I couldn't believe that my mom was making me spend my senior year with my dad. She was making me move to another town, another school, another life, for my last year o high school. Parents are so cruel. My names Kagome's Higirashi and I'm moving and my little brother is coming with me.

My parents divorced when I was 10 and I don't really get to see him, so now when I'm 17 and the only thing that he knows about me is that my favorite color is green. He's a wonderful father isn't he? So now I have to leave all my friends behind and go to a new town and school for my last year of school.

Well that's my back story. Right now, I'm sitting on an airplane flying to my dad's house. Sitting next to me is my 11 year old brother Sota who cant wait to see my dad. Of course he cant wait, he's only in like 6th grade. Its not like its hard to make friends for him. This whole thing is an adventure for him.

I looked out the window and sighed for the hundredth time since I got on the plane. I set down the book I had bought in the airport book store. I had picked up a paper back version combo of Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carl. I had never read it but always ment to. I figured since I'm going to a new place where I don't have any friends, that I might as well have something to do.

I picked up my digital camera and started snapping picturing of the clouds outside the window. The reminded me of mountains of snow. In my imagination I could almost see a fantasy scene forming in front of me. For a second I had hoped a dragon would pierce the clouds. After a few more pictures I set down my camera and checked my watch. We still had half an hour till we landed. I put my head phones in my ears and pushed play.

(Woah Oh by Forever The Sickest Kids)

I candy coat and cover everything that I'm still hiding underneath.

It's been a long time.

It's been a long time.A thousand faces looking up at me

hands are pointing ceiling oh what a feeling.

I've got friends in highly low places

I'll stand up push it and push it up, can't afford to lose now.

I've got friends in highly low places

I'll go inside when I wanna party, grab a girl and dance

(don't touch me).

Whoa oh whoa whoa oh

Why do I put myself in these situations

Whoa oh whoa whoa oh

I keep pushing myself even though I can't take it at all

Girl, who taught you how to move like that?

At this pace your at you're going way to fast

.I, I saw you from across the room

It's me versus every guy it's your choice you choose.

I've got friends in highly low places

It's been a long time, it's been a long time

and maybe baby you can rise above the rest and meet me yeah

Whoa oh whoa whoa oh

Why do I put myself in these situations

Whoa oh whoa whoa oh

I keep pushing myself even though I can't take it at all

Whoa oh whoa whoa oh

Why do I put myself in these situations

Whoa oh whoa whoa oh

I keep pushing myself even though I can't take it at all

You're worth losing my self esteem

Your clever words mean nothing more to me than a lot I've heard in a movie

You're worth losing my, losing my, losing my self esteem

You're not worth putting myself in these situations

Whoa oh whoa whoa oh

Why do I put myself in these situations

Whoa oh whoa whoa oh

I keep pushing myself even though I can't take it at all

Whoa oh whoa whoa oh

Why do I put myself in these situations

Whoa oh whoa whoa oh

I keep pushing myself even though I can't take it at all

The stupid seat belt light kicked on as the song was ending. The captain came on the loud speaker to tell us to turn off all out devices that we had used during the flight. This irked me since I only got one song in. I did as I was told and put everything I had out into my canvas bag that was light and dark gray stripped with purple stars. I kept out my book though and kept reading until Sota started to get even more excited.


Now here is where I'm going to explain something's that irk me about my dad. Well you see, we landed about half an hour ago and got our bags fifteen minutes ago and my dad is no where in sight. I am now sitting in a chair in the airport waiting for my father to show up. Sota is looking around excited.

"Where is he Kagome?" asked my brother.

"Don't know Sota, maybe he forgot." I grumbled.

"He wouldn't do that."

"Well it seems that's what's happening."

I leaned back in the chair and looked down at my cloths. I was wearing a band t-shirt I had picked up and my favorite jacket. It was black with a hot pink stripes across the front and little paw prints on the back. The inside of the hood was hot pink. My jeans were torn at the bottom because girls jeans are never the right height for me. I may be a size 5, but I am not tall enough to be one. And to complete it all, my favorite vans were on my feet.

We sat in the air port another 15 minutes until a man that I recognized came running up to us out of breathe. He had short black hair, just like my brothers, and brown eyes like mine. He leaned over huffing, and I just waited, staring at him.

"I am sooo sorry that I am late guys." he said once he could talk.

"Its ok dad." said Sota.

"Yeah just great. Cause everyone loves sitting in an airport." I said sarcastically.

"Its good to know that at least one of you is happy to be here." he countered to me. I just rolled my eyes, stood, grabbed my bags and followed him out of the airport.


We pulled up to the house that I would be living in for the next year. Right now I was cursing myself for having a summer birthday. I wouldn't be 18 till July 29th, so until then I had to listen to my parents.

The house was a Victorian style house. It was painted sky blue with white trimmings and shutters. It was way to large for one man to live in by himself. The house had a porch that wrapped around the whole thing. The yard was huge. It surrounded the house and expanded far back. We pulled into the paved driveway and stopped before the large barn that was converted into a garage. I looked around as I got out and thought that I would have enjoined this place if it wasn't my prison for a year.

I got my bags that I had brought with me out of the car. My mom was sending the boxes that I had packed up back home here in a moving van. I had to wait a few days till they got here so I could make whatever room my dad gave me something I could live in.

My dad helped me carry my 3 bags up to the room. Sota's was just off the landing, on the same floor my dad's was. More door lined the hallway. One was my dad's office, another a bathroom, and the rest were guest bedrooms. My dad took me up another set of stair to the attic. The room was huge. My dad had gutted the whole thing and made it into my own suite in the house. I had my own bathroom and the room was already painted a green I could deal with. I had a nice queen size bed on the far wall and a walk in closet. The room kind of reminded me of the room in Hook that the kids stay at. I had a balcony for my private use. There were plants in my room and a few pictures, but it would need my own personal touch.

I bet your all wondering how my dad could afford such a large house and everything. Well my dad started his own law firm way back when. He built it from the ground up. Him working long hours is what really broke my parents up, him not ever being home. Well now a days, his firm is the best. He now hired people to do all the pain staking work that he use to do. So now he gets to spend his money that he makes buying and restoring places like this one.

By the time I unpacked what I brought, and seemed to settle in, it was 10pm and I still hadn't eaten dinner. My dad had gotten pizza but I didn't want to go down. I had gotten a shower and put my favorite pj's on. I wore the pj pants that I stole from my ex boyfriend and a baggy t-shirt. I love these pants. Hey the guy may have been a jerk but his mom sure does know hoe to pick out nice cloths. I'll explain some other time about he who must not be named. I'm over him and all but something's aren't meant for civil conversations. I plugged my I-pod into the wall so it wouldn't die and hit play. I fell asleep listening to music.


So, I "moved" here back on Wednesday and now today's Sunday night. I start school in the morning and I bet you all can guess how excited I am. I get to start my senior year at some new school and they already have been in school for 2 months. Thanks dad for this.

I found out that I'm not going to some normal high school where I do normal school work. My dad used his money and what not and got me into the high school of my dreams. it's a high school that helps you with your music, your art, your drama. Its like what I always wanted to do. I'm gonna love going to this school but I'm not telling my dad that. I plan to do something with music when I get older so this school is perfect. The schools called The A.K.A. Academy for the Arts. Weird name but it's a cool school.


My dad dropped me off in front of the school and I just stared at it. It was huge, like everything else was in the town. My dad promised to buy me a car or something soon so I wouldn't be driven to school everyday by him.

I looked around at everyone and wondered if I fit in. I looked down at my cloth and hoped. Today I wore the new top I had bought before I moved. It was a dark grey with a pocket over my left breast. It was loose fitting and I liked it. I had on my favorite pair of jeans and my lucky vans. I carried the same bag I had on the flight. I had straightened my hair out and parted a little off center. I had put on some light makeup, I'm not much of a makeup person so I just do a little.

So I could only hope that I looked okay my first day of school. I walked past everyone and went inside, found the main office to get my schedule, and then wandered around trying to find my first classroom.

This school was so weird. They had this thing called block scheduling so I only had four classes this semester and I had four the next. My first class was normal enough though. I had Language Arts 4, and then I had Drama, Study Hall, Singing class, Lunch, and then Art. LA4 was the only class that seemed normal.

I was forced to introduce myself to the whole class but none of them seemed to care so I'm not really going to tell you what happened in there. It wasn't anything special. No one jumped on me to be epic friends and I just paid attention the whole time. All the kids in the class seemed like normal kids and nothing what I expected from a school like this. So 84 minutes later I was done.

Now Drama class was a whole another story. This was the class that I kind of wished that my dad hadn't of pitched so much money in for. The kids in this class all had money, you could just tell. The class was in the PAC, later I found out it stood for Performing Arts Center and everyone was sitting in the seats in front of the stage. I had gotten lost trying to find the place so I walked in late.

I walked up to the teacher as someone was getting off the stage. They had been singing when I walked in and I kind of was a little loud with the door so everyone was looking at me. My teacher turned out to be a demon that is unexplainable. She was just out of this world. She was to beautiful and had the most amazing cloths. Her hair changed color with her mood I soon learned. Her name was Miss. Kisu.

"Ah Kagome, I was wondering where you had gotten yourself to." she smiled at me.

"Couldn't you have waited another minute before busting in?" screeched a voice said from behind me. It was the girl that had been singing when I had come in.

"I'm sorry…" was all I got to say.

"Sorry? Sorry doesn't make up for the half ass audition you just made me do. You owe me more then I'm sorry."

"Oh shut up Kikyo, we were about to boo you off the stage anyway." said a boy with black hair pulled back into a small pony tail. He had on a purple jacket, I gray stripped shirt, jeans and vans.

"And who was talking to you Miroku? " Kikyo asked.

"I felt that I should insert myself. This lovely girl doesn't need to hear your voice in her ear her first day."

I looked between the two wondering if I should say something. I hadn't meant to start something and on my first day. Though I felt better when Miss Kisu had stopped them.

"Now Miroku hush and Kikyo I was going to ask you to leave the stage myself," the rest of the class started to snicker, "I told you that I didn't want you trying out for the lead this time anyway. Your voice isn't right for it."

"But Miss. Kisu….." she seemed defeated. She turned and walked over to a group of girls that seemed to be her friends.

Miss Kisu told me to take a seat anywhere while everyone else auditioned. I have to say they were all really good. Each person had to sing a song of their own choice. They were auditioning for parts in the winter musical. Everyone in the class gets a part and then they hold audition's for the rest of the school. How some of the less rich kids got into this class was for their audition's the years before.

I sat by myself and just watched everyone. No one seemed to want to come up to me so it didn't matter to me.

Half way through the class a boy came in carrying a stack of papers. I wanted to laugh because you could only see two little doggie ears over the stack of papers he was carrying. He walked past me and went straight to the teacher and set the large pile down next to her and walked off to his friends. One of them was the boy Miroku.

When the last person had gone Miss Kisu had stood up to tell everyone that she would be telling them what parts they got tomorrow when that girl interrupted her.

"Miss Kisu isn't everyone suppose to audition? The new girl didn't go."

I paled right on the spot. I had been sitting there thinking that I wouldn't have to go today. The teacher turned around and looked at me, and so did the whole class.

"There's a new girl?" asked the guy with the doggie ears.

"Yeah man, while you were copying scripts, a goddess ran into the room." said Miroku.

"Shut it Monk." said the girl sitting next to him.

"Why don't you all shut it. The new girl needs to go." said Kikyo.

"Now Kagome you don't have to try out if you don't want to."

"Yes she does. The rules of the class is everyone has to try out." argued Kikyo.

I looked around the room at everyone. The doggie eared guy was staring at me kind of dazed. He had long silver hair and was wearing a black hoodie with the school's logo on it, jeans and world industry sneakers. He was kind of cute to say the least.

"I…I wouldn't know what to sing." I managed to say.

"Just sing what you like Kagome." Said Miss Kisu giving in to Kikyo.

I walked up towards the stage and stopped before the stairs. I had no clue what I was going to sing. What does one sing for an audition.

"Want some help?" came a voice from behind me. I turned around and it was the dog eared dude.


"I could sing with you if you want. The first audition is always the scariest. Sometimes its better if you sing with someone."

"Uhhh…" I knew I sounded stupid. I looked up and noticed that his eyes were a golden honey. He stuck out his hand.

"Inuyasha." he said. I smiled.


"So Kagome what do you want to sing?" he asked as he walked up the stairs.'

"I don't know…"

"Name a band and or artist."

I thought for a second and shrugged. I didn't like being put on spot like this. He looked me up and down and smiled. He picked up one of the guitar's on stage and started to tune it.

"Its suppose to be her audition Miss. Kisu, not Inuyasha's" complained Kikyo.

"Kikyo I agree with Inuyasha. You may proceed."

I twisted my fingers together as I tried to think of something that he might know. This was so hard. I hate being put on the spot like this.

"What's your favorite band." asked Inuyasha. It was time for Kagome to be Kagome.

"Asking me that is like asking me to choose my favorite flavor skittle." everyone in the class laughed and I smiled to myself.

"Well mine is the green and the red from the original, so now, name a band." man I was starting to like this guy.

"I really don't know." I said.

"Well lets see if you know this song." he said and started to strum.

(Picture - Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow)


Living my life in a slow hell

Different girl every night at the hotel

I ain't seen the sunshine

In 3 damn days'

Been fueling up on cocaine and whiskey

Wish I had a good girl that missed me

Lord I wonder if I'll ever change my ways

I put your picture away

Sat down and cried today

I can't look at you while I'm lying next to her

I put your picture away

Sat down and cried today

I can't look at you while I'm lying next to her


I called you last night at the hotel

Everyone knows but they won't tell

But their half hearted smiles tell me something just ain't right

I've been waiting on you for a long time

Fueling up on heartaches and cheap wine

I ain't heard from you in 3 damn nights

I put you picture away'

I wonder where you been

I can't look at you while I'm lying next to him

I put your picture away

I wonder where you been

I can't look at you while I'm lying next to him


I saw you yesterday with an old friend


It was the same old same how have you been


Since you been gone my world has been dark and grey


You reminded me of brighter days


I hope you were coming home to stay

I was heading to church


I was off to drink you away


I thought about you for a long time

Can't seem to get you off my mind

I can't understand why were living our life this way

I found you picture today

I swear I'll change my ways

I just called to say i want you to come back home

I found your picture today

I swear I'll changed my ways

I just called to say i want you to come back home

I just called to say i love come back home

Everyone clapped…well Kikyo didn't but I didn't really care about her. I blushed a little and smiled.

"Wow.." I heard Inuyasha say. I knew my blush deepened.

The bell rang then so everyone started to gather up their things to head off to the next class. I followed everyone out of class, hoping to ask one of them where the singing class was and I was shocked to watch them all go into the same class. I stood in front of the door wondering if this was the right class.

"The door wont shock you." I heard a voice from behind.

Turning around a boy with long black hair stood behind me. He was a wolf demon. He was wearing a grey hoodie, jeans and sneakers. He smiled at me and reached around to open the door. He was in my drama class. He's gone up and sang a song that I didn't know. I smiled at him and walked inside.

Every single person from my drama class was in here. Later I found out that those two classes always had the same kids together. If you could sing you were in the musical's at school.

The class wasn't all that exciting. I felt like the outcast of everything. I'm a senior walking into a group of kids that already know each other. Everyone already has their cliques and I'm just left out. I was given the songs that I needed to know for the upcoming concert that we would put on. I also found out that I needed to contribute my own song. I could work with someone or be by myself. I had looked around the room a few times during our singing breaks and noticed that Inuyasha guy looking at me and then turn around and talk to his friend Miroku.

I had lunch after singing and I couldn't wait to eat something. I sat down at a table by myself and took out the Alice in Wonderland book and read while I ate.

I went to art after that. The wolf demon and Miroku were in there with me, but just like every other class I sat by myself. The teacher explained everything that we were going to be doing in the class, and set me up with everything I needed. I had to stretch my own canvas and set up a still life. I listened to my I-pod while I worked.


My dad picked me up after school and I couldn't wait to get out of there. The only real interaction I had with people was the teachers and that singing thing with Inuyasha. I needed to make myself some friends soon. Man I missed my friends.

"So, how was school?" my dad asked when I got in the car. I just shrugged at him

"Make any friends."

"Nope" I replied.

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