Wow! Sorry for the long absence guys! School and Christmas attacking me just kinda gobbled up my life! I'm so happy to be getting back to this story. I love writing it hopefully as much as you enjoy reading it!

She always clung to him in her sleep. He would always tolerate it for a breif while before turning over , after rocking her back into her previous resting place. Sleep was all they seemed to do as of late.

It was that Gypsy that made it out of the white plushy kingdom that they had been inhabiting for the past three days.

She turned the shower on and stripped her alabaster body of it's pajamas. She leaned her weary body against the black tile of the shower. Her cropped blonde hair embraced it.

It was Sunday...She remembered a very old song that she liked. It was by a group that was aligned in the "mo-town" genre. She softly sung it's lyrics.

" Groovin'...On a Sunday Afternoon...Really~ Couldn't get away too soon..."

She smiled..

" I can't imagine anything thats better , the world is ours whenever we're together..Their ain't no place I'd like to be instead , Groovin~.."

Her voice was so pleasant. She rarely used it this way.

It was a private ,secret treasure of hers.

She inhaled and smelled ciggrette smoke. He was awake. He had been smokeing little bits during their bed vacation. She exhaled and ceased her singing , she continued washing herself and opened the shower door and jumped just a bit.

He was sitting on the toilet , not using it , just sitting there.

"..How the bloody hell did you move without me hearing you?.."

" Come now , Little Sis. You rememeber my teachings. I told you.."

She spoke in unison with him , rembering.

" Minimal bodies make minimal sounds".

He had not even bothered putting on his pajama bottoms , he was just in his underwear.

She put a towel around her naked self.

" I never properly thanked you , for being so wonderful to my parents and my sideshow attraction of a family. " He stood and walked towards her.

She rubbed an eye and shook her head

" Alex ,we must have done that at least 10 times this weekened."

He chuckled. He simply took her demure chin in his hand and kissed her.

Nothing was lewd or perverted about it , it was a geniune , kiss. " Thank you , My Little Sister. " She smiled just a little up at him.

"..I didnt really have much of a choice. "..

He laughed and turned to walk out of the bathroom , scratching his rear as he did so.

Inside he was still just an immature boy.

After she had propperly rolled , dried her hair , and dressed herself.

She sat herself down on the organ's seat that was in the sex museam of a living room. She played a gentle tune , while Alex read his sunday paper. They had eaten breakfast already.
Mr. Deltoid was watching that Alex , from the kichen.

" ..Ah this is exactly what your dear , parents wanted for you , Alex-boy. "
That Alex did not reply.

"...A quiet sunday afternoon..with your little chickadee over there. "

The imaginary man walked over to her.

" She really is something special isnt she? ..Talented , introverted , not a bad cook...almost as intelligent as you..Why is it that you haven't talked to her about your future together?.."

That Alex still said nothing , but looked at him.

" You do want one don't you?...Who knows what kind of..nasty deviants there are out there..willing to just..take her from you..You do start back to work tomorrow , you wont be around to protect her as much.."

The imaginary man sat beside of that Gypsy.

It was visibly upsetting to that Alex.

The man who wasn't really there bent his head down to look at her bosom.

" Just look at that , so firm and young...but you already know all of that don't you?...Because I do too."

Mr. Deltoid reached a hand on her lap and traced it upward.

That Alex threw his paper down and shouted.


That Gypsy turned around.

"..What on earth is the matter?"

That Alex looked forward and saw no one beside of her. He shook his head..

She looked to him.

" Is it that man..that lives in your head again?"

" Yes..He was..touching you...I dont like it..when other malchicks touch you..especially older him."

That Gypsy gave a small smile.

This pleased her. She patted the space next to her.

He took it and looked over at her. How could she be so calm?

She took his hand and positioned it at a C# and D# keys

She took her own and set it on the F# Bb keys.

The combination was a an uplifting sound.

" Sometimes music ...cancels out all the darkness..Thats how I get through the day. For all thats happened to us...I know that at the end of the day...I have music.."

She acted like she was going to say something else but she quickly dismissed it. She started to play the very tune she was singing in the shower this morning and he started to sing with her music.

" Groovin' Down a clouded , avenue..Doin' , Anything we like to do."

She took a verse , to his sudden surprize.

".Theres always lots of things that we can see..We can be anyone we'd like to be"

He took the next line

".. all those happy people we could meet just groovin."

They sung the previously heard chorus together. Smileing at each other. While she played the interlude they spoke.

" You know this song , Alex?"..

He nodded just looking at her in sheer astonishment.

" Yeah , I like them old songs. Simpler time , eh?"

" Here comes the bridge~"

He closed his eyes and sung the next few words.

" We'll keep on spending sunny days this way." He sung as he leaned against her.

" Were gonna talk and laugh our time away." she spouted , he looked up at her.

" I feel it coming closer , day by day" She lean her head against him and they looked to each other , singing the last parts of their bridge together.

" Life would be extacy , you and me endlessly , groov-"

He ended the song prematurely by shocking her right out of her skin.

He was hugging her. It was quite the sight. Mr. Deltoid looked onward at them ,then looking up at the bust of Calligula , he spoke to it.
" I think he learned this from me , personally. "..

" Maybe he learned that perverted sexual charisma from you , old boy.."

The song that Gypsy and Alex sing during this Chapter is called " Groovin " by The Young Rascals. It was released in 1967. It's a really really good song that describes the things that these two want out of life I think. Give it a listen! :D