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Sam prayed Dean would do as he said and look away. He didn't want Dean to see this. He didn't want this to be ingrained in Dean's mind.

Sam was thrown against the wall opposite Dean and landed in a mass of tangled arms and legs on the cement floor.

He felt a strong hand on his chest, holding him down and in the demon's hand flashed a sharp hunting knife. He brought the knife down on Sam's stomach as Sam fought to escape his strong grip.

Sam heard a loud, piercing scream echo off the bare, wet walls as the knife was drug along his tender flesh. Not enough to kill him instantly but enough to cause unbearable pain. The scream, Sam realized, was coming from him as a similar yell came from across the room where Dean fought tooth and nail to break free of the restraints.

Blood flowed from Sam's wound as he twitched in agony.

The demon leaned down so that he was speaking straight into Sam's ear.

"This is what you do to us. Bleed us like animals, sending us back to the Hell we fought to escape. I am only returning the favor."

Sam heard the gut wrenching scream again as the knife was drug down his chest, twisted in the wound.

"Sammy!" Dean yelled. Tears of something different than pain rose in Sam's eyes as he trembled and twitched on the cold cement. He didn't want this for Dean. This was his penance, not Dean's. Dean didn't deserve this torment.

Sam's head was lifted up a smashed backward onto the floor. Stars erupted in Sam's eyes as he fought for breath. There was so much blood, so much agony. He just wanted it to end.

His dislocated shoulder was twisted viciously and Sam lost all sight. All he could see was red. A soft whimper escaped him as he was too weak to yell.

Hands were wrapping around his throat, squeezing tighter and tighter. Sam gasped for the air that would not come.

Darkness was creeping in, dissolving the red. He knew this darkness would be the end.

He could hear Dean sobbing and screaming in the background. He regretted with everything he had that Dean had witnessed his own brother's death.

Moments before the darkness swallowed everything, the hands released him. Sam's body convulsed as he wheezed for air.

"Sammy!" Dean's voice yelled again, begging Sam to answer him. He couldn't answer though. He could focus on nothing but breathing.

The sounds of a struggle could be heard. Sam could hear grunts of pain from the demon.

"You crossed the line when you touched him." Another voice hissed menacingly. "You crossed the line."

Sam knew that voice. It was so familiar to him and it brought a warmth to him. He wanted to know who it was but he was too busy fighting to stay awake. He was afraid if he let the darkness take him he wouldn't wake up. He wouldn't do that to Dean.

A flash of vivid white light flashed on Sam's closed eyelids and the sound of a body hitting the floor reached him.

Fighting to open his eyes he succeeded in creating a small slit of sight. A blurry figure in a tan trench coat stood over a motionless figure, a bloody knife in his hand. Castiel. Sam could no longer keep his eyes open and they slid closed.

"Sam!" Dean's voice yelled once more and the sounds of chains clanking could be heard. "Cas, help him!"

A shuddering gasp left Sam as the darkness began to pull him under. He couldn't do this. He couldn't leave Dean like this.

Gentle hands were lifting his broken body off the floor and cradling him against someone.

His body trembled violently as he fought against the darkness.

"It's alright Sam." Castiel's voice whispered, soft lips being pressed to his bloody forehead. "Don't fight it."

Sam found himself listening to Castiel. He found comfort in his gentle command and he let himself fall deeper.

Dean saw Sam close his eyes again and he fought harder against his restraints. Sam was dying in front of his eyes and he could do nothing about it.


He turned his watery eyes to Castiel. The angel stood over the demon, who lay motionless at his feet. The demon killing knife gripped in his hand.

He had to help Sam. Had to heal him before it was too late.

"Cas, help him!"

Castiel's head snapped up and he turned around walking briskly towards Sam's fallen form. Sam let out a shuddering gasp as if he was taking his last breath.

"Please help him." Dean whispered, tears rolling down his face. He should have protected Sam better. His inability to protect his brother had led them here.

Through his foggy, watery eyes, Dean saw Castiel lift Sam's broken body into his arms.

Dean found himself a bit confused when he saw how gentle Castiel was being with his brother. His confusion rose when, after whispering comforting reassurances in Sam's ear, Castiel pressed his lips to Sam's forehead.

He had heard Castiel say to the demon that touching Sam had crossed the line but he hadn't thought anything of it. He now saw it as more. The demon had crossed the line by hurting Sam because Sam was Castiel's.

He didn't know how he hadn't seen it before. Sam lit up every time Castiel walked-or appeared-into a room. Lately his brother and the angel had been spending more and more time together and they looked like they enjoyed every moment of it. Sam smiled more when Castiel was around as did Castiel.

He couldn't believe he hadn't seen it.

He was snapped out of his thoughts when Castiel placed his two fingers on Sam's forehead. He shivered as he heard Sam's bones snap back into place.

Castiel continued to hold Sam, gently stroking his cheek, wiping away the blood and tears. Sam was healed but he still hadn't moved.

"Cas?" Dean found his voice. "Is he okay?"

Castiel nodded. "He will be fine. He is simply very weak."

Dean nodded, tears of relief clouding his sight. Castiel held up his hand and with a wave, Dean's shackles were released and he was free.

Within seconds Dean was kneeling beside Castiel, pulling his brother out of the angel's arms.

"I'm so sorry, Sammy." Dean whispered rocking Sam back and forth. He let out a sigh of relief when he could hear strong breaths escaping his brother and, when placing his fingers on Sam's neck, could feel a strong pulse as well.

Castiel's hand reached out and cupped the side of Sam's face and Dean found his voice to ask Castiel the question that was grating in his mind.


"Yes." Castiel replied, his eyes still locked on Sam.

"What's up with you and Sam?"

Castiel's eyes met Dean's. "I do not know how to explain it and I doubt he could either."

Dean nodded. He understood. He didn't need Castiel to explain it.

"Just take care of him." Dean replied finding comfort at Sam's peaceful face.