Orange hair shifts on an invisible wind.

Chocolate eyes are blurry with exhaustion and tears.

Where are you?

Black cloth flutters in the breeze.

Crimson blood drips onto the ground.

You said you'd be here.

A metallic scent hangs in the air.

Thousands of words could have stopped it all.

I'm so sorry.

An onyx blade slips from numb fingers.

As crimson stains black.

I should have listened to you.

A shadow of white.

Metal glints in the moonlight.

Will you save me?

Hideous laughter echoes.

Golden eyes glint hungrily.

Your pure white wings.

Chocolate eyes are fading.

The crimson carpet spreads.

Are stained.

A desperate last attempt.

A last shock of blinding pain.

Because of me.

This eery sensation of falling,

Of falling into you.

Yet again you've come to save me,

My Hideous Angel.

A/N: Hmm, well, this is a confusing one. Quite old too really. See, what's happening is Ichigo gets beaten up (the usual) he's on the verge of death and someone comes and saves his ass (again, as usual) the person who saves him is...Shirosaki. (Thus all the white crap.) The italics/bold is all Ichigo's thoughts and the 'normal' bits is the narrative...bit. Personally don't like this all that much, it didn't come out right...Oh, well. It's done.