A Fun A, B, C game.

How to play: You make up a scenario that you place two characters in, then you pick a random letter to start with. Every sentence must start with the nest letter in line. The letter you start with is also the one you must end with.

"Quick, back to the TARDIS!" The Doctor shouted pointing at the exploding Volcano.

"Run!" Donna screamed sprinting ahead of the Doctor.

"Slow down Donna!" The Doctor huffed.

"Telephone?" Donna asked extending her hand waiting for his mobile.

"Unit!" The Doctor exclaimed digging in his pockets for a phone.

"Very well." Donna sighed, not wanting to call them.

"What?" The Doctor asked confused.

"X-hale, calm down."

"You!" The Doctor said crossing his arms growing irritated with his companion.

"Zip it spaceman." Donna huffed turning her back towards him.

"Ah!" The Doctor screamed as he became offended. Donna started to walk off.


"Can't you ever grow up Donna?" The Doctor called out after her.

"Dumbo." Donna mumbled.

"Earth Girl." The Doctor remarked. Donna turned around in anger.




"I just say the truth'

"Jack ass."

"Kiss my ass"


"Man teaser."


"Oi!" The Doctor said. Donna smirked her eyes wandered up seeing something horrifying.

"Pyroclastic flow!" Donna cried out pointing to the sky. The Doctor turned and looked.

"Quick!" He cried and grabbed her hand dashing towards the TARDIS.