Morganville Vampires:

This is my first ever Morganville fanfic – I've been reading the books 6 months now, they rock but I never really considered writing a story, like I do for Harry Potter. However, I randomly got an idea so here it is (if there's one thing secondary school's good for, it's my ideas!) and I hope you enjoy!

P.S as you may have gathered, but I just wish to clarify: this is a Claire/Myrnin story, and contains swearing and (perhaps) mild graphic content.

N.B I do not own Morganville Vampires, only the plot threads.

I'm pissed. Big style. Shane is the biggest prick in the entire world and I now hate him: he is no longer my boyfriend!

"I HATE YOU!" I yell at him, seriously loudly – so loud, my eardrums protest – this is due to excessive loud and frequent sound waves passing through my ear drum, yes some lovely physics (n.b this is sort of true I think, we're doing this atm… not that I GET it or anything!) here, but everything links back to physics. What was I doing again? Oh yes, arguing with Shane.

"For gods sake Claire, I was just a bit paranoid ok? I thought there was something between you and Myrnin, with the way you spend all your time with him and not with me… you can't exactly blame me for thinking this, ok? Just calm down!" he replies, and I boil over with rage – he thinks…? I cannot believe what he thinks of me!

I'm speechless with furyfor a moment before retaliating with:

"I'm, sorry I was, supposed to be your girlfriend and so you were meant to trust me and when I said there was nothing between me and Myrnin, you were supposed to believe me. Because we were dating. And that's what people in a relationship do, believe each other; like you used to be able to, when I was working for Myrnin for no money, just working on a cure. Like I did when you said about Kim last year. But no, you don't believe me with the most important thing ever – well that means we're over. Done. Finito."

That was a lot longer than I expected: the words just came tumbling out of my mouth, and I see Shane is just standing there, gob open (like usual) and unable to process the information. This used to just make me want to kiss him, but now… now I just want to kill him!

"Guys – what's going on?" Michael asks and I jump: I didn't hear him come through from the kitchen to the living room – vampire qualities. But I don't mind: in fact I rather like the whole quiet mantra going on – better than Shane's noisy slurping, stomping around (even though vampires can still do this, just it takes a little effort) and just general noisiness that really irritates me.

"Nothing," I curtly reply, and stalk past him into the kitchen where I can see Eve goggle eyed at me – what do I look like?

"CB what's going on with you and Shane? You've been arguing all the time recently! I have no idea what about – I can't exactly hear in here. I know Michael does though, because with vamp senses and when he listens to you arguing (and the topic etc) he clenches up and looks like he wants to kill someone. And I think it's Shane, to be honest, but anyway – what is going on?"

Ok, information overload – I wish in a sense I had some of those crystals we made as a help for the disease – when it was here – because they meant I processed information better… then again, with what happened to Monica I'd best not!

"Me and Shane have split up. For good," I croak out – the excessive shouting has done my voice in, and I walk over to the fridge for a coke, and also to hide my face. Which I know Eve wants to psychoanalyse.

"Honey, what happened?" she asks, sounding really worried.

"Well, since I've been paid to work for Myrnin, he seems to always think that there is something going on between us: I mean, me and Myrnin are friends. But then today, he followed me to the lab and stuff and was spying and that was the last straw. I let him come home, then used the doorways to get here and well, yeah, I dumped him. That's all," I explain, looking her in the face. She looks as if she wants to cry.

"And you're alright with this?"

"In a sense, yeah… I guess I always knew it wasn't going to be a really long term relationship, and the way we've been for ages now, well it's not been really nice whatsoever so yeah, it's a bit of a relief for us to be over. And hopefully, someday, friends. Because I don't want to lose him entirely, I just don't want to be with him," I slowly try to explain where my head is at the moment. I take a long sip of coke, and feel the instantaneous relief the cool liquid running down my throat brings.

"Well whatever's fine with you, now come here and give me a hug!" Eve says, and the calm her hug brings out in me… well, any regret over what I've done is completely gone.

I walk slowly out into the hallway and living room – Michael is sat there on the sofa, watching the news and there is no sign of Shane. He hears me, so turns round and gives me a beamer of a smile, full wattage and says "Hey." In response, I walk over to him and sit down next to him on the sofa, and he puts his arm around me in comfort.

Half an hour later, I feel hungry – well it is 8pm - so I go into the kitchen to make a sandwich. My golden bracelet hangs on my wrist in a position of solidarity (n.b in the book I know it came off, but I'm leaving it on) and gives me a sense of coolness, of being collected. The phone Amelie gave me last week – iPhone 4, pointless really due to the fact people break my phone pretty much monthly – beeps in my pocket and I pull it out.

You have a text message off Myrnin

What's Myrnin texting me for at this time? I mean, it's not late but he normally feels social etiquette means he can't communicate after 7pm. Unless it's to come to the lab because he's made a breakthrough, like it was last week. And the week before. And the week before that, probably.

I open the message and feel shocked as I read it:

Heard what happened between you and Shane. Hope you're ok.

Well, I need my assistant.

I snort at the last bit: trust Myrnin to ruin a lovely, kind text with that!

Well, this is chapter one complete: this story isn't going to be, next chapter Claire and Myrnin are in love or anything, it's going to be slow(ish – not that you wait 2 years for them to be together) and realistic.

More about characters like Sam, Amelie, Oliver etc and of course Myrnin's official debut next chapter or so.

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