I cannot find a good story to read. It's all awful cliches. I read some of the Attack of the Cliche's forever ago, but they stopped updating. I have no idea what they wrote, so I'm gonna try to do what they didn't. Which is impossible...lol. But I'll have a bunch of cliche's here for you to read, and maybe some recommendations of GOOD fics. And If you could review or PM me with some good ones, that'd be fantastico. (:

Edward being a whore.

Bella: Nobody likes me... I'm so plain and ugly.

Alice: It's okay Bella. Maybe one day you can be as happy as me and Jazz? Even though we are all in highschool, and no one else is getting married, we are, and so are Rose and Em.

Bella: I don't know Alice. I'm just so ugly.

Alice: Let's have a makeover and make you hotttt!

-18 hours later-

Alice: I barely changed your clothes, your hair, and I BARELY put makeup on you and you still look the same after 18 hours! YAYYYYYYY!

Bella: Wow! You barely did anything in 18 hours! But I feel so beautiful now! Let's go to school now! What perfect timing!

Alice: Hop in my expensive car!

-at school-

Bella: Edward Masen is sooooo cute. *swoon.*

Alice: If I wasn't with Jazz, I'd bang him like your mom did guys in 1990.

Bella: I know! My mom is such a whore! She cheated on Charlie.

*Edward is getting head on the sidewalk*

Bella: I wish I was pretty enough for him! He only likes blonde beauties like Jessica.

Tanya: You ugly bitch! Get out of this school!

*Edward stops Jessica.*

Alice: Gotta go when you need me the most! Goodluck Bella! *leaves

Edward: Bella. You are so beautiful all the time. I'm such a whore. I hate every girl, but I'm in love with you.

Bella: M-m-m-m-m-m-me t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-too!

Edward: I'm done with every other girl. I felt nothing for them!

Bella: Let's live forever and ever together. I love you Edward. *moves hands to belt.*

Edward: I want to wait with you, Bella. Even though I've had sex before and we have nothing to worry about, let's torture our selves for fun!

Bella: I love being so moral and perfect. Just like you!

Edward: I love you Bella. Let's go inside and pretend like we've known each other for a long long time!

That was horrid. Oh, well. (:

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