Here's the final-now I just have to do one when Jack finds out and maybe Lancer.


Danny woke up to see his mother hovering over him—again.

"Mom, what are you doing?" he asked groggily.

After a week in the hospital and worrying about being exposed, Danny was due to have some relaxing time. He was still weak from the fight with Plasmius—who was still trapped in the Fenton Thermos—and all he could manage was to sleep and eat when he was awake.

"I was just coming up to see how you were doing," Maddie said, shifting the blankets back over her son. "I didn't mean to wake you."

"You didn't—anything to eat though?"

"It's downstairs, if you want to come and eat."

Danny made a motion to push the covers back, but the movement proved to be ill thought since it made his chest flare up again. He silently cursed Vlad in his mind as he tried hard not to yell. He managed to push himself up and lean against the head board, but that was as far as he was willing to go.

"I don't think I can make it down there just yet," he smiled weakly at his mother.

Maddie frowned, but she nodded her head. She decided to bring it up to him. On her way down the stairs, Maddie thought back on the past week. It was a close call, but Danny had somehow pulled through; to the surprise of everyone at the hospital and herself. She was so afraid that she would lose him, but he proved to be stronger then he looked. After a careful watch, Danny was sent home with strict restrictions to stay at home in bed and rest. The doctors had prescribed some sort of pain killer, but it made Danny unusually groggy and lightheaded—almost making him act drunk. After a quick look at what the medication contained, she made him stop taking it and he didn't argue. She had made her own ghost-pain-killer—a first in her profession of hunting and ripping apart ghosts—and it worked pretty well for her son.

She grabbed the bottle of said medication from the counter; it was quite obvious that he needed another dose. She filled a bowl with a light soup—canned, not homemade since she didn't know what exactly that would do to him right now—and grabbed the Fenton Scanner; a new invention that she thought of while Danny was in the hospital. She wondered about Danny's ecto levels at first and studied the results from the tests last week. Using the scanner, she compared them with the previous readings and was getting a pretty good idea on what would be a normal level for Danny. Right now, it was very low, not surprising since he was hit in his power source—quite literally. However, Maddie was optimistic with each scan; it proved to be useful since it read higher each time Danny woke up from his extensive naps. A few more weeks of rest and he should be back to normal.

"Another scan?" he whined upon seeing the machine in her hand.

"Sorry sweety, but it's necessary," she smiled and placed the bowl in his cold hands. "You don't want to disappear into a steam of unstable vapor do you?"

"No," he grumped, but she could tell he was more interested in the soup than he was with what she was telling him.

The scanner only took a minute to do its job, though the beeping was a little annoying. After looking at the results, Maddie gave a wide grin.

"Well, it seems you're back in a stable level," she said, very satisfied with what she saw. "You should be able to use your powers now if you want."

"I can't get out of bed, why would I want to fly around?" Danny asked.

"Using your powers will help you heal faster sweet heart. It will take longer if you just lay there. You need to stretch your powers like you would a sore muscle to make it stronger."

Danny sighed and put the now empty bowl to the side. Maddie saw him close his eyes and seem to concentrate on something, then a bright light made her close her eyes. When it was gone, she opened her eyes and Phantom was now hovering over the bed, looking a little worn and tired, but he was able to hover and that was a good thing.

"How do you feel?" Maddie asked as she watched him float higher then move over to her side.

"Not a hundred percent, but I'll live," Danny gave a weak smile. "And you're right, I feel better already."

"Then maybe you'll want this."

Maddie held out a black belt, stylized with Danny's Phantom symbol as the buckle and a black and white thermos hooked onto the side along with small pouches all filled with the ghost hunting essentials.

"Cool," Danny said, taking it from her hand and putting it around his waist.

His ghost side seemed to accept the new equipment since it altered the belt the moment it was clicked into place; everything was now inverted in color.

"No Fenton should go out of the house with their own utility belt," Maddie said, laying a hand on her own. "Who knows what you might need."

"Thanks Mom, this rocks. Now I don't have to stuff that thermos into my bag at school anymore, and I like the colors."

"You have more dear, just inside the weapons vault to the left. There's more space in them and they're designed to suck up any ghost without your ecto signature."

"Not being sucked up would be nice," Danny nodded, very pleased. "Does this mean you're going to tell Dad?"

"Telling your father is your job Danny," Maddie said seriously. "I'm not going to tell him, but you have to tell him by the start of the school year. I don't want him to keep hunting you—bad shot or not."

Danny nodded, agreeing with her terms.

"Mom," he started hesitantly, changing back to human, "uh, thanks for not freaking out."

"I'll always worry, but I know you can hold your own," Maddie said, smiling in pride at him. "You defeated the Ghost King when he took over the town, took care of that nasty plant ghost when he invaded the town, that horrible storm ghost was difficult to even get a look at. You can do anything you put your mind too, I trust you out there on your won, just tell me where you are and if you need back up alright?"

"No problem," Danny smiled, giving his mother a hug. "Oh, and uh I might also have saved the future and all of reality at some point in time."

Maddie just stood there after Danny came out of the hug; the downstairs door could be heard opening and Jack's loud voice boomed through the house. Danny had gone down to welcome his father, but Maddie only shook her head.

This was going to take some getting used to.