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Chapter 19. Don't forget.


" Don't do this, You have to survive this time you can't just leave me behind knowing that it was my fault," I tell her.

Not again. I held her in my arms. Seeing uf she was breathing. My heart started beating fast. When I didn't hear or feel a beat on her. It can't be too late. I won't allow it. I tried to remember what I could from CPR. I held her nose and pushed as much air as I could into her. Come on don't leave me. I sigh of relief escape me when her chest started moving. Judging by the look of her I don't think she was going to last long unless we get her to the hospital. I felt useless. I really did I didn't know what to do? Were stuck in the middle of no where. How can I save her? I can't let her die though! What can I do! I need help. But from who?

God must have heard me because a mountain park ranger came by. He alarmly looked at me and Koizumi.
" Hey Kid? What happened?,"he asked notcing me holding a soon to be dead Koizumi.

" She fell down, She needs help," I tell him my voice sounded croak and I know I also sounded pleading.

The Park Ranger bend down to examine her.

" Ouch...Hard fall huh? I'll call the hospital, My office is only a mile from here I'll be back," he nodded and left in a hurry.

I was left alone waiting. The rain washed away most of the blood but her face was still bleeding a lot. Her hands were cover in scratches. Her lips were bleeding and a huge redish bruise was on her forhead.

" Koizumi, listen to me you have to hold on, I know I'm an idiot. I've been an Idiot all my life but without you my life is nothing! Please Koizumi..I beg you to not die on me!," I could feel wetness come to my eyes! I realize that I was crying...actually crying. Of course I'd be crying, she could die. For real this time. No one knows when it's your last day. Maybe yesterday was her last day. No it can't be. She has to hold on. She has to keep breathing. I don't know what I will do if this Amazon died on me. My Amazon can't die. I messed up...I should've told her what happened. But who would of thought she'd remember that. Koizumi suddenly started coughing blood.


Now what? She was still unconscious but blood came out of her mouth. I did the only thing I could think of doing. I wiped the blood from her mouth with my sweater. After a while she stop coughing and just remained unconscious. Time seemed to slow down. The Ranger who left seemed to be taking forever. How long is a mile?

" Koizumi just hold on a little more. Everything will be fine. Just don't leave me. You can't leave me," I grab her hand.

It was cold.

So cold.

" I'm nothing without you idiot, Even if you forgot me it's better if you forgot me a million times then have you being dead, Where I can no longer see you; Where I can no longer hear you laugh or see your smile; Where I can no longer touch your beautiful skin. If you die eveything I ever care about will just end beause I can no longer fight for you," My own tears mix with the rain.

" You get that idiot, It'll be over if you die...don't...I don't care if I have to fight for your love 100 more times, each time will be worth it, Don't die...Koizumi..please I'll do anything for you just don't die..forget me if you need to but don't die on me," I held her close as either my tears or the rain pour on her liveless body.

I closed my eyes and prayed for her to survive as life ticks away and the sound of helicopters is heard from above...

" What matters the most is not how many mistakes you make

but the path you take to correct them

What matters most can never be forgotten

It's inside you

Deep in you kept lock in your heart..

In you memory.

Memories are what cherish your life

Let go of your memories and nothing remains to find

New memories start..from the old lost behind "


Darkness. I couldn't see anything only darkness. All around was dark. What's going on? I heard a voice calling me but I didn't know where it was coming from. I wanted to reach where the voice was calling my name but only darkness greeted me. That voice... I remember.

Memory; Love* Com

( Volume 1)

I remember how despreate I was for a boyfriend. I remembered when Otani and I were trying to get Chiharu and Sazuki attention. I remember how it didn't work but Otani and I found that we were 100 percent compatible. Otani stayed by my side at the end of the Karaoke night.

( Volume 2)

I remember that I realize Otani had a girfriend. I remember that I wanted to help Otani out with getting back with his girlfriend. I remember that Otani ditch meething with his ex-girlfriend to fine me on Christmas. I remember Haruka showing up but all I could think about was Otani.

( Volume 3)

I remember finding out I liked Otani. I remember not liking how Seiko kiss him and was all over him. How she was so marvelous...but a guy. I remember I holded Otani in my arm, fitting right in my own.

(Volume 4)

I remember the toughness and sorrow I went through just to tell him I love you. All for nothing because he rejected me...

(Volume 5)

I remember that I had to continue to fight for Otani. I remember I gain my fighting spirit by Umibozu wife. I tried appealing Otani. I gave him a valentines by force after he rejected it.

( Volume 6)

I remember that I gave up loving Otani. He had forgot our first kiss, he said he didn't love me. I decided to change to Maity. I force I kiss or him. In the end he abducted me...

( Volume 7)

I rememeber a bike ride. He told me not to give up. To stay in love with him. I cheered him in his last basketball game. In my birthday he kissed me. The very next day we started going out. I realize that my hard work had payed off...he loved me.

( Volume 8)

I remember that I had my first date with Otani. If it wasn't for Otani, the date would of been screwed up. I remember Mimi showing up but I defeated her.

( Volume 9)

I remember the Festival at school. My staircase kiss. Finding out that Otani wanted to be a teacher.

( Volume 10)

I remember being kissed by Kohori while I was asleep. I went on a concert with Kohori. Otani broke up with me. Later he hugged me and told me something sweet. We got back together.

( Volumes 11+12)

I remember helping Nobu and Nakao. I remember helping Chiharu and Sazuki with their relationship I discovered what I wanted to do Otani passed his exams which me worried. Otani met my parents.

( Volume 13+14)

My brother approved of Otani. Otani gave me a bunny ring and placed it in my fingers. My grampa moved in. I remember how he disapproved of Otani. Hitomi came in the picture I was tricked by her by Hitomi. Otani came to rescue me. Otani told Hitomi and her Yakuza boyfriend that I'm the only one he loved. Otani proved to me that I'm the only girl who is special to him.

( Volume 15+16)

I remember we attended Maity wedding. So beautiful. I remember I got freaked out when they told me I would be sharing a room with Otani. I remember it worked out in the end. Otani had been insecure. We helped Kohori get a girlfriend and I find out Otani really loves me and I should of never gave up on him. Glad that I didn't

( Volume 17)

I remember that Otani forgot my birthday but made up for it that night. I realized that without Otani...I was nothing. He was my powersource.

Memoried flash through me. Laughs, moments, cries, everything. You name it. Then a new memory. The memory of Otani trying to get me back after I had lost all my memory of him. I didn't remember him. He still wanted me back. He fought for me to love him again. Even though I still loved him. My dear Otani...

One last memory came to me after that.

I remember crossing the street at a green light and Bam! A car hit me. I remember as blood drip from my face. Then a person calling my name and when I open my eyes I recognize the face. It had been Otani's face. Everything turn dark as I heard Otani voice telling me to hold on. I couldn't anwser him but I heard all his words. If I didn't know better I'd say he was crying. Don't worry Otani...I'll hold on.

-hours later-

I opened my eyes and notice everthing around me was empty and white. I must be at a hospital. I glanced at my arm whice had needles going through it.


I stared away idmediately. I didn't like needles especially big needles. Hmm..Where is he? I looked around but didn't see him. I sighed and waited for him to show. Meanwhile replaying what happened these 3 past weeks in my head.


Tick Tock Tick Tock. It's been 43 hours since Koizumi came to this hospital. She's in a comma. I stood waiting at least happy that I hadn't completely lost her.

" Um. Otani-Kun," A doctor came by and called me.

" Can I see her?," I asked idmediately.

The doctor nodded nodded. I went to her room. Wait a minute...what if she forgot me? Again? What if she doesn't remember me? I step in. A wave of relief hit me when I saw that her eyes were open. Her face had a purple bruise in her forhead. A broken arm by the looks of it. Plus a bunch of stractches. I close the door behind me. I didn't know what to say so I ended up saying the only thing I could think of.

" Are you okay?,"

She shrugged.

" It's not your fault..it was mine...I'm sorry I really really really am," I apologized.

Koizumi blinked for a moment and gave me this bewildered look.

" Who are you?," she asked.

You got to be kidding me! Not this again! I was about to say what my name was and that I was her boyfriend when she smiled.

" I'm only kidding, I know who you are Otani," she smiled.


" You do?," I didn't even believe it...she didn't forget me this time.

She nodded.

" So this time you remember me?," I asked,

" Let's just say I never forgot you," she sighed.

" Huh? What are you saying?," I asked confuse.

" I remember you Otani..everything about you, that you're scare of mystery houses, that we dated, that you hate being call short, I remember everthing I forgot," she sighed with a smile.

" WHAT!,"

" I remember you," she repeated.

She remember me! She rememeber me! Everything she remember me! I coudn't hold back how rejoice I was that I actually hugged her and started kissing her.

" Ow, Otani let go," Koizumi wince in pain.

Oops I forgot she was still hurt. " I'm sorry I just can't believe that you remember me now I thought you would forget me again and now it turns out you remember everything," My voice along with my feeling were happily rejoicing. At that moment I realize that it didn't change the fact that she was mad at me.

" I'm sorry Koizumi, I truly am. I didn't mean to hurt you and lie to you. I don't know what went through me when we were stuck in the mountains. The first time I don't know why I was stupid enough to tell you to forget about me..you're not a pain to me Koizumi. I enjoy having you. I was stupid to say those things to you. It was my fault that everything went bad. It's not your fault it's mine. Forgive me please I won't do that to you anymore..I promise," I genuinely aplogize hoping that she'll forgive me.

" Well it's about time you say that Otani," she reach for my arm and holded it tightly in hers. " I'll forgive you if you forgive me," she said now.

" For what?," I asked.

" Because...I forgot you Otani and I made you suffer as you tried to gain my memory back. I'm sorry I forgot you...I'm sorry I did push you away sometimes..and I thank you for being nice to me..with what you did Otani I'm willing to forgvive you because you cared for me and you made me love you more than I ever did before. It's not your fault Otani...it's destiny," she smiled at me.

I smiled back.

" So that means I'm forgiven," I grin.

" Yes..but please..don't say you want me to forget you again because if you do I don't know what I will do I might just get myself killed again..I don't want to forget you again," she continue to smile at me.

I bend down and kis her again.

"Let's just say it's both our fault," I murmured as I kissed her.

" I want to remember you Otani..now and forever. I will always remember the shrimp who made me fall in love with him..always," she passed a hand through my hair, softly stroking it and slowly tracing my face.

" It's not like I'll forgive you either Koizumi I have you locked in my memory and that's where It'll stay," I replied.

" Always?," she asked.

" Always," I promise as I stoke her face too.

-a month later-


Risa and Otani arrived at the Cabin in the mountains.

" See I told you it's a good idea, Look I charge my phone and guess what it has GPS! Ha never need a map again XD," Risa cheerfully told Otani as she showed him her phone.

" So..you mean to tell me I bought this emergency signal case for nothing?," Otani murmured showing her the box.

Risa laughed, Nodding.

" Hey chill out I'm not going to kill myself," she giggle as she plopped on the Cabin's bed, pulling Otani along with her. " Were suppose to make this the best redo-redo mountain date ever so just relax and enjoy natures beauty," she whispered as she wrap her hands around Otani.

" Easy for you to say you were unconscious and practically dying last time we were here," Otani mumured locking Risa in an embraced. Their faces with delicacy softly stroking each other.

" You must have really love me to continue fighting for your girlfriend who didn't even remember you," Risa whispered happy that everthing worked out better than she expected and happy that she remember Otani.

"Of course Idiot.. I knew you would remember me one day. I just had to wait for that day to come," he replied.

" What would you have done if I never remember you? Like that movie 50 first dates?," Risa wondered.

" How 'bout I'll smack you until you'd remember me?," Otani teased, his lips passing softly over Risa.

" Ouch. Sounds painful," she replied.

" Remember me then, Never forget me," He pulled her closer.

" I won't forget you Otani, I'll remember you until the moment I die. Don't forget me either. Remember me always and Keep me lock in your memory because in the end the memories of you adn me are what matters most," Risa said just as Otani kissed her.

Finally they ended a mountain date correctly and they both founded that every moment together counted as a memory that would be shared for years to come...

The End Of Remember Me.

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