A few seconds, minutes, hours…?
When in a state like this you're never quite sure of how much time has passed.
The only thing you are really sure of is the fact that you know you desperately don't want it to end anytime soon.

His back aching deliciously, his breath catching with every impulsion and sharp teeth gritted to suppress the groans and whines bubbling up his throat, Grell was lost in the endless stimulating onslaught. The palms of his slight hands rhythmically ground against the cobbled floor of the Undertakers shop, needing all the strength in his sweltering arms just to keep him aloft.
Gentle trickles of crimson blood trailed down his thighs, from where the sharp dark nails of the mortician kept his tight grip, whilst pummelling himself further and deeper. The small cuts smarted, sending sharp spasms down Grell's exposed spine as his salted sweat both found its way in, mixing the excruciating pleasure with delectable agony.
But he refused to make a noise.
Engulfed by the surprising tightness of the red-headed shinigami beneath him, the Undertaker's face was twisted into a heavy, almost malicious sneer. His grinding threatening to break from rhythm as he quickened his pace, desperate to hear Grell sing. With every pound, he could feel himself getting closer to his inevitable release, but the Undertaker refused to give in before Grell did.
Making his lean back arch uncontrollably, the Undertaker grabbed hold of Grell's waist, lifting him slightly, allowing the rough movements to reach deeper still.
Unable to hold it back any longer, a light moan slipped from Grell's lips, his whole face contorted in ecstasy, his emerald eyes tight, tears gently welling from the pain that accompanied the merciless heated sensations overwhelming his body. Biting his lip in a feeble attempt to cease the now free flowing groans, Grell let his arms buckle beneath him, his heaving chest hitting the cold floor.

"My my, running out of… unnn~… stamina already, my d-dear?"
The Undertakers voice cracked, infuriating him. He refused to deviate from his dominating stance, and turned the annoyance into his usual engulfing power.
His ashen arms reached out and pulled Grell onto his lap -without once breaking the heated insertion- and he buried his face into the curve of Grell's neck.
The Undertaker maintained the steady, pummelling rhythm by forcing Grell's worn body up and down, his strength fuelled by the heated moans Grell omitted. Each delectable sound graced his ears, spurring him on, he would not disappoint. The mortician's teeth broke the skin of Grell's neck sharply, before his blistering tongue played against his warm, coppery spoils.

Intoxicated, Grell could not account for his actions any longer. His self control lost and head spinning, he tried desperately to focus on one thing.
The smell of his own blood…
The snakelike licks on his neck…
The sweat on his chest…
The fast, skilled hand that was pleasuring his stiff member…
The constant, searing friction…
But it all faded into one unbearable, delicious sensation, and his eyes glazed over in defeat as he gave himself up. Pulling his arms over his head and wrapping them around the Undertakers shoulders, he arched his back allowing the heated penetration to advance.
The two made a stunning picture. Finally pleased with his partner's lustful countenance, the Undertaker was grinning once again, his silver hair draping his sweat beaded shoulders, quivering with every impulsion. His left hand tracing the gently seeping cuts and bruises his nails had made earlier, his right busied with stimulating the redhead and his hot breath visible in the cold room.
Grell, however, was less composed, his feminine features pulled into an expression complied of pain, longing, lust and fright. His exposed body twitched uncontrollably, while a single drop of deep crimson trailed from his bottom lip, and he bit down on it with his razored teeth.

"Uuunn..ah..der…ah...t-taa..kerr~!" He moaned reaching his limit, making the characteristic trail of salivation trickle from the mortician's mouth. The Undertaker played with the shinigami's chest, trailing his nails over the gentle curves and chuckle darkly
"Yes… my dear?" His efforts to stay composed paying off.
"I… can't…" But Grell couldn't get his words out, his whole torso shivered and his thighs convulsed. Throwing his crimson head back, his sharp mouth open and eyes squeezed shut; he let out the delectable sound the Undertaker had longed for.

Taken over the edge, their vision then matched the pale, milky moonlight and simultaneously reached their long awaited release.

Grell lay slumped against the Undertakers ashen chest, his torso still heaving gently, even though it was almost sunrise. The mortician had one hand around the shinigami's waist, the other playing affectionately with a single strand of crimson hair. With the last ounce of energy left in his tired body, Grell reached upwards to touch the Undertakers face. His eyes were half glazed, a weak but genuine sweet smile on his now scarred lips. He just looked at his new lover for a few seconds, taking everything that he had not noticed about him before in, before blacking out from sheer exhaustion.

The Undertaker giggled, stroking Grell's sleeping forehead gently with the back of his hand before slipping gently into his own unconsciousness.


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