After a week of waiting! Here's chapter 2!

This is where the cousin's get to know the teams a little better.


Normal POV

Jasmine sat on the bed in her new room and smiled looking around the area. Nova smiled. "Do you like it?" Jasmine looked at her and nodded.

"We really appreciate this." Nova waved her off.

"You two already thanked us enough." Nova sat on the bed next to her. "You should probably get some sleep. I should too. I have a lot of work to do tomorrow-" Xavier burst into the room panting hard. This startled Jasmine and she nearly fell off the bed.

"Guys! Something bad happened!" Nova jumped off the bed and asked with worry in her voice.

"What is it! Xavier?" The brown monkey started crying and talked through sobs.

"I-I . . . ran outta . . . outta p-pills." He held out a white prescription bottle to Nova. The yellow female sighed and took the bottle from him.

"I'll call the pharmacy and ask for a refill. You go to bed now X Man." Xavier slumped his shoulders and walked out. Nova sat back down. "I'll never know what's going on in that tiny brain of his." Jasmine laughed and Nova smiled. "You have a really pretty smile, Jazz." Jasmine covered her mouth.

"Oh no I don't." Nova nodded.

"Yeah you do. Well I think you met the team but tomorrow you'll get to know them a little better." Jasmine grinned.

"I can't wait to get to know them better. They seem so nice."

"Oh they are, well, except Sparx. You'll find him annoying." Jasmine chuckled. "Tomorrow," Nova started. "You can take a shower, wash your clothes. But unfortunately we wont have any time to go shopping for new clothes. That will have to wait till tomorrow's tomorrow."

"You guys don't have to get us anything."

"No, you live with us now. Of course we will need to adopt you before you can legally be in our custody or 'family'. Well I guess I'll go to bed now." Nova said getting up and leaving. "Goodnight."

"Goodnight." Jasmine said settling down under the covers.

Chiro's POV

I woke up and sat up right. I was looking around the room I was in, in a daze. I rubbed my head and got out of bed deciding that was the most comfortable sleep I had all year. I made my way to the orange transport tube wondering how it worked when Antauri came up from behind me and started talking to me.

"Hello Chiro, sleep well?" I nodded.

"Yes, How do I work this thing?" I asked motioning to the tube. Antauri smiled and walked into the tube and told me to get in with him. Suddenly we shot down to the kitchen.

"It can sense where we wanna go," He said. "with it's highly, advanced technology, It reads our brain waves and thoughts." We step out into the dining room where my cousin, Sparx, Otto, Adrassi, Xavier, and Gabriel were already eating breakfast. "Where is Savanna, Gibson, and Nova?"

"Nova is taking a shower and I'm not sure where the other two are." Otto said. Sparx snickered.

"They're probably in the lab flirting with each other." he whispered. Jasmine cocked a brow.

"They are . . . together?" Sparx nodded.

"Have been for years and years. I'm surprised Brain-Strain was able to keep her all this time." I laughed because at that moment, Savanna walked in and she heard everything.

"What was that, Sparx?" She popped her hip and crossed her arms. Sparx looked down at his plate and said nothing. "You're jealous of Gibson 'cause he actually has a girl. Also Gibson and I weren't flirting . . . we were making out." Savanna whispered, patting the back of his head and sat down. Sparx grumbled.

"I do too have a girl." Sparx pouted. "I will have a girl."

"So what is today's schedule?" Savanna asked.

Normal POV

"We have to make sure the robot is in working order and get it cleaned up." Antauri said. "Then we can go out and see the city." Nova walked in with soap in her fur and she was still drenched. "Um, why didn't you rinse your fur or dry off?" Nova growled.

"Someone! I don't know who! Turned off the water!" Xavier giggled like a little girl. "Xavier 5.3! What did you do!" Xavier shot his hands in the air.

"I have done nothing!" He made a weird noise with his mouth. "All I did was turn off the water."



"Why because?"

"So the fishies have enough."

"Enough what?"

"Water." Antauri smacked his forehead.

"Xavier, the fish will be fine. Go turn the water back on." Xavier pouted and walked out of the dining room with his head hung low.

"Fine, but I will not be held responsible for the extinction of fish." he mumbled.

"What are going extinct?" Gibson asked as he entered the room and sat next to Sparx and Antauri.

"Nothing, Hun. Just forget it." Savanna said.

"Can we help you with anything?" Jasmine asked. "Clean the robot or something?" Adrassi smiled and nodded.

"You can help me and Antauri, Xavier and Gabe clean the interior." the cream colored simian looked at the clock. "Well we should get started. It's already ten o'clock and we haven't done anything, yet."

Jasmine's POV

The work seemed to go on for HOURS and HOURS! I don't even remember ever working that much in my life! After we cleaned the rooms, the infirmary, lab, and other additional rooms we had lunch. We were planing on going out that day when Otto Gabe, and Gibson were done checking if the robot was stable and in working order. But that took another two hours. Then finally we were done. The team of colorful monkeys seemed anxious to see how much the city has changed since their last visit. Chiro and I gave them a tour and they seemed to like the changes and what stayed.

Normal POV

"Nox noctis Secui, What's that?" Savanna asked. Jasmine looked at the building Savanna was pointing to.

"That's a Latino night club." Jasmine said. "Very cultural. Has good character." Savanna squeezed Gibson's hand.

"We should go there!" She said. "When was the last time you and I did the salsa or mambo?" The blue monkey groaned.

"Not in a while, not for a while." He said. Adrassi grinned.

"Aw c'mon, Gibson. Treat your girl right. We all worked so hard we can have supper here tonight." She opened the doors to the place and poked her head in. "It looks like a kid friendly place. Let's go." The group walked into the club. The ceiling was low and a foreign, up beat, Latino music was playing. The lights were red and dim. Fog hung in the area.

"Oo I like it!" Otto chirped. A Spanish waitress came up to the party and spoke to them in a thick accent. Her cultural dress waved with every step she took.

"May I escort you to your tables?" she asked. Chiro nodded.

"Thank you, Miss." She lead them across the dance floor in the center of the restaurant and sat them in the back by a wall giving them a good view of the paid Latino dancers. The waitress walked off leaving them to decide what they wanted to order. Sparx nudged Antauri.

"Go ask that girl to dance with you when she comes back." he said.

"What? No, no. The waitress? No. I cannot dance to this style of music."

"Come on! I dare you!"

"Sparx, really. You know I'd never do such a thing." Sparx frowned then looked at Chiro.

"Hey kid," Chiro looked at the red male. "Would you dance with the waitress?" Chiro shook his head.

"No way."

"What if I give you twenty bucks?" Chiro thought for a moment.

"Show me the money." He said. Sparx smiled and held out a bill.

"Smart kid. Always ask to see the money before doing something." Nova smacked Sparx.

"Sparx! Do not bribe him to do something he doesn't want to do! That's wrong." The pilot rolled his eyes and leaned back in his chair.

"But of course Chiro wants to dance with that fine Spanish waitress." The waitress comes back with a pen and pad ready to take their orders. She smiled brightly.

"I remember you, Hyperforce and Elemental. It's been a while since I have last seen you. When I was eight I believe. It's been ten years now?" The monkeys nodded. "Where were you all this time?"

"Hibernation, Miss." Antauri said. "Ever since . . . the incident we've been in hibernation." The waitress' eyes widened with remembrance. She looked at Jasmine and Chiro.

"Th-the prophecy?" She asked. Antauri quickly shook his head and gave her a signal to be quite. She immediately got the message and changed the subject. "Right so. What will it be?" The group placed their orders and before the waitress left Chiro motioned to her to come by him. He whispered in her ear and she kept smiling and nodding. The woman walked to the DJ and whispered to him too. Jasmine squinted at Chiro.

"What did you say?" she asked. Chiro smiled.

"Sparx is about to loose twenty bucks." The boy got up and walked to the center of the dance floor a little embarrassed. The music suddenly changed to the ever famous song La Macarena. The waitress chuckled and stood by Chiro and started to do the sixteen count moves with him. The Hyperforce and Elemental team watched this scene laughing hardly. Jasmine smacked her palm to her forehead.

Jasmine's POV

Why must he do this to me? I am not related to him. I watch my cousin and the waitress continue the dance in the middle of the Brazilian wood dance floor until the music finally faded away. When Chiro came back Sparx had the money waiting for Chiro when he sat down. Sparx chuckled.

"Supper is on Chiro tonight." He said nudging him. I glare at Chiro.

"If anyone asks, you are just some stranger that keeps following me around everywhere." The girls on the monkey teams giggled.

"Oh, Jazz, honey. I'd hate to be related to that." Savanna said. I slouched down into my chair.

Normal POV

"I wanna see you do better, Savvy." Adrassi joked. Savanna glared at her and abruptly stood up from her seat.

"Oh no." Gibson whimpered. Savanna grabbed him by tail and dragged him to the dance floor.

"We might be a little rusty. It's been years, but I know we can top that crummy, Macarena Chiro tried to get away with."

"Can't we just enjoy our time here?" Gibson asked nervously noticing people watching the two in the middle of the room with spot lights gleaming down on them. Savanna quickly ran to the DJ and requested a song. The disc jockey snickered when the hot pink female rushed back to her mate. He picked up a micro phone and spoke into it grabbing everyone's attention.

"Everybody! Cast your gaze to the center of the dance floor and prepare for the amazingly talented couple, Hal Gibson and Savanna Lynn Anderson, perform the extremely difficult dance Mundial de Tango!" He announced. The DJ put the record on the player and when the music started the couple got into the opening position. Savanna's back to Gibson's stomach, holding hands, right legs bent forward and left legs extended and locked back.

"You owe me, Savanna." Gibson grumbled in her ear. The two suddenly sprung to life and swiftly moved across the dance floor doing series of kicks, twist, and in sync steps. The teams watching this smiled broadly as they watched them dance. Sparx snickered when he saw Gibson lift Savanna in the air and held her there for a couple moments.

"Don't drop her now, Gibby!" He yelled.

"Like you could do better, Sparx!" Gibson snapped back, getting kicked in the shin in the process for not concentrating on what he was doing.

"Focus, Hun." Savanna said. They continued to dance till the end of the rather short tango. At the ending pose, Savanna's leg wrapped around Gibson's while she was being tilted back, everyone applauded and begged for an encore. Ignoring the crowd, Gibson practically let Savanna drop to the ground and walked back to the table. Savanna huffed and walked after him.

"That was amazing." Jasmine said. "Give me some lessons?" Savanna smiled.

"Of course, sweetie." Nova chuckled.

"Gee, Gibson. You made it look so easy. But you also made it look really boring with that face you were making."

"I wasn't making a face." He said.

"Exactly! You were emotionless." Nova poked him in the arm. "You don't supposed they don't have hip hop do you?" Sparx shrugged.

"Why? You wanna dance?" Nova beamed.

"Actually yes. I do want to dance!" She said. "Good lock and popping! You wanna do it with me Sparx?" The red monkey nearly fell off his seat.

"Uh sure! I haven't danced to hip hop in forever. But I will." Nova took his hand and lead him to the floor.

"Ugh." Antauri sighed. "We're gonna be here all night." He groaned.

"Isn't good lock and popping supposed to be a dance for four people?" Gabriel asked.

"Uh. Not sure. Guess it will make it all the more interesting." Adrassi said. The duet of red and yellow simians stood on the floor waiting for their cue when the music started. The couple started to do perfect synchronized dance moves. Popping and locking their joints to the beats of the music. Stepping back, moving forward, fist pumps, bouncing, and jumping. All of it was extraordinary, except the part where Sparx spun on the balls of his feet and ended up on his face. The crowed went crazy with laughter. Sparx flushed bright red, slowly getting up and brushing it off and tried to survive the rest of the song without any bloopers. After all, it wasn't the first time he made himself look stupid in front of his secret crush.

You can watch the Macarena, Mundial de Tango, and the Good Lock and Popping on youtube. I HIGHLY recommend you do that so you can picture what the couple were actually doing.

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