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How could she see the good parts of Galaluna in the snow globe's tiny magical kingdom? How could she see beyond the glass protection that held it all within? Was there even a reason to see inside of that thing?

All I saw of the kingdom of Galaluna was that I had to protect it. I saw military. I saw the life of a corporal. I saw the world as it was: hard, cold, fierce, lonely, vicious, cruel, dangerous, vindictive.

Being trained harder than most is what I got. Nearly my entire life was revolved around this one single mission. As soon as the Mutraddi started coming in, my training begun. To learn. To prepare. To take the princess away. To a safer place. To live. To survive.

I have to say that staring into the snow globe made me realize what kingdom I left behind. A broken one. The snow globe was a patched up piece of perfection. In reality, that never exists. And it didn't even exist on Galaluna.

For Ilana, it may have been peaceful. They world may have been beautiful. She could've been exposed to beauty all her life. She was raised on the power of spirit and love. She never knew the real pain of some of the people living there. And she would never know as long as I never told her the real truth. She didn't need to hear it.

Hardships created me. Misery drove me. Revenge made me strive for more. Power was never an outward objective. Just proving myself was enough to show that I was worth the resources to survive. I lived in war. My life was a war. I am still in a war, one against the Mutraddi. And one against myself.

The palace in the snow globe was a mere marble in comparison to the real Galaluna castle's diamond-like beauty. But it still entranced Ilana, her eyes glittering whenever she saw it. And I wouldn't dare think to take her bit happiness and joy away. I'd rather give her the snow globe and see my own wretched life reflected in it every day and to see her smile as she peered into it rather than to never see her smile at all.

My job is to protect the princess of Galaluna. And I am protecting her from sadness just as much as any physical harm.

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