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Altering Two Lives

By: Mikki S.A.

For: Halloween Which

Main St. Pipe Line

Chiro's POV

Darkness, must, mold, rot. The smell is overpowering. All this describes my cousin, Jasmine, and I's living environment. But it's not like we can help it. It's not like we can help the fact that both our sets of parents have died in a crazy fire last Christmas. And now we have no choice but to live in the godforsaken sewers underneath the city. Hiding. Hiding from the people from the orphanage. The people that run the place, I swear, are evil! They are cruel and make the poor orphans work all day and give them little rest. They barely feed them and punish them harshly if the orphans wouldn't obey. I guess living in the sewers is better than that place.

"Chiro!" What does she want now?

Normal POV

"Chiro!" Jasmine called once more.

"What?" he answered stumbling out of a rather large pipe line.

"We're running very low on food. We only have a few rotting pieces of fruit and some molding bread." she said. "I'm going out to search for more food. You coming?" Chiro scratched his head and yawned.

"I'm quite tired to tell you the truth." Jasmine didn't respond. Finally after another moment of silence between the two she sighed.

"'Kay. I'll go by myself. You can stay here and rest. I'll be back in an hour or so." And with that note she pivoted on her feet and walked toward the exit of the sewers. Jasmine stepped out into broad daylight. Her pale, dirty, skin almost reflecting the intensity of the sun's powerful rays. She shielded her eyes, protecting them from the light. She groaned.

Jasmine's POV

I've been wondering for half an hour now and stiff found no food. Not in dumpsters. No scraps thrown out of the restaurant's windows. Well, nothing edible anyway. My feet are getting soar already maybe I should just go back. Better luck tomor-.

"Yes. They are all ripe and should be ready for picking."

Hello. What are they talking about.

Normal POV

Jasmine made her way around a building and started to eavesdrop on two men who were just around the corner.

"A whole orchard of apples that are ripe and plump. Pity that people are too scared of going on the outskirts of the city to get them." One man said.

"I know. What a waste of perfect fruit. Oh well. Better safe than sorry. Eh?" the other said. Jasmine smiled broadly and dashed off into the street back to her home. She burst into the sewer and ran to find Chiro.

"Chiro!" she yelled. "Chiro!" she kept running until she tripped over something or someone. "Oh Chiro! I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to trip over you. I didn't see you my eyes didn't adjust to the dark-"

"It's fine. Just, what is it?" Jasmine smile again.

"I found a food source." Chiro's eyes widened.

"Really? Where?"

"On the out skirts of the city. A whole apple orchard is out there. It's the peak for apple season right now! We can go there to get some food." Chiro narrowed his eyes.

"It's dangerous out there. I don't think-"

"C'mon, Chiro! We're desperate here! We're gonna starve if we don't eat!" Chiro groaned.

"Ugh. Where did ya' here that from, anyway?"

"I was listening in on these two guys conversation. We should go! What do you say?" Jasmine asked giddily. Chiro thought for a moment.

"Well, I suppose. I mean, we are scarce on food."

"Good. We'll go tonight so no one catches us." Chiro nodded and grinned.

"Yeah. Sure thing, Jazz. How 'bout at midnight so it will make things even scarier?" Chiro chuckled as Jasmine playfully smacked him upside the head.

Shuggazoom Bridge

The sky is a beautiful midnight blue color. With bright stars scattered around the space. The moon is merely a crescent and hung high in the sky. The two cousin's walked carefully across the wondrous bridge to the outskirts of the big city of Shuggazoom.

"Bur. It's chilly out here. I should brought my jacket." Jasmine said carrying an empty basket.

"We could always go tomorrow."

"Chiro! We're both starving! We need to eat something." Jasmine sighed and continued to walk. "Sorry. I guess I get upset when I'm hungry." Chiro shrugged.

"It's okay." he said. "We both get that way." He swung the backpack he was holding lazily. The couple made their way to the end of the bridge and looked to their left where the moon hung over a tall hill.

"That's where the orchard is! On that hill." Jasmine exclaimed. "It's so far away. How did people know there was an orchard out there anyway if they're to scared to come out of the city?"

"Long ago apple farmers used to live here. But moved after a strange incident. Some wild animals came out of the savage lands and attacked them. Few people survived. I remember that story, my mom told it to me." Chiro explained.

"Wild animals?"

"Yeah. Some of the survivors said wild animals, others said demons sent from Lucifer himself." Jasmine shivered.

"Ugh. That sounds awful. I wonder if the animals are still around." she said. Chiro winced.

"Hope not." The two walked silently after that. When they got to the orchard the split to gather the apples. Chiro climbed up a tree to get the best apples which are on the top.

"Hmm." Chiro took a bite out of a large, red, apple. "Wow. I'm surprised no bugs got to these yet. Especially since there is no pesticide." He said to no one in particular. He shook the top branch so the apples would fall to the ground making it easier to collect. About ten apples fell. The boy smiled to himself. "Perfect." Then something gleaming in the moonlight caught his eye. Chiro looked up at the horizon to see what was gleaming. In the distance he saw a huge silhouette of what look liked to be a box shape. "What is that?"

"What's, what?" Jasmine asked nearly scaring Chiro half to death. He looked down to see his cousin looking back up at him. Chiro pointed to what he saw.

"Over there. Something is over there." Jasmine looked in the direction he was pointing.

"I don't see anything." She said. Chiro jumped down from the tree.

"It's probably because you're too low. C'mon, let's get a closer look at it." He said walking in the direction he saw the silhouette. Jasmine followed closely behind.

"What was it?"

"It might be a abandoned house or something. Maybe it will have food inside. Preservatives or something." Chiro reported. Jasmine smiled.

"Okay then. Let's go and see." The cousins wandered over to the structure that they spotted from afar. Several minutes later they got closer the the figure and noticed something about it.

"Uh, Chiro. I don't think that's a house." Chiro cocked a brow.

"I know. It's far too big."

"It looks like it has a head and . . . and shoulders." Jasmine said. "Maybe . . . it's a robot." Chiro scoffed.

"Don't be ridiculous!"

"Chiro look at it! It has metal all over it! Maybe we should go back home."

"C'mon let's just take a closer look at it!" Chiro said curiously. Jasmine huffed and reluctantly agreed. The couple approached the giant figure and saw that it was a robot after all. Covered in moss and vines. Chiro walked around the robot looking at it up and down. "How do we get in?" He put a lone hand on the robot's foot. Chiro's hand started to glow green and so did the area around Chiro's hand. "What the!" Chiro exclaimed and threw himself back. Suddenly a whooshing sound was heard. An automatic door have opened. Jasmine's eyes went wide.

"How did you do that?" She asked. Chiro didn't answer, instead he walked past her into the robot.

"Wow! It's amazing!" He said. Jasmine went in too. She looked around.

"Is that some sort of elevator?" She asked pointing to several tube-like things.

"Let's find out." Chiro stepped into the orange tube with his cousin. Without a warning they were shot upward. The two screamed in fright at the sudden movement. They came to an abrupt halt.

"Now where are we?" Jasmine groaned. "It's black as pitch in here!"

Try to find a light switch." Chiro said feeling along the wall. He touched something. "What's this?" He asked himself. "It feels like a whole bunch of buttons." He continued to feel around until his hand hit something protruding from the surface with the supposed buttons. "I found a lever, Jazz!"

"So did I!" She called back to him. "Maybe they're the light switches!" Then at the same time the cousin's pulled the levers down. A loud crash was heard followed by a series of bright, neon, green lightning bolts. "What's happening!" Jasmine cried.

"I don't know!" Chiro yelled as the crashing and lightning continued. Then it was still. Oh so very still.

Chiro's POV

Everything was black after the incident. I couldn't do anything, I couldn't hear anything, I couldn't see anything. I did not dare move! I was shocked and scared. What have I done? I asked myself. I started to think about my cousin. Is she alright? For some reason I felt that she was alright. But that wasn't the only thing I felt. I had a feeling of enormous power within me. A sense of strength, a mind of fearlessness. I felt invincible. Those feelings were shattered when I heard an unfamiliar groan.

Normal POV

"Ugh! What was that?" A voice asked. "Can some one please turn on the lights?" It sounded like a male voice.

"I'll find the switch. Be patient, Sparx." Another voice answered. It sounded more higher than the others with a hint of a European-British accent. A flood of light filled the room. A red monkey stood in the center of the room squinting.

"What woke us up?" They monkey's eyes fell upon the two cousin's huddled in a corner looking at him with wide eyes. "How'd you get in here?" It asked. Jasmine screamed and quickly ran past him to get to the orange tube the came up in. The red monkey grabbed her arm before she could leave. "Hey! Kid I'm not gonna hurt ya'!" He said. "Did you wake us up?" Jasmine nervously nodded.

"I'm sorry. We didn't mean to disturb you! Chiro we should get going!"

"Dang Sparx don't scare the kids." A golden monkey said. She had a beautiful feminine voice. "Who are you?" she asked. Jasmine gulped.

"I-I'm Jasmine and this is my cousin Chiro." She didn't take her eyes off the monkeys. A middle-aged man walked up to them and laughed.

"Don't worry. They aren't rapid." He said. "These creatures you see right now are highly intelligent and elite. They are cybernetic simians."

"H-how can they talk?" Chiro asked slowly and cautiously extending his hand toward a dirt brown one. The brown simian looked at him with Texas rust colored eyes and popped his hip.

"Boy! If you touch me Ima gonna rip yo' arm off!" Chiro jerked back his hand.

"Xavier! That was rude!" Said a creamy white monkey with baby blue eyes. "Sorry. He's really messed up in the head. My name is Adrassi Steller and that was Xavier-5.3 Jr. You can call me Adrassi and him Xavier." The red one spoke up again.

"Names SPRX-77. But you can call me Sparx."

"I'm Nova. It's wonderful to meet you guys." The yellow female said.

"Oh! I'm Otto! I'm so cool 'cause I can say my name forward and backwards at the same time!" A green monkey with black eyes chirped.

"My name is Mr. Hal Gibson. Please refer to me only as Gibson." The British-sounding monkey said who was dark blue and black eyed. The cousin's looked at each other with uncertainty.

"Address me as Antauri." A black male with green eyes said. The man that spoke to them moments ago then introduced himself.

"I am Gabriel Leo Marcade. I go by my first name."

"And I am Savanna Lynn Anderson." A hot pink female with icy blue eyes said. Chiro looked at them and shook his head.

"Who are you guys?" Antauri smiled.

"Glad you asked. We are the Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce. I am the second in command of this team." He motioned to Sparx, Otto, Nova, and Gibson.

"And I am the leader of Team Elemental." Savanna points to Gabriel, Adrassi, and Xavier. "You see we are kind of . . . what you kids would call superheros. We have special powers and protect Shuggazoom from our evil foes. You guys may ask questions later but we have some questions of our own now." Chiro and Jasmine nodded.

"How did you guys get in here?" Nova asked. Chiro thought for a moment.

"Erm. I put my hand on this secret door thing and it started glowing green. I thought it was just a scanner or something scanning my hand." The monkeys looked at each other in disbelief.

"It can't be those two! Can it?" Sparx said.

"They are far too young." Adrassi added.

"What can't we be? Too young for what?" Jasmine asked. Antauri sighed.

"We'll tell you later. Do you kids have parents back at home expecting you?" Chiro nibbled on his bottom lip.

"Uh. Actually . . . Can you guys keep a secret?"

"OH MY GOSH THEY KILLED THEIR PARENTS!" Xavier screamed and ran out of the room. Adrassi shook her head.

"Sorry about that. Did we forget to mention he's kind of ADHD?" The cousin's shook their heads. "And to answer your question, yes. We can keep a secret." Jasmine shifted uncomfortably.

"Our parents were killed a couple years back during Christmas. In a fire. They were having an 'adult' party and we had to go stay at a friends house. They didn't escape fast enough so they burned to death." Jasmine's voice trembled at the memories. "Chiro and I ran away after this incident because we were afraid of the orphanage. The people who are in charge of the place are very cruel and even abusive. So we've been living in the sewers for years." The team's eyes soften.

"Oh goodness," Savanna scratched her head. "I am so sorry top hear that, you poor children!" Savanna looked at Antauri. "I'm gonna make a notion for them without your opinion on the matter okay?" Antauri opened his mouth to protest but Savanna went on. "Would you two like to stay with us for awhile?" Chiro's eyes widened.

"Really? Can we?"

"Of course! Being homeless is not a great way to grow up." Nova said. Jasmine and Chiro looked at each other and smiled.

"What do you say Jazz?"

"As long as we're not a burden to you." Nova brushed her hand in the air.

"Naw! You won't be a problem. Let me show you to the guest bedrooms." The gold simian led them out and the others stayed in the main room.

"Are they the . . ." Sparx's voice trailed off. "You know, the one's?" Antauri scrunched his brow.

"I felt the power primate deep within' them. They could be the couple that we were waiting so long for."

"But they can't be more than 13!" Gabriel said. "I was expecting some one more brawny, prime age, intelligent, and leadership material. Not some orphaned kids, with no education."

"They will have a lot to learn, yes. But they are the one's and we'll try our hardest to get them to be great leaders one day. Gibson can give them academic lesson's. Nova can train them. Sparx can teach them how to fly an aircraft. Otto can teach them mechanics. Savanna will teach them first aid. And so on."

"When are we going to tell them that they are destined to be our leaders?" Otto asked. Antauri looked down at the ground.

"When they're ready."

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