My legs bounced up and down as I sat in the airport once again. Sota was busy playing with his new hand held game that my dad had bought him. He wanted to make sure the 2 hour flight wasn't as boring for him this time. I surprised my Dad by hugging him goodbye at the gate. As of late I had started to talk to him a little more….Well more than "How was school?" "Fine,". I hated to admit it but I was going to miss him.

I started telling him updates on my music class, and I even let him listen to me play a song. He seemed so happy with me opening up. I could tell he was really trying with us and hell, why should I keep giving him a hard time; I was going to come back and finish school so I needed to get over it.

Our flight was to take off in about half an hour and we were waiting for everyone to arrive. During the week everyone ended up telling me that they all had gotten permission to come along…and well I was nervous. What would they think of my town? What would my friends from home think of them? How mad would my mom be when she finds out that I'm bringing more than Sota back with me?

I came out of my inner struggle when I saw my friends come around the corner, their carry on's in hand. I stood up and greeted each in turn, feeling more nervous than ever. How did I go from being the new girl to now inviting some of the most popular kids from school back to my home town? It all seemed like something that was written in a really bad story, but shockingly I was living it. I crossed my fingers that the trip would go well and I could see where everything was going with Inuyasha and me.


On the plane Sota managed to run ahead of me and get the window seat, stating I had it on the way there so it was only fair. I didn't mind much because, somehow, Inuyasha managed to get the seat next to mine. Sango and Miroku were right behind us and Ayame and Koga behind them, each having a random person sitting in the 3rd seat by the aisle.

The flight went as well as it could be for the 2 hours. Inuyasha and I talked as much as we could with Sango and Miroku both leaning over our seats. It felt so nice having these people with me as I go back to…well I don't know if I could call it home. Ever since my dad left it never did feel like home.


"Okay so are we grabbing a van or cab or something?" asked Miroku once we got our luggage.

"Uh, no I already got us a ride…he should be around here somewhere…" I trailed off as I looked around

"He?" asked Inuyasha.

"Yeah I'm looking for B.."

"Bankotsu!" shouted Sota, taking off to hug my best friend.

Everyone watched my friend come over with Sota still clinging to him. Once he removed Sota he reached forward and pulled me into a tight hug. My goodness did I miss him. He had his black hair pulled back into a long braid like always, a white t-shirt that said "ask my blade" written crossed it in black letters, white washed blue jeans and sneakers. Across his forehead he had a star scar he had received when we were kids. He liked to tell girls a really badass story about how he got it, but really he just ran into my fire poker when we had a bon fire. Other than that blemish, he was a really handsome young man.

"So how was the flight?" he asked once he released me.

"Not bad. Bankotsu I want you to meet my friends. This is Sango and Miroku, Ayame and Koga and this is Inuyasha." I pointed to each in turn. I noticed he kept his eyes on Inuyasha a little longer than was expected.

"Uh cool, you got everything?" he looked around at each of us, each nodding yes. "Great I made sure to bring the van, follow me."


"Okay all boys' bags on the left and girls on the right" Bankotsu stated once he opened the trunk.

"Why." Ayame asked.

"So it makes it easier to unload at my house." Bankotsu said as he put Sota's carry on in the back so Sota could get into the van.

"Wait, I thought we were staying at Kagomes?" Sango inquired.

"Well the girls are….Kags you didn't tell them did you?" as it dawned on him.

"Uh well, I guess it slipped my mind?" I stammered.

"Uh huh suuure, as much as you begged me to ask my mom to let the guys stay with us last night?" he raised his eye brows at me like always.

"Why can't we stay at Kagome's?" Inuyasha finally spoke.

"Her mom would go ape shit….well more so than usual.." he muttered the last part to himself but Inuyasha still caught it.

"Yeah sorry…Uh guys, Ayame and Sango are staying with me…and you guys are sleeping at Bankotsu's, but he's right next door. " I finely managed to say.

"Its cool with me." Koga said as he put his bag in the van, " As long as you don't make all 3 of us share a bed." Everyone seemed okay with it as they put their bags into the van.

Bankotsu shut the trunk and told everyone to get in the back because Sota had shot gun. Inuyasha held me back so everyone could get in before us.

"You okay?" he asked

"Yeah." I lied.

"Really?" he raised his eyebrow and tilted his head slightly.

"I'm just nervous." I admitted.

"Don't be, I'm great with moms."

"Thanks not what I'm nervous about…"

"Then what?"

"Hey get in or you're walking." Bankotsu called out the driver's window.


We arrived at Bankotsu's house about 40 minutes later. The drive was full of my new friends pointing out the small town charm, excitement for the festival, and trying to think of things extra special to do besides the festival.

"Alright Sota, here's your bag and go tell your mom I'm an amazing driver and didn't nearly get you killed." Bankotsu stated.

"But you ran a stop sign."

"You were playing your game, how do you know?"

"I'm just that good." Sota stuck out his tongue as he ran off to our house next door.

"Alright lets get the guys settled. Moms excited to see you." He chuckled.

Everyone grabbed their bag and finely took a look at Bankotsus house. It always reminded me of a plantation home with the columns in the front holding up the porch. It was white and had dark green shutters. There were 3 visible floors from the street but it also included a basement where Bankotsu and Jakotsu;s bedrooms were. The lawn was well taking care of, as it should be with so many people living in the home. The porch had a swinging bench and chairs that looked very inviting.

Inside the house is well furnished with a baby grand piano in what should be the sitting room. Bankotsu led everyone in, all the way back to the kitchen where we all could smell something amazing baking in the own. There, at the center island was Bankotsu;s mom, rolling at little balls of cookie dough. She looked up the moment the swinging white door opened and squeed.

"KAGOME!" she shouted. I welcomed her hug, even if she was covered in flour.

"Hey Mama," I managed to get out

"I missed you so much..and I guess these are our guests for the weekend."

"MM yes, these are my friends. Miroku and his girlfriend Sango, Ayame and her boyfriend Koga, and this is Inuyasha." I said as I nudged Inuyasha slightly. She smiled at each and looked Inuyasha up and down.

"Ahh well welcome, make yourselves at home. Bankotsu will show you where you'll be sleeping. I'm Mama Kotsu if you need anything. Sorry I'm a bite busy baking for the baked goods tomorrow." She laughed as she went back to her cookie dough balls.

And with that Bankotsu led all of us upstairs to the first landing, down the hall and opened the first door on the left. Inside were two bunk beds and an on sweet bathroom.

"This is nice…but bunk beds?" asked Koga

"Yeah, mom, uh kinda fosters from time to time…" Bankotsu answered.

"Top bunk!" shouted Miroku

"No way!" Koga replied as they both sped off for the same bunk, Koga using his demon speed, jumped and landed perfectly. Miroku frowned at him and then ran for the other bed to get that top bunk.

"It's fine with me." Inuyasha laughed.

"You bet it is." Retorted Miroku.

"Alright well I have to get going. Class president and all has to make sure everything is going okay with the festival…I had to leave Jakotsu in charge."

"I'm sure he hasn't screwed anything up Bank, come on"

"Kags, 3 Christmas's ago he was in charge of the Christmas carolers." I grimaced at the memory.

"You're right, better get going. We'll meet up with later." He hugged me tight and left me standing there with my friends.


"Do we really have to climb all those stairs?" asked Ayame in horror. "You didn't tell us you lived at a shrine."

"Yeah sorry." I sighed.

"Yo I'll race you to the top." Miroku said nudging Inuyasha and Koga.

"You're on." Smirked Koga

"Might as well." Laughed Inuyasha.

With that, all 3 boys took off up that stairs, leaving the girls laughing at their antics. It was a close race, with Koga and Inuyasha leading. Koga went to trip Inuyasha when they were almost to the top and slipped, taking Inuyasha with him. Miroku sped by them both and won. He jumped up and down at the top shouting at the guys and calling them losers.

Of course, us girls took are time climbing the stairs with our bags and just laughed at them for being silly. I hadn't had this much fun here in a while so it was nice with them.

"Kagome?" a female voice asked from behind.

"Mom." I said turning around. "Uh, you're home."

"Yes, who are your friends?" she inquired, her smile not truly reaching her eyes.

"Oh uh, this is Ayame, Sango, Miroku, Koga and Inuyasha."

"Hello Ms. Higirashi. It's nice to meet you." Inuyasha piped in.

"I'm sure….are they staying?"

"uh Ayame and Sango…I've made arrangements for the boys." I gulped.

"I guess fostering 3 boys for the weekend wouldn't hurt our neighbor."


"Yes well get them settled. I'm going out and will be back later. No boys here after 10 Kagome. Dinner is whatever you can find…and do keep an eye on your brother" She said as she brushed by us.

Everyone remained quiet for a few moments trying to figure out what had just happened. I bit my lip and sighed. This was going to be a long weekend…