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"Hello, Kurosaki-san," Dr. Aizen said as he looked over the orange haired teen's case files. "Please take a seat." He motioned for Ichigo to take the seat across from him.

While reading the orange haired teen's case files, Aizen takes a moment to study the younger's actions as Ichigo looks around the room provided by the psych ward.

The room was small and dimly lit with one light hovering over the table that separated the brown haired man from the orange haired teen. The only furniture other than the table was two chairs.

As Aizen observed the teen that sat in front of him, he found the latter intriguing; this boy with an angelic face was capable of such heinous crime. If anything, Ichigo looked fragile. The kid was pale, thin with ridicules bright orange haired and the soft's brown eyes he had ever seen. Aizen thought to himself.

"Can I ask you a question?" the teen asked as he looked down at the table, refusing to make eye contact. "How long will they be keeping me here?" his attention was still at the table.

"It depends on you and how much progress we make." Aizen said as he smiled at the orange haired teen sitting across from him.

"Truth be told this could take weeks may be months and even years, Kurosuki-san, it all depends on when you'll let me in." He continued, still holding the warm inviting smiles that he uses with all his patients.

"You can call me Ichigo." the teen said softly as he looked up.

"Ok, Ichigo, where do you want to began?" Aizen spoke as he opened the small note book that sat in front of him, as he prepared to write down notes.

"I don't know…" Ichigo whispered, sounding almost unsure.

"Why don't you explain your reasons for killing Grimmjow Jeagerjaques?" Aizen asked as he watched the teen tense up after hearing his name. "After all you claimed to be in love with him, I'm just curious."

"It would take years for me to explain my action." Ichigo replied while sighing.

"That's perfectly fine, we have all the time in the world," Aizen reassured him as he rests his head on the palm of his hand.

"How about we start from the very beginning how did you and Jeagerjaques met." He suggested with a warm smile that made the boy blush.

"A-Am, I guess we can start from there if you want…" Ichigo said as he made eye contact with Aizen

"Then whenever you're ready to began," Aizen said as he picked up his pen.

"I guess I'll start at middle school…" The young boy began as he walked to the window. "That's when we first met." The last part was spoken underneath his breath.