"This room is such a mess..." sighed Ludwig.

And he was right. The room in question looked like a tornado had passed right through there. Clothes, books, pens, old letters and even a couple of pans were scattered everywhere.

Jesus! His wife was really the most disorganised woman he had ever met.

He gave a little smile. No matter how messy his Feli was, he loved her so much. She was whiny and easily scared, but she also was always cheerful, and when he came home tired from work just seeing her there, with a smile and a delicious meal on the table was something he would never trade for anything. Or anyone.

She was the granddaughter of an Italian scientist who had been called to Germany to work on some classified war project. So when he set her eyes on her for the first time, she had looked kind of sad. After all, she had had to leave her country just to follow her grandfather, and her older brother hadn't been much of a comfort at that time, because he had found himself a Spanish friend and spent all of his waking hours with him. Ludwig was just an eighteen year old wannabe officer, and it was so difficult for him to work up the nerve to just say hello to her (only to find out that she didn't speak German. That had been a difficult time. But lucky too, because he took it upon himself to teach her.) and even more strength to ask her to stay in Germany with him as his wife.

He remembered how much he had missed her when he was on the Russian front fighting. That had been the worst time of his life. The only things he saw were death and pain. Seeing his friends and fellow soldiers die one by one, killed by those fucking untermenschen... he felt nearly happy when he got hit by a hand grenade that completely crushed his left arm.

The doctors had managed to keep him all in one piece, but he could not fight anymore. The officers decided that he had done what he had to, so they shipped him home with many thanks, the rank of Captain and some medals.

He could only imagine what Feli had thought when she received the official letter with the Wehrmacht insignia on it. Luckily though, the letter just said that her husband fought bravely blah blah blah and that he was coming home. Thank God for that. After all, they had been married just a month before he was sent to fight, and he really didn't like the thought of dying after just one month of married life and six in a fucking trench in a godforsaken, frozen wasteland in northeast Russia.

But that didn't matter anymore. It had been three months since he came back, and things were wonderful. They were finally living their newlywed life, and he could feel that it was perfect. Of course they fought sometimes, but a thing that's too perfect is just unreal, right? Or so Feli said.

While he was trying to make the room look fit for human life, he ran into a pack of letters tied together with a red ribbon. He blushed when he saw that they were the love letters they would send each other when he was on the front. However, between all those letters, one looked odd. It was written on paper that could be used to make boxes with, and looking at it he noticed that it was neither his nor Feli's handwriting. So he got it out of the pack and read it.


Dearest Feli,

The ship that will take me to England is already in the harbour. I will soon be a free man again. This is the only piece of paper I found. I gave the finished letter to Elizaveta, so I really don't know how and when you'll be able to read it. I am so sorry that I did not get the chance to say "goodbye" in person, but you know how things are at the moment. However, I didn't want to leave without you knowing how grateful I am.

You helped me through a lot, and if you weren't there to tell me where to hide or passing me food and money under the table during these last few years, I would have died.

In the end, not only am I a jew, but I'm also an artist. The worst possible combination ever in Germany at this moment.

I know that you helped many others get to safety, so I want you to remember me in particular. I hope that you will treasure this letter (if it's safe to do so: I know that when your husband will come back he won't take too kindly to the help you've been giving me) and that one day, when this mess will be over, we will see each other again.

When I'll be back (because I know I will) I want you to know that should you need any help, be it a comfort word or 300 million Marks (ahah!) I will do anything that is humanly possible to help you out.

Thank you so much again.

All of my love,


Ludwig's face went blank for a moment.

Then millions of questions crowded his mind. What did that letter mean? Who was this "Roderich" guy? Did Feli really help jews? Right under his nose, nonetheless? So when he was fighting and putting his life on the line for his country his OWN WIFE was making his effort useless? Did she cheat on him with this jew guy? Had she been liyng to him the whole time? Did she use him just to get information? Did she even care about him at all? What the fuck!

He started pacing around the room like a caged beast. His heart was racing. He felt betrayed. By the woman he loved the most, even. He bit down hard on his lip, feeling his anger skyrocket. This couldn't be happening! That little whore... how dare she...!

His eyes were roaming the room wildly, as if he expected Feli to pop up somewhere ready to stab him in the back. Not that she didn't do it already, after all. Shit!

While he was pacing around, he hit his head against the open door of a cupboard. He kicked it with all his strength, making it fall over. Even if it was on the ground, he continued to kick it with all his might, reducing it to sawdust.

How could Feli fuck him over that way?


Didn't she realize that if she got caught it would have been the end for the both of them?


Didn't she fucking think about him, sitting in a fucking trench trying not to die while she was having her fun with her little Roderich and making his effort useless?


God damn that woman!


He should have known!


He should have listened to his father when he told him not to marry a non – German girl. No German girl would have ever done something so... so... he didn't even find the words!


Wasn't she always whining and bitching about how spiders and thunderstorms terrified her? Well, wasn't this mess way more terrifying?






Fucking two faced filthy liar!


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