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"We all have a routine here, disrupt them at your own peril." – Col. Young.

The kinos had become something of a permanent staple of life on Destiny.

At first they were annoying, but after a while they were just another part of the background.

No one gave much of a thought to where they were, or to who was behind them, constantly watching them through the screens.

Some part of him knew that it was wrong, invasion of privacy, probably the least important thing he could be doing, the list went on. But still, he watched.

Every day he watched Rush work with the computer until he was nearly dead where he stood, and then he would appear at just the right moment, usually around noon, to guilt him into sleeping before he killed himself.
He was back to work by dinner.

He would watch the soldiers, with some reluctant civilians in tow, run through the halls as part of their training, always the same route, always the same men.

And he watched as the civilians dropped off, one by one, and walk off to the showers. Always in the same place, always the same person. The soldiers never took notice of them leaving.

Once a week he would watch Col. Young bring a makeshift chessboard out into the mess hall, watch as more and more people slowly approached and watched. Bets would be exchanged, and every week at least one more person would want to play.

For each meal he kept a running tally of how many people made a weird face, or choked a bit, or nearly spit out whatever food they were eating. And he enjoyed the steady decline in numbers each time he checked.

Every once in a while, some big mess would pop up, that would drag him from watching, force him to participate.

But even that averaged out to once a month, so he supposed that maybe it was just another part of the picture.

It was easy for him to watch, to see, to absorb repetitive information. To understand the routine.

And every once in a while, like clockwork, someone would walk off to be alone, and the kinos would all mysteriously vanish.

It was all part of the routine.