an Ancestor Pureblood."

"Fuck all that Vampire shit. Just look at Kaname as Kaname."

"But Ich-"

"God Zero just shut up! You're going to eat dinner then go see Kaname. And I swear if you fuck up I'll punch you in your face!"

"Someone's protective." Zero rolled his eyes at his twin.

"I've grown really fond of Kaname." Ichiru handed a plate of food to his twin.

"Oh have you?" Zero raised an eyebrow.

"Yes now eat up and leave. I've got a date tonight actually and I think she'd be mad if she came over to find I've got someone else at home." Ichiru smiled.

"Oh come off it." Zero walked to the table and started eating. "Who is this new girl you've got?"

"Just someone who I met at the café."

"Well you'll have to introduce her to me some time."

"Maybe we could all go on a date one night." Ichiru smiled.

Zero drank the rest of his water after he finished his meal. "I'd like that. I'll talk to Kaname tonight."

"Zero don't be a dick to Kaname."

"When have I…" Zero didn't finish his sentence. "I'm different from before."

"Then why didn't you tell Kaname you still loved him on your date before the mission?"

"Because I still didn't think I was worthy of him. Besides he barely reacted to my advances."

"And what changed your mind?"

"He came to save me from Shizuka ."

"And now you're equal."

"No. But he cares enough to come fetch a Code Red from another Pureblood." Zero smiled and grabbed his coat. "Wish me luck."

"I don't think you'll need it." Ichiru said as his brother left.

Zero hoped in his car and drove toward the Kuran mansion. He was nervous but he knew he shouldn't be. A thought struck Zero and he called Kaname.

"Hey Zero." Kaname mumbled.

"Hey. Is it okay that I'm on my way over?"

"Yeah. I'm still in bed…"

"No need to get up." Zero smiled.


"I'll be there in a few minutes. Bye." Zero hung up before Kaname could ask anything.

Zero pulled up to the Kuran mansion and hopped out of his car. His heart hammered as he walked up the steps. He didn't have a chance to knock before the door was opened. There stood Kaname with tousled hair and pajama pants on.

"You actually came." He said in awe.

"Why wouldn't I?"

"Well…" Kaname rubbed the back of his neck, "Come in?"

"Of course." Zero stepped in and smiled at Kaname. "Listen I really want to talk to you."

"Sure. In my office." Kaname lead the way Zero remembered so well.

They got to the office and Kaname leaned against his desk and Zero stood in front of Kaname.

"Just to straighten this all out. I was a real mess before and I'm sorry you had to put up with that."

"Zero you were never-"

"Yes I was. When I left I wanted to die. But then I had Rima's help and I realized that I had more to live for. I know I might not be good enough for you now but I'm going to try."

"Zero you're already perfect for me."

"But I'm a D and you're a Pureblood."

"Actually you're not a D… with the amount of Pureblood you've had plus the fact you drank your creators makes you a C."

"No… there's no such thing."

Kaname laughed. "Zero all you know of Vampires is from the view of Hunters. There are indeed C class Vampires. A class are Purebloods. B class are well bread nobles. C class are lower nobles or changed vampires that never risk insanity. D are changed vampires that still run a slight risk of insanity. While E class are the insane vampires that need extermination."

"Well that's brilliant. Why do the Hunters not know this?"

"It's a well kept secret." Kaname winked.

"Alright… well even as a C I should have no claim on you."

"But you have my heart Zero." Kaname walked over to the silverette and touched his cheek. "I love you Zero Kiryuu and I don't care if society thinks we are equals or not. My heart says we are."

"God Kaname you've got a way with words." Zero smiled. "I'm sorry for everything I've put you through. I was selfish and horrible to you. I should have at least told you where I was or what I was doing."

"No. it's good you didn't. if you had I would have come and fetched you right away and I would have regretted it. You've found yourself and you're totally different from the Zero I used to date."

"But I still feel guilty for what I put you through. You were nothing but nice to me and I couldn't open my eyes enough to see your gestures of kindness for what they were."

"Zero I've realized that I lost you all on my own. I should have stated my intentions from the very second that I'd found you."

"Then state them now." Zero looked into Kaname's garnet eyes.

"I want you in my life for now and always."

"Me too, Kaname, me too." Zero leaned in and kissed the Pureblood. Kaname wrapped his arms around Zero's waist and pulled him close. "Kaname I really am sorry."

"There's no need to be." Kaname smiled and rested his forehead against Zero's. The Hunter breathed a sigh of relief. "But I must apologize… I'm hungry, sorry. Would you mind eating with my family?"

"I just had dinner at Ichiru's." Zero bit his lip.

"Then come have a coffee."


"First let me grab a shirt." Kaname took Zero's hand and pulled his love into his room. "Wait a moment." Kaname stepped into his closet.

The two walked hand in hand into the dining room. Yuki's face broke into a smile. "Zero!" She stood up and ran to him. "You're finally back!" Yuki wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him. "I'm so glad."

"And will you be staying with us for a while?" Rido asked as he folded his paper.

"I think so." Zero looked sideways at Kaname.

"Good." Rido smiled. "Have a seat and eat with us."

"Zero already ate with his brother." Kaname said as he and Zero sat.

"Oh. That's so cute! I've never seen Ichiru does he look just like you?" Yuki asked.

"Yeah pretty much." Zero shrugged as he sipped his coffee.

"That is a total lie." Kaname looked at Zero and smiled. "Ichiru's got a thinner frame and longer hair."

"Oh? Stalk much?" Zero wasn't sure if he should be offended.

"But you're better looking." Kaname leaned over and kissed a shocked Zero on the cheek.

"Gees…" Zero shoved Kaname. "Not in front of people." Zero flushed.

"Oh come on. I've seen you two in bed." Yuki smiled.

"What?" Rido nearly chocked on his coffee as he looked at his wife.

"I walked in and Zero was sleeping with Kaname."

"Just sleeping?"

"Yes." Yuki rolled her eyes.

"See no one minds." Kaname repeated his action and Zero just sat silently blushing.

"Okay so now that you're back Zero are you going to be staying?" Yuki Smiled.

"As long as I can." Zero glanced at Kaname.

"I've already invited him to move in." Kaname sipped his coffee with a smile.


"Are you still going to be an active Hunter?" Rido asked.

"Yes. But right now I have two weeks off since the last mission was considered stressful." Zero said.

"Just stressful? I heard Shizuka Hio captured you."

"She did but she didn't mean any serious harm to me."

"Hmmm. You're lucky you got out alive. She's an unpredictable one."

"So I've heard. It's also thanks to Kaname that I got out alive." Zero smiled.

"What did my onii-san do?"

"Nothing. I drove him home." Kaname said curtly.

"He's being modest. He came to my rescue and demanded my freedom."

"I did nothing of the sort." Kaname looked quizzically at Zero.

"He did." Zero smiled.

"Oh look at my cute nii-san saving his lover!" Yuki squealed and clapped her hands. "That is beyond adorable!"

"Come on Zero." Kaname stood and dragged Zero to his feet. "We've got work to do. Have a good night." Kaname nodded to his family. Yuki was still babbling as Kaname pulled Zero from the dining room. Once they were down the hall Kaname pinned Zero against the wall. "Do you understand the severity of what you've just done?"

"No… I guess not." Zero looked worried.

"She is never going to let me live this down! You're going to have to fix this and tell her the truth!" Kaname seethed.

Zero laughed out loud. "But that's what you did."

"I did not."

"Did too. 'Where's Zero?' honestly that's a demand." Zero smiled warmly.

"Is not."

"Oh give it a rest. You came after me. You might as well have swept me off my feel and kissed me senseless right there. You saved me and that's that." Zero leaned forward and brushed a light kiss across Kaname's lips.

"Can I kiss you senseless right now?" Kaname's eyes glinted with a predatory shine.

"Please do… but just one request." Kaname raised a perfect eyebrow. "Can you take me to your bed Kaname?"

"With pleasure." Kaname took Zero's hand and lead him back to his rooms. "I must warn you I took off work tonight but I have a meeting tomorrow I can't avoid."

"That's fine. I get you for 24 hours. I'm okay with that. I'll just wait for you naked while you're at your meeting." Zero grinned.

"You're a tease."

"Oops." Zero smiled and slipped out of his jacket and tossed it on a chair.

"Zero." Kaname suddenly sounded cautious.

"Hmm?" Zero was taking off his shoes and socks.

"Zero perhaps we should take this slower." Kaname said and he tried to keep his features even. He was unsure how this would effect their new relationship if they simply started with sex…

Zero sat up and looked down at Kaname. "If you want to I'll go slow. But you don't have to treat me like a fragile thing. I won't take it the wrong way this time." Zero winked. "So? Would you rather just sleep together tonight. Or would rather get naked and remind me how good looking you are?" Zero grinned down at Kaname.
Kaname couldn't keep a wolfish grin from his face. The Pureblood flipped their positions so he was looming over his lover. "You still know how to push my buttons." Kaname leaned down and captured Zero's lips. Smiling into the kiss Zero undid Kaname's robe and pushed it off leaving him nearly naked. "Not fair." Kaname said as he proceed to undress the Hunter.

When he had totally divested his boyfriend Kaname leaned back and looked at Zero. He bit his lip as tears came to his eyes. Zero had gained a lot of muscle through Hunter training. But what really took his breath away was that Zero's skin was flawless. "You look beautiful."

Zero blushed. "Thanks." He muttered and had to look away from the awe struck look on Kaname's face.

"You looked amazing before... But this... Zero." Kaname straddled Zero and pulled him in for a deep kiss. "You're amazing Zero." Kaname breathed against the silverette's lips. Zero didn't have a chance to respond because Kaname had kissed him again. He was still blushing like mad. He hadn't thought Kaname would react like this. The Pureblood's hands were roaming over him. "Zero thank you." Kaname started kissing down Zero's chest.

"Kaname. As much as I would love you to tease me." Zero tugged on brown hair till Kaname was face to face with him. "I really want you in me." Zero said before crushing their lips together.

Not being able to argue Kaname wiggled out of his sleep pants and startled his lover. "I'm so lucky to have you back." Kaname ran his hands reverently over Zero's skin.
"Kaname… please." Zero whispered as he thrust his hips up to rub his erection against Kaname's. The Pureblood shivered and relaxed for a moment as pleasure raced through his veins. It was then that Zero acted. He once again flipped them. "You had your chance." Zero grinned wickedly.

The Pureblood just stared up at his lover, dazed. Zero took the opportunity to grip Kaname's erection and lined himself up. "Zero don't!" Kaname used his Pureblood speed to grip Zero's hips and his strength to keep Zero from impaling himself.

Zero leveled a glare at Kaname. "I told you. You had your chance. Now we do it my way. And I want you in me right now."

"But it'll hurt."

"I can take a little pain." Zero winked and moved Kaname's hands off his waist before continuing with his previous action.

He slowly sat onto Kaname's ridged length. Kaname gasped and couldn't keep his hips on the bed. Zero groaned as Kaname thrust the rest of his length into him. The Hunter let his full weight rest on Kaname's hips effectively pinning the Pureblood down. "Let me do the work." Zero said with a smile as he leaned down and kissed Kaname.

Then Zero slowly lifted his hips and slid back down. The two moaned at the sensation, Kaname at the warm heat around his cock and Zero at the feeling of being filled.
Kaname reached up and placed his hands lovingly on Zero's hips to guide him. "God Zero… I forgot how amazing you are." Kaname said looking up into lilac eyes.
"I'll keep reminding you till you can't ever forget." Zero said right before he stared moving his hips faster.

"Zero…" Kaname panted. As he started to thrust into Zero. He could barely keep himself from coming. "I can't last… much longer."

"Kaname." Zero leaned forward so his hands were on either side of Kaname's head. "You're so deep…" Zero started to move his hips in shallow movements so he kept Kaname buried deep inside him.

Kaname moaned out Zero's name as he tossed his head attempting to keep control. Seeing Kaname so lost made Zero so hard. He leaned down and kissed the Pureblood before leaning to whisper in his ears. "Com inside me Kaname."

"Zerooooo." Kaname moaned a final time as he just let go and he shuddered as he spilled himself inside his lover.

After a moment Zero leaned back and started stroking himself. "I'm sorry Kaname I have to…" Zero said. Kaname looked up and saw Zero's dilated pupils, flushed cheeks, and bruised lips and he was transfixed as he watched Zero jerk himself off. It didn't take long for Zero to ejaculate onto Kaname's stomach. The Pureblood let out a whine as Zero's insides squeezed his softening member. Zero fell forward panting. Kaname leaned up and kissed Zero slowly. "That was so fucking hot." Kaname said between kisses.

Sighing Zero moved and Kaname slipped out of him. "How about a quick shower?"

"Is that an invitation?"

"Only if you want it to be." Zero smiled as he walked into the bathroom.

He was smiling to himself as he switched on the shower. Zero couldn't help but be insanely happy. Everything felt right, he was with Kaname again, Ichiru was talking to him, and he was a Hunter.

"What's with that charming smile?" Kaname asked. He couldn't remember Zero smiling like that before and it made Kaname's pulse race.

"I was just thinking."


"You actually." Zero turned to Kaname, still smiling. "I'm really glad I get a second chance with you and I won't do anything to screw this up."

"Oh Zero." The brunette walked over and hugged his naked boyfriend. "And I'll do my best not to smother you."

"I wouldn't complain." Zero laughed.

"Trust me you would."

"What would this smothering involve?" Zero asked as he stepped into the shower.

"Well… I'd want you with me every day." Kaname also stepped into the shower. "At least the days you're not hunting."

"I'll be with you weather you like it or not." Zero reached for the soap so he could start washing Kaname.

"To be serious for a moment though. Yuki suggested something to me this evening. And I've been thinking about it all night and it's actually a good idea." Kaname looked into lilac eyes. "Seiren could use a few days off here and there. What do you think about being my bodyguard? You'd have to follow me places and drive me…"

"I accept. It's a legal for of stalking right? And I'll get to spend all day and night with you. How could I resist?" Zero beamed and he kissed Kaname. "You're wonderful!"

Zero dropped the soap into it's dish and hugged Kaname tightly.

"Then it's set. You can start this week if you want."

"Good. I'll have the rest of my two weeks to follow you and learn the ropes of things… and molest you." At the last part of the sentence Zero snaked his hands to Kaname's member and started to stroke it.

The Pureblood et out a moan. Zero knelt in front of Kaname and took his erection into his mouth. Threading his fingers into silver hair Kaname couldn't keep himself from making noises.

After a few minutes of Zero's ministrations Kaname pulled Zero's head back. "Zero… may I please take you. I want to be buried in you again. I want you to feel my love through my actions."

To reply Zero stood up and turned his back to Kaname. "Please…" Zero braced himself against the shower wall.

Kaname first wrapped his arms around Zero's waist and leaned in to rut against him. "You spoil me. "Kaname said as he nipped Zero's shoulder. The Hunter shivered in pleasure.

"Please." Zero whispered.

Kaname didn't need to be asked a third time he slowly slid into Zero's heat and he moaned into the Hunter's ear. Kaname's hands wandered over Zero's body as they coupled. As the Pureblood was nearing completion he grasped Zero's length and started jerking him in time with thrusts.

Zero tossed his head back and started pushing back onto Kaname's length as he let loose a stream of sexy sounds. It took a few more seconds Zero was coming. Kaname continued to pound into Zero as his cock was squeezed and milked. He thrust deep and spilled himself in Zero for the second time that hour.

The two quickly washed and got out and dried so they could go collapse naked in bed. Zero snuggled up to Kaname and they lay in comfortable for a few minutes.


"Kaname?" Zero propped himself up on an elbow to look at his boyfriend

"Are you really okay with living with me? and… being in relationship again with me?"

"Yes." Zero smiled warmly. "I've been working my hardest to be someone you'd be proud of. So I think right now you're stuck with me."

"Just checking." Kaname kissed Zero on the cheek.

"I'm really happy I'm back here. When I left I wasn't sure if I'd ever end up in your arms again."

"I'm lucky you decided to come back."

"And I'm lucky you want me." Zero shifted so he could smile at Kaname.

The Pureblood yawned. "I think I need a bit of sleep before my meeting."

"Good plan." Zero snuggled close to Kaname.

"Good night."

"I love you Kaname."

For a moment Kaname felt his heart stop. Had Zero really? He hugged Zero close. "I love you too." Kaname smiled into silver hair as he closed his eyes. He couldn't remember ever being this happy in his life. He had Zero in his arms and the Hunter was here to stay.

"Zero…" Kaname nudged his boyfriend but got no response. "Zero."

"Mmm?" Zero snuggled closer to Kaname.

"I need to get up and you're on my arm."

"'m sorry." Zero shifted so Kaname could move his arm. "How long are you gonna be gone for?" lavender eyes cracked open.

"A few hours. Not all night though."

"'k, 'm tired…"

"Then go back to sleep." Kaname kissed his boyfriend on the forehead.

"Missed." Zero smiled and tilted his head up for a proper kiss. Kaname obliged. "Better, now you can leave."

"Well I'm glad I have you're permission to go." Kaname rolled his eyes.

"Hurry back okay?" Zero smiled sleepily.

"With you in bed… how could I keep myself away?" Kaname reluctantly got off the bed and headed to the bathroom. He showered and got dressed quickly before going down to grab a quick bite to eat. Yuki was already in the dining room.

"Morning Onii-San" She smiled. "Did you sleep well?"

"Yes." Kaname smiled.

"And how much sleeping did you get done?"

"Lay off it. I'm not going to tell you." Kaname sat down and grabbed a piece of toast and coffee.

"Come on. Please just a few tiny details! You two are so cute together!" Yuki squealed.

"Don't mind her, Kaname. She's been reading yaoi manga again." Rido said as he too sat at the table.

"That explains a lot then." Kaname chuckled.

"You two are so mean! Come on Kaname pleaseeee." Yuki made puppy eyes at her brother. "You saved his life and that is so cute! And you probably spent a whole night awake in each others arms showing your love!" Yuki sigh and clutched her chest over her heart.

"Now let me set the record straight since Zero seemed to lead you astray. I did not save him. He already saved himself by the time I arrived. Seriously all I did was drive him home."

"You're too modest. I can just picture you swept into Shizuka's mansion and your hair was rumpled and sexy and you demanded Zero's release and after a furious fight she relented and gave you Zero and you swept him off his feet and brought him home to safety." Yuki Sigh.

"Yeah way too much yaoi." Kaname rolled his eyes. Honestly his sister could be so strange sometimes.

"So is Zero staying here while you're out?"


"Oh we're going to have fun!"

"Leave him be. Don't do anything that will scare him off."

"I won't gees." Yuki stuck her tongue out at her brother.

"Just be nice to him seriously Yuki. I just got him back and if you're the reason he leaves again I swear I'll kill you." Kaname looked sternly at the other Pureblood.

"Relax I like Zero just as much as you do. I won't scare him off I promise. I want him to stay so you can be happy."

"Thanks." Kaname stood. "I'm going to the meeting now. I'll see you later."

"Kaname." Rido looked at his nephew. "You know, you could start working form home a lot more."

"I'll think on it." Kaname nodded.

"Or you could always higher Zero as your body guard then it'd be okay for him to follow you around."

Kaname smiled widely. "Have a good night you two."

Kaname finished the meeting early and went back to his office to grab paperwork. He was zipping up his bag when his secretary poked her head in. "Kuran-Sama I'm glad I caught you. Shotou-Sama is on the phone. He has a question about the contract. Should I put him through."

"Yes." Kaname walked back to his desk with a sinking feeling in his gut. Had Isaya really called about work? "Kuran speaking.

"Hello Kaname, It's Isaya. I had a simple question about the contract." Isaya said into the phone.

Kaname listened as Isaya pointed out a few problems. They were all minor and one was a typo. "So sorry about that Shotou-San. We'll fix that tonight and send you the new contract to sign."

"I've got other business in town. How about you bring the contract to K's tomorrow night and I'll sign it over dinner." Isaya said into the phone as his hands were shaking a bit.

"Alright I can meet you there for dinner." Kaname said. He was still unsure of what Isaya really wanted.

"And if Zero isn't busy I would like to see him."

Kaname bit his lip. "I'll ask him first. But I will see you tomorrow."

"Very good. Thank you Kaname."

"Good- bye." Kaname hung up. He dialed in a few numbers to get the contract fixed. When everything had been sorted Kaname was finally able to leave home.
On his way home Kaname couldn't help but think. How had such simple mistakes fallen through the cracks? And why was Isaya so intent on fixing it tomorrow? Is he going to pull something over on me? Is Zero going to leave me… was this all just to get to me? Kaname felt his blood run cold in his veins.


"Yes Kaname Sama?" The Vampire answered from the drive's seat

"Do you know if Isaya has been in touch with Zero?"

"I do not know. Why do you ask?" Seiren looked at Kaname via the rearview mirror.

"No reason… just my stupid heart." Kaname sigh and looked out the window. "We've got a dinner meeting with Isaya tomorrow night."

"Oh. About the contract?"


"Very good. I'm sure everything will turn out in your favor."

"I hope it does. I don't want to lose Zero again."

"I believe you're thinking too much into this. Zero-sama would never leave you."

Kaname just half smiled. The rest of the ride was silent. When he got home he went to his rooms to find Zero. The Hunter lounged on a couch by the fire reading. When he heard the door close he sat up and smiled. "Hi."

"Did you miss me?" Kaname asked as he walked over to sit next to Zero.

"Immensely." Zero leaned in and kissed Kaname deeply.

"Before I get too distracted…" Kaname turned his headaway to keep Zero from kissing him again. "I've got something to ask you."

Zero cocked his head to the side. He wasn't sure what Kaname was going to say.

Kaname took a deep breath before starting. "Tomorrow night Isaya is coming into town. I've to meet him for dinner to sort out some business." Kaname paused and looked for a reaction on Zero's face.

"And it concerns me how?" Zero cocked an eyebrow. He really could care less if they had a business meeting. It wouldn't be awkward for him as he wouldn't be there. As long as Kaname came home he didn't care.

"Isaya wanted me to bring you along." Kaname bit the inside of his lip.

Shock painted Zero's face. "Why?"

"I don't know. I suppose to make sure you're fine."

"Oh… right." Zero thought for a moment. "It's be awfully rude if I turned it down… and that would look bad for you… so I guess I kind of have to go." Zero sigh and leaned back into the couch. Why did everything have to get complicated. He just wanted his two week break and spend it all with Kaname without complications. Now he was going to have to sit through a meal with two territorial Purebloods who he had slept with. Just what I want to do with my time off.

"So you're going?"

"Yeah… I guess so." Zero chewed his lip and looked into the fire.

"Zero, What's wrong?"

"I'm just thinking how horribly wrong this could go. I know Isaya won't do anything on purpose to anger you or me. But there's still the fact that I was living with him and essentially left him for you. Don't you think it will be slightly awkward?"

"Of course. But I can assure you Zero it won't be the worst spot I've been in." Kaname relaxed and pulled Zero to him so he could wrap the silverette in his arms.

"I'll do my best not to embarrass you."

"I'll do the same." Kaname said as he kissed Zero's forehead.

"You missed." Zero smiled and moved so he was straddling Kaname's lap. "My lips are awfully jealous." Zero leaned in to kiss Kaname properly.

"How about we take this to the bed room?" Kaname smiled into the kiss.


Kaname gripped Zero's ass and stood. Zero made an indignant squeak but wrapped his legs around Kaname and allowed himself to be carried. He was getting hard just thinking about what Kaname was about to do to him.

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