Ok so we are at the area where the anime begins at cross academy when yuki is fifteen. Oh and Kimi will be teaching at an animated version of Hogwarts with all the same characters (NOT MINE!)

It fits with the story J



It's been ten years since Kaname and Artemis left to go to cross academy. Kaname sends me letters saying how Artemis and himself are enjoying the academy and even though she's the only witch at the moment Artemis is loved by all the night class students. It made me relieved that she was liked by others.

Every time I visit, I see those two grow older together from young teenagers to young adults. It makes me want to cry sometimes.

All witches age differently. Artemis is in her hundreds but she looks to be…sixteen? Yeah I think that's it.

I myself look in my twenty's and im thousands of years old, He he ^^ Terra's WAAAAAYYYYY older than me and she looks in her twenty's as well (Lucky us)

Anyway, wondering what I've been doing for ten years?…Well I'm currently a potions teacher assistant at a magic school in Britain called Hogwarts. It's no so hard going back and fourth between countries when you're a wizard. I assist the potions master Severus Snape in teaching his classes. He's pretty mean to students sometimes but when your with him everyday you get used to it. Me and him are good friends though.

Oh! And I'm still seeing Derek ^^ what a charming man he is. We went out on our second date then it became a third and so on. He knew how to make me laugh and smile.

I know that Rido is dead an all as Kaname somehow killed him on the night of his parents death…or so I've heard.

The thought of Jurri and Haruka's death saddened me but I knew they would hate for me to be sad so I always put on a smile even when im down in the dumps.

Any who that's kind of what's been happening for that length of time. Oh! Sev's calling me. Gotta go.


Kimberly AKA Professor Kuran inspected the potions that the second years have managed to brew. Quite frankly they all worked out fine but her partner Severus Snape didn't think so

"No marks Mr Weasley. You forgot the dragons tears… again!" Sev snapped. Ronald (aka Ron) Weasley's face turned sad. I turned to the potions master "Sev have a heart he did his best na?" I said. He looked at my puppy dog eyes and sighed "Very well. Half marks for trying" he said writing it down. Ronald's face broke out into a smile and he mouthed `thank you` to me. I winked and checked the other potions. Class ended for lunch and the pupils filed out quickly.

Me and Severus walked side by side down the dark hallways of the dungeons "Honeslty Miss Kuran your too soft" Severus said. I smiled "That's just my nature. I WAS raised by a family of kind hearted vampires, remember" I pointed out. It was true. My kind nature came from the Kurans themselves.

"Ah yes. The Kuran Pureblood family. How is that Nephew of yours…oh what's his name? Kurame?" he asked

"It's Kaname dear. He's doing fine. He's the class president apparently. Lucky him" I said. Severus smiled "yes good for him. What about Artemis?"

"She's loving it there" I answered

"Are you sure she doesn't want to learn magic here?" he asked as we entered the hall. "Quite sure Sev."

We sat down to lunch. I had a nice tomato soup with crusty bread while Sev settled with a turkey sandwich. My eyes scanned the large hall filled with hungry students. My eyes lingered to the Gryffindor house table. I saw Ronald with his friends Harry potter and Hermione Granger. They were quite popular in Gryffindor and there only second years too. I smiled to myself but then it disappeared. Two well known faces were missing.

"Severus…Where are Fred and George Weasley?" I asked. Severus looked towards the table then too me "No clue…you don't think that there up to something do you?" he asked

"Well you know them as well as I do. They are very famous for there pranks" She mumbled taking a sip of her pumpkin juice. It tasted very bitter for some reason. The twins finally strolled in with goofy smirks on their faces. They are most DEFINETLY up to no good.

All of a sudden I began to feel dizzy. I placed a hand on my head.

"Kimberly? Are you all right?" Minerva McGonagall asked me with worry crossing her face. I waved my hand a bit "I'm ok" I said

"Are you sure? you look awfully pale my dear" Lockhart said. I never liked that man. Any who the dizzyness got worse. I also began to feel really warm. What's wrong with me?

"I need to go lie down" I said standing up. "I'll escort you" Lockhart said also getting up. I waved him off "I'm alright Lockhart…I just…" I walked one step and tripped down the step. I heard students panicking and Severus and Dumbledore calling my name. Eventually my vision went black.