Hello! Yup it's me again. Heehee my bad I wanted to wait a while longer for me to continue my second fanfiction but oh well I couldn't help myself when I feel like writing I write! XD. So anywho I actually got the idea for this story while I was writting A life so change which actually was suppose to be A life so changed but I forgot to put the d at the end and was to lazy to change it later. Now I'm going to shut up so you can read..ENJOY XD

Chapter 1. Whose fault is it?

( narrative pov)

" You're just an idiot Koizumi! I mean thanks to you were stuck out here," Otani had complained crossing his arms at a bench in the middle of the night.

" Well gosh it's not my fault we got stuck here," Risa replied trying to make it seem like she didn't really care if he was mad at her. But inside feeling guilty knowing it was her fault that they were out here. She hadn't bother reading the map of where they were heading. So now here they are in a bus station waiting for the bus to come earlier the next morning.

" Yeah..and great timing too I heard it was going to rain tonight," Otani mumbled. Risa looked down." Well we could walk?," she suggested tired of the argument.

" Fantastic idea since we are in the middle of NO WHERE!," he angrily sighed giving up. " Well we may find a small motel nearby we could rent one I got money," Risa suggested trying her second attempt to lighten the mood.

" Stuck with you all night? Well that just ruins my the whole night...I think I will walk home," Otani started walking. Again Risa sighed. This was my fault she thought if I had only read the map we wouldn't be in this situation..I wouldn't have got us lost. Everything recently was always Risa fault. When they would go to a concert it was Risa who forgot the tickets. When they met with eachother she was always the late one. It was always her fault. She open her phone seeing their was reception and called Nobu.

-Next day-

" I'm still sore from walking so much yesterday," Otani complained.

" Otani was is just a problem having me there?," Risa asked still feeling bad from before. Otani thought for a moment. " Yes if it wasn't for you we wouldn't have been stuck out there fin the middle of no where for 6 straight hours!," Otani had snapped but he didn't really mean what he said. What he said was only a bluff. The real thing was that he was very nervous having them both being alone...in the middle of nowhere. Something could have happened...anything could had happen. He was secretly really glad that they made it back home. Risa started crying and once she did it was when Otani realized he had messed up.

" It's like I'm a huge pain to you!," she cried

" You are sometimes...it would of been better if you hadn't fallen in love with me.," he replied way too late to realize what he had said. What he meant to say was not that she was a pain it was him. He was mad for no good reason and he was only directing his anger to her. I guess him worrying about what happen before made him angry that he wasn't the type of guy he could be tall and buff to beat up anyone who tried to do something to them. To Risa.

" It would have been better if you forgot about me," he mumbled. It would have been...but not anymore. If she had gave up in the beginning they both wouldn't have been in a situation like last night.


Those words were already out and once they were out you can't take them back. Regretfully Otani knew he messed up again. Somehow his words coming out the wrong way! He wanted to take the words back. Why did I even say that! Otani thought for a moment trying to figure his next words carefully. But it was too late those words were already out. Risa looked down. Tears falling on the ground.

"I hope I do!," she yelled walking away into the streets angry. Otani sat there for a moment. Those words had come out wrong. He didn't want Risa to forget about him. No. He only meant how much easier it would be if he were taller. Him getting angry at how he was so small just suddenly made him also mad at Risa. Otani went after her.

" Koizumi!," he called looking despreately for her so he could apologized. Risa was running away not really looking where she was going. Otani saw her from a distance.

" Koizumi wait!," he called as Risa was crossing the street. Agains his words too late..


A car hit Risa. Blood started draining from her head. Otani rushed over to her his heart beating like crazy. In his mind repeating the words

Please survive, Please be okay

The guy driving the car came out apologising and saying he hadn't seen her. Otani world seem to be crashing down. He suddenly was terribly afraid. She could die.

" SOMEONE CALL THE ABULANCE!," Otani yelled in desperation, sweat driping from his head. Risa lightly look up at Otani. " Otani..," she whispered before her eyes closed and she went over to unconsiousness.

Koizumi please survive he continue to repeat in his head. He holded her. Capturing her face. Blood contunie to drip from her head as the same words kept repeating themselves.

Please survive it's not alway your fault it's mine..it's mine...

please survive.

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