Summary: When a serial killer is targeting Marines with Jewish wives, two members of Team Gibbs have to step up to put an end to it. An undercover operation awaits them, and perhaps even something with a more personal nature. Could it be love?

Author's note: I know this is not the sequel to My Child that I promised. These two stories are not connected at all, there's no Rachel in this one.

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"It was not my fault!" a slightly louder than usual voice argued.

"Oh, and whose fault was it then?"

McGee sighed and turned his eyes away from the dispute between his coworkers. He tried to refocus on his computer screen, to resume reading the latest news, but soon found he couldn't.

"That policeman's!" Ziva accused, glaring daggers at Tony as if he was the policeman who was at fault of something in her eyes.

„How was it his fault that you broke the law?" Tony demanded, the accusing glint that had shined in his eyes only moments ago quickly turning into an amused one.

Ziva scoffed. "Law? If you ask me, then it is one stupid law! Besides, it was only about ten miles over the limit," she reasoned, glaring at Tony, daring him to disagree.

Ten? Tony couldn't believe what his ears were hearing. Surely they couldn't be hearing right. Could they? "Forty," he screeched out in response.

Ziva stared at him in bewilderment at the strange sound he'd made. It never ceased to amaze her what people could do with their voices. "The street was empty," she justified.

Now it was Tony's turn to be bewildered. "Which part of it?" he inquired. "The air above it?"

Ziva just glared at him a little more, letting the sarcasm slide. "The driving part," she informed him.

Tony shook his head in exasperation. They had very different ideas of what a street might look like when it's empty. He was certain he was never going to make Ziva understand the logic and reason for speed limits. She didn't even seem to want to understand.

"Something wrong, DiNozzo?" The rather unpleased and unhappy sounding voice could belong to no other than one Leroy Jethro Gibbs. He'd caught the look of exasperation on his agent's face and now wanted to know the reasons to it.

Tony shot a quick glance to where Ziva stood behind Gibbs. She was doing her best at using rather obvious body language, signaling to Tony that he should not tell Gibbs. He chose to bluntly ignore her efforts.

"Ziva got caught speeding, boss," he reported, looking like a dutiful schoolboy telling on some other student. He tried to ignore the death glare the aforementioned woman was sending him.

Gibbs went to his desk and clicked onto something in his computer. After about a minute he looked back up at Tony, who still stood where he'd stood before, a look of expectance adorning his features. Gibbs face betrayed no thoughts or emotions.

"But I got no ticket," Ziva defended herself.

Tony now turned to her. "That's only because you apparently decided it would be so much fun to threaten the poor police guy and scare the crap out of him."

Ziva smiled mischievously.

Gibbs only chuckled. "You should learn to do that too, Tony."

When Tony did nothing more than stare at his boss, with a slightly offended look on his face, the old man sighed mentally.

"What do you want me to do, DiNozzo? Give her a lecture on how wrong it is to break traffic laws?"

"That'd sure be nice," Tony muttered under his breath.

Gibbs came out from behind his desk and stood before the plasma screen. "I've got a better idea," he started. "How 'bout I give you a lecture on how wrong it is to rat off your coworkers when they do something wrong?"

That left Tony gaping like a fish out of water. Only he was not a fish, but a man currently totally out of words. He soon regained his composure, though. "That's not necessary," he mumbled in response. He held back the sudden urge to show his tongue at Ziva, who gave him a victorious smirk.

Gibbs gave them both a short glare. "If you two are finished, then may I inform you that we have a case?"

Tony immediately opened his desk drawer and took out his badge and gun. His hand was halfway to grabbing his backpack when he noticed the strange looks the others were giving him. He froze. "What?" he questioned.

"What are you doing?" Gibbs asked, quirking one eyebrow at the younger man quizzically.

Tony looked puzzled. "Well, you said we have a case, so…" he trailed off, the intended words dying on his tongue as he realized no one else had taken their gear. "Never mind," he muttered and dropped his things back into the drawer.

An almost unnoticeable smirk tugged at the corner of Gibbs' mouth as he turned his attention back to the plasma. He clicked a button on the remote none of his team had seen him taking. It seemed to have materialized out of thin air.

A photo of a Middle Eastern woman lying in a pool of blood popped up onto the screen.

"That's our case," Gibbs said pointedly. "Having fallen to us from McKenzie's team."

His team gathered around the screen.

"The sixth Jewish woman killed in the same neighborhood this month. They all had Marine husbands and a happy relationship. Two of them had children. All stayed at home. Cause of death multiple stab wounds from the front."

"Sounds like a serial killer," McGee noted, looking at the photo of the young woman with compassion in his eyes.

"And a good one," Gibbs added. "Left no DNA or fingerprints to any of the crime scenes. McKenzie's team never even got close to him."

"Him?" Ziva questioned softly. "How can you be sure?"

"Or her," Gibbs agreed.

The team was silent for a while. Finally Ziva voiced out what they'd all been thinking.

"Why did McKenzie's team give the case to us?"

Gibbs gave her an unreadable look before answering. "They didn't. Apparently the Director thinks you'd do well as bait."

That was met with heavy silence. Both Tony and McGee's eyes were suddenly trained on Ziva, concern evident on their faces. Ziva however showed no signs of either concern or worry. Definitely not fear. One who knew how to look could see a sparkle of excitement dancing in her eyes.

"And you'll play the loving Marine husband," Gibbs continued, now turning to Tony. He gave a small smile at the sight of his agent's face lighting up by the news.

"Great," Tony replied enthusiastically. "I've always loved undercover assignments," he added, looking directly at Ziva and remembering their last undercover work together. The pleasant images of that hotel room popped up in his mind, causing the corners of his lips to turn slowly upwards.

"Gibbs," Ziva protested. "Could someone else not play the husband?"

Tony gave her a hurt look, one to which she responded with a smirk.

"No," Gibbs replied curtly. He turned his eyes back to the screen, signaling to Ziva that this was not up for debating.

"You afraid you can't keep your urges at bay around me, Zee-vah?" Tony questioned playfully, wiggling his eyebrows at Ziva, who rolled her eyes.

"I am more worried about your urges," she retorted, though she didn't look mad. In fact, she looked amused, excited even.

They could both feel the whoosh of air moving behind them just moments before Gibbs' hands collided with the backs of their heads, sending the bacteria flying from their hair.

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