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Sam had expected the demons to be ecstatic with him. Thrilled that he had given them their god. Sam had never expected some to be angry.

He had taken away his freedom, the demon had said to Sam. He was now under the control of Lucifer, being forced to do what he bids. The demon was furious at his loss of free will and Sam was paying the price.

Now, chained to a wall in a dark, mold smelling basement in the middle of nowhere, his brother chained similarly beside him, Sam realized that not all demons wanted Lucifer on Earth.

Blood gathered in Sam's mouth as his head hung weakly on his chest. The demon hadn't been very verbal with Sam but he had gotten his point across with various methods of violence. From slamming Sam against rough basement walls to holding his head under water, releasing him only seconds before he lost consciousness, the demon made it clear without words that he was not happy with Sam.

"Sammy? You doing okay?" Dean's voice was scared but strong and Sam was thankful for that. In the last two days of captivity the demon had barely touched Dean, preferring to express him anger out on Sam. Sam didn't resent that. He would take the abuse mutely if it meant leaving Dean safe.

Dean had screamed bloody murder for the demon to take him instead, to abuse him instead of his little brother but the demon did not relent. Sam was grateful, for even as he hung weakly from the tight chains, he would have taken this over having to watch Dean go through it. It was his to bear. He was the reason the demon was infuriated in the first place. It would be unfair for Dean to have to suffer anymore than he already did because of Sam's actions.

So Sam took the abuse, expressing no noise except involuntary whimpers of pain. If it meant keeping Dean unharmed, Sam would take it with pride.

"Sammy?" Dean spoke again when Sam failed to answer him. He reached out a chained hand as far as it would go, gently placing it on Sam's feverish cheek.

Sam weakly lifted his eyes to meet Dean's, a small, reassuring smile on his face. He hated the fear and worry in Dean's eyes. He wished the demon had left Dean alone and just taken Sam instead.

"Leave him out of this!" Sam cried as both he and Dean were roughly chained to the wall.

The demon, not telling them his name, had only chuckled and gripped Sam's hair roughly in his hands, pulling Sam's face close to his.

Hissing in pain, Sam met the black, soul1ess eyes.

"How stupid do you take me to be, Sam?" He had asked menacingly. "If I was to leave Dean we both know he would get his little angel buddies to hunt me down. Can't have that can we?"

Sam had glared. "This isn't about him. Do whatever you want with me, just let him go."

"No!" Dean had yelled gruffly at the demon. "How about you let us both go before I rip you to shreds?"

The demon laughed. "Sorry boys. Now, let the fun begin."

"I'm okay, Dean." Sam whispered, his throat aching with the strain of speaking. In the two days they had been held captive, neither Winchester was given any water and it was wearing both of them thin. "I'm sorry." He added as in an afterthought.

"Why are you sorry, Sammy? I should have known it was coming. I should have protected you."

Sam smiled sadly. "You can't protect me forever Dean. This is my penance. My only regret is that you have to be here too."

"Penance." Dean gaped. "You think you deserve this?"

Sam nodded.

"Sammy…" Dean started.

"Morning boys!" A cheerful voice rung out, interrupting Dean. "How are we doing today?"

Dean glared and Sam grimaced. He knew what was coming.

"How the heck do you think?" Dean fumed, holding Sam as close as he could with the chains.

The demon smiled darkly. "Only the beginning, Dean."

With that, the chains fell off of Sam and he was roughly yanked up by his arm. Sam cried out in pain as his shoulder dislocated.

With Dean screaming his name out and screaming for the demon to stop, Sam was unmercifully drug up the rickety stairs by his injured arm.

Reaching the top of the stairs, the demon slammed the basement door shut, muffling the sounds of Dean's continued screams to take him instead of Sam.

Sam was thrown across the small living room, smashing against the wall. Groaning in pain, Sam weakly rose his head to see a pair of dark shoes connect violently with his chin.

He was yanked off the floor and slammed against the wall, the demon's face mere inches from his own.

"You took everything away from me. I am now Lucifer's slave and it is because of you." He smiled wickedly. "You do not know how many demons would love this opportunity. I hear talk, Sam. There are so many out there that want you to die a slow painful death because of what you put them through and can you imagine my joy when I get to be the one to do that?"

Sam trembled violently. He almost wished the demon would just kill him now so it would all be over. Darkness invaded his vision and his eyes began to close.

The demon shook him viciously. "Stay awake. I'm not done yet. If you aren't awake to hear out little conversation then I might just have to have it with Dean."

Sam groaned but kept his eyes open. He would not allow any harm to come to Dean. This was his penance. His deserved Hell for what he had done.

The demon smiled almost wistfully. "Imagine their jealousy when I tell them that it was me that got the golden opportunity."

Sam glared through half lidded eyes. "Well, I hope you enjoy yourself." He croaked.

"Oh, I will." The demon responded, his fist smashing into the side of Sam's head.

Everything faded to black.


"Sammy. Come on buddy, wake up."

A hand was gently slapping his face in an attempt to revive him. Sam just wanted it to go away. Didn't the person hitting him know how tired he was?

"G'way." Sam mumbled, a strange coppery taste in his mouth.

"Sammy please. You have to wake up."

The desperation in that voice was enough to bring Sam out of his stupor. He slowly opened his heavy eyes to see Dean hovering over him, at least as far as he could with the chains holding him back.

Sam too had been chained back to the wall, his body hanging limply from the bindings.

"Dean?" Sam mumbled, shaking his head to attempt to clear his blurry vision. That proved to be a bad idea when the movement exploded his head in white hot agony.

"Ahh…" He groaned. Dean's hand came to rest gently on the side of his face.

"Stay still, Sammy. You probably have a concussion." The pain in Dean's voice was palpable. "I'm so sorry, kiddo. How are you feeling?"

Sam blinked a couple of times. "Okay." He lied. He would shield Dean as much as possible. This was his punishment, not Dean's.

"Don't lie, Sammy…" Dean was cut off.

"That's right, it's not nice to lie, Sammy." A cold, cocky voice said.

Sam heard Dean's intake of breath. Tears rose in Sam's eyes. Again so soon? He didn't think his body could handle anymore. He was already pathetically weak from being denied water for so long and the abuse his body was undergoing was wearing him down. He knew he couldn't take much more and it scared him. He didn't want this demon to kill him in front of Dean. Dean didn't deserve that.

"Please." Dean plead, being civil with the monstrosity for the first time since they were brought to their prison. "Just take me instead. Leave him alone. He's dying."

"Dean…" Sam started. He did not want Dean hurt.

"No, don't think that would work." The demon grinned. "By the way, I want to feel his life slip away under my fingertips. You mean nothing to me but I know that Sammy here does not want his beloved big brother to see him die. I want Sam to hear your screams as his heart stops."

Sam froze, tears rising in his eyes. He didn't want Dean to see this. It tore him apart to know that Dean was about to see his baby brother killed right in front of him, again.

Sam knew the memories of what had happened in Cold Oak was almost too much for Dean. He knew that Dean fought to repress the memories of Sam fading away in his arms. He couldn't undergo something like that again.

"Please…" Sam whispered, tears running down his face. Soft sobs were escaping Dean. "Do what you want with me but don't…please don't make him watch."

The demon simply shook his head and Sam's shackles fell away.

"Don't look." Sam whispered to his sobbing brother as he was hauled off the cold floor.

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