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Chapter 1

Soccer Moms vs. Peter Cottontail

Maybe there's a chance for me to go back

Now that I have some direction.

-Home, The Wiz

When I was five years old I met Damon Salvatore for the first time. I didn't know it was him until much later in my life- I just remembered him as the nice man who dressed in dark clothes. It wasn't until I found a picture in a box of Grams' things that I made the connection. It's not that surprising I guess- that I didn't remember him that is- a five year old's memory isn't that great. So when I made the connection I was kind of shocked that the demon that haunted my dreams was actually the same one that saved me from the Wilson's dog. I should have known that it was way to strange to be natural that Mercutio bit every single person he came across but me. The dog had been the sweetest thing to me ever since that nice man, Damon I guess, looked into his eyes and told him that I was Mercutio's new favorite person and that he would never hurt me-Oh my God he used compulsion on a dog! What kind of person does that? Understandably it was a mean dog, and it only made my life better, but still.

Anyway back to the point. I was five years old when I first met Damon Salvatore, and boy do I wish that the first time I met him was the last time. If he hadn't come back to Mystic Falls everything would still be okay. Matt's sister would still be alive, Elena wouldn't be torn between guys, Caroline would not have been abused, my Grams would still be alive, everything would be so much simpler, and god would I be a lot happier.

If I could go back, I would. I would warn myself to keep away from all the witchy stuff Grams had practically crammed down my throat and I would have just given the damn crystal to Damon. If I could go back I would fix everything. I only I could go back…can I? I am a witch after all. I'm sure that at some point Emily researched this. She researched how to do a lot of other stuff and was able to figure it out, I'm sure she would have thought about this way before anyone else could and started working on it. She was a much smarter person than I, she must have made the spell years ago. And that is when I started flipping through my ancestor's grimoire

Of course I found what I was looking for. Like I said Emily was a much smarter person than I, not to mention the most powerful witch in the Bennett line. She probably thought of this spell at five years old. It looked almost as simple as a small locater spell, I should have known that this was all was too good to be true. The spell was fairly simple, a one liner, and didn't even require that much power. I couldn't believe how easy this was going to be. Until I reached the catch.

Doesn't there always seem to be a catch? At first this whole witch thing was cool and then suddenly Boom, there are a bunch of blood thirsty, manipulative, super hot vampires in town. And now whoop dee doo there are werewolves too. Just great. Elena is dating a vampire, Caroline is a vampire, Tyler is a werewolf, Jeremy wants to become a vampire, or is turning into vampire hater because of some weird family legacy, oh, and my history teacher is a vampire hunter who had a vampire ex-wife (who just happens to be the birthmother of Elena) and is currently dating Jenna the aunt of vampire dater Elena. What is wrong with this town?

So maybe going back won't get rid of all the drama, but it will make sure I don't know about it. I'll be completely ignorant, like Matt. And you know what they say? Ignorance is bliss. And boy can I not wait for bliss. But back to the catch. There, at the bottom of the page, was a small note.

I have hidden the bloodstone in the Salvatore home, the one place I know both Katherine and Damon have no desire to go back to, who knows what either would do with this power. The brothers' father had died and the estate has fallen into the youngest brothers hands. Lorenzo I believe his name is. I have told him not to invite his older brothers in and he has also agreed to hide the bloodstone. He has hidden it in the main fireplace. He says that the fireplace will always remain. If the house burns down around it, the fireplace will remain, keeping Damon away. I hope he is right.

I should have known there would be some kind of gemstone involved. There always seem to be when Emily is involved. Even better though, the stupid gem stone is in the Salvatore mansion, a place long gone. How was I supposed to get the thing? Of course it says the fireplace will still be there, but I doubt it. But I guess there is only one way to find out for sure.

It wasn't there of course. Not that I really expected it to be. The whole place had fallen apart and the forest had taken over. I had been holding Emily's grimoire in front of me like it would point me towards whatever I needed. Which it didn't by the way. I hate my life. No fireplace equals no bloodstone. And no bloodstone equals no spell which equals no ignorant bliss for Bonnie Bennett. Damn.

"What are you doing here Bonnie?" I whirled around, clutching the book to my chest, and saw that Stefan was standing a few feet away.

"Stefan! Oh gosh you scared me. Why does it seem like we keep having these meetings?" Stefan's face lightened up a bit and he let off something like a cross between a chuckle and a snort before sobering up again.

"Why are you here Bonnie? You must know what this place is, or what it used to be that is, or you would not have come here. Is there something you need?" For a split second I wanted to lie, to tell him it was nothing. That I just wanted to get a feel for what life had been like for Emily and all that. But his face was so serious, yet kind and opens at the same time. How did he do that?

"What happened to the fireplace, the main fireplace?" For a minute he looked confused, before the concerned expression came back. Like he was concerned for my sanity.

"It was moved. When they built the boarding house they moved the fireplace. It didn't need to be refurbished or anything. It was almost as if it had a spell to never rot on it." He said the last part slowly, like he had just realized that it was very possible that the fireplace had been under such a spell. I tried to ignore his penetrating stare. I just nodded; trying to look like it meant little to me. Though, it obviously meant something. Stefan wasn't stupid, if it hadn't meant something why would I have asked about it? Why would I even know about it?

"Do you need to see it for something?" I once again had the urge to lie. I wanted to shake my head no. It was like part of my brain was trying to warn me not to do the spell. Well, I was not about to listen to the stupid part of my brain so instead of shaking my head I nodded.

"Could I, if it's not to much trouble that is." He smiled and motioned for me to follow him. We walked through the woods, back to my car, in silence. It wasn't an awkward silence, but it wasn't exactly a comfortable silence either. It was somewhere in between the two. The car ride was the same. As well as the walk from the car, into the house, and up to the fireplace. This was getting a bit ridiculous.

"It will be quick, and I will try to not break anything." Stefan nodded, not even bothering to ask what exactly I was doing to his fire place. I was quite shocked to find that the bloodstone wasn't hidden at all. It was in fact, directly in the center of the mantelpiece. In plain view of everyone, the accent point of the fireplace. Hiding in plain sight. Lorenzo was a genius. But just to make sure…

"Stefan, was that bloodstone always in the center like that?" He looked at the bloodstone for a moment, as if he had never questioned its presence before. Another spell of Emily's no doubt.

"No, it wasn't always there. It used to be amber, the amber piece is still in a box upstairs, I guess Lo- later Salvatore's wanted to change things up a bit."

"Stefan, would you mind terribly if I took the bloodstone? You could replace it with the amber again and it will be the same as it was originally. Plus it was Emily's bloodstone so technically it's mine anyways." Now he looked at me oddly. He didn't look mad or upset, or even confused. It was an odd look, and I had no idea what he was going to say.

"Sure, why not? Here let me help." In a fraction of a second he was across the room trying, with no success, to pull out the bloodstone.

"It's not coming out. I don't know what you want me to do Bonnie, it is stuck in there with more than just glue." He gave it one more go, pulling with all of his vampire strength…and still nothing. How did Emily perform so many spells?

"So Bambi and Thumper aren't making you the strongest guy around, no need to take it out on the furniture, Stefan. I'm sure the witch won't mind that you're not up to my standards." Damon threw me a wink as he walked across the room, I only sneered back in disgust.

"Why don't you give it a go then, oh mighty Damon, I'm sure soccer moms have been much more strengthening than Peter Cottontail." Damon responded with a shrug and reached towards the bloodstone. He looked completely at ease as he tried to pull it out, until it didn't come out. Than he tried harder. Just like Stefan he tried is hardest, I'm surprised the mantelpiece hadn't broken yet, and the bloodstone didn't budge.

"Why don't you guys let me try?" Both of the Salvatores turned to look at me with disbelief written all over their faces."

"We," Damon said motioning to Stefan and himself while he spoke in the voice you use with children, "are vampires. We have super strength. You don't." In a moment of complete immaturity I stuck my tongue out at him and tugged hard. I expected nothing to happen with my tug. Of course instead of nothing I ended up landing on my butt with a heavy gemstone in my lap and two vampires staring at shocked.

"We totally loosened it for her."

I had everything set up for the spell. I had decided to perform the spell in the woods, I didn't want to do it in my room because I might be in there. I had thought about doing it in the graveyard before remembering how much Elena used to hang out there. But back to the point, I had everything set up. I had read all of the notes and things. And boy, were there a lot of them. It had everything from; should bring extra items, may become displaced for a few days to Should not use this spell if you are pregnant or may become pregnant.

It also told me that I should bring along one or two items that will make my past future trust me. I had decided to bring the necklace Grams had given me when I was seven. My grandfather had made it for me-before I was even born. Or at least, that's what Grams had said. It was a bit clunky, and it always seems like it was missing something, so I stowed it away in my bag instead of donning it around my neck.

I clutched the grimoire, my bag, and the bloodstone tightly before closing my eyes and saying the spell that was far too simple to be true.

Jeg drar tilbake for å flytte frem

And then it went black.