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Summary: She was almost certain she could still hear him laughing at her. AuggiexAnnie fluff

Rating: K

Warnings: Fluff

Pairing: Annie/Auggie

Spoilers: None

Author's Note: I'm subscribed to the Word-of-the-Day on dictionarydotcom, and this was today's word. I usually write a little something each day for each word, but I usually don't post them. I really liked this one, though, inspired by the wonderful Mama Jo, so I wanted to share it with you all. It can kind of be seen as a sequel to my fic Cream and Sugar, but you don't have to read it first to understand this one. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy!


Confiscable: Liable to be taken by an authorized party.

Annie Walker inhaled the heavenly scents of freshly baked apples, cinnamon, and dough. She'd treated herself to an apple turnover since she was on coffee run that day, deciding she deserved it since she would be the last to drink her own delectable nectar.

Bracing her back against the glass door into her best friend's office, she pushed and backed inside. "Good morning!"

Auggie Anderson's head snapped up from its position, aimed in the general direction of his computer screen. His blind eyes brightened as he pulled in a long, appreciative breath. "Hmmm. Is that an apple turnover I smell?"

"Coffee's at your ten o'clock," Annie said as she set the Starbucks cup down. As Auggie reached for it, she sat down on the edge of his desk, making herself comfortable. "And yes, that's an apple turnover. I decided to treat myself since I had to go on a coffee run and mine would be cold by the time I got to drink it."

After setting down his coffee cup, Auggie held his hand out in her direction. His eyebrows rose slowly as he wiggled his fingers. "Okay, hand it over."

Her own coffee cup landed on the desktop with a thump. "Give you my turnover? I don't think so!"

Auggie chuckled. "Annie, Annie. My dear, dear, naïve Annie." He reared back in his chair, tucking his hands behind his head.

"Okay, why am I naïve? What did I miss?" Annie took a large bite from her turnover, savoring the explosion of flavors in her mouth.

Her friend sniffed again - pointedly. "You see, Annie, you are what we in the spook business call a newbie. That means that there are a lot of agents of much higher rank than you. The newbies that were here before you have graduated to being agents. Those of us here before them, whether for a long time or a short time, are now old hands. Which means we have the right to confiscate anything of suspicion, or interest, a newbie brings close." He grinned smugly.

"You made that up!" Annie accused. She resisted the urge to hug her turnover close. The last thing she needed was icing stains on her suit jacket.

"Did I?" One of Auggie's eyebrows tilted upwards.

"Of course! I read the entire manual, and there was nothing said about anything like that anywhere."

"Eh - it's more of an unwritten rule. 'All items of suspicion or interest is confiscable by any senior agent who finds the item thus.'" Auggie made quotation marks in the air. "There you go. Now please hand over the turnover before I have to turn you in to Joan?"

Annie sighed. Auggie was her superior, and her best friend. "Okay, you win this round." She tore her pastry in half before placing it on his outstretched palm. "But just so you know? I don't get mad. I get revenge." Smirking slightly, she picked up her coffee, balancing the rest of her turnover on the top of the cup as she walked confidently to the door. A few quick licks, and her fingers were clean again.

"Good luck." The sound that came out of Auggie's mouth was oddly disturbing, the best faux evil laugh she'd heard in a long time. "You might get revenge, Annie - but I get your pastry."

It wasn't until she'd reached her desk that she realized Auggie had somehow gotten the larger part of her pastry. How does he do that?

She was almost certain she could still hear him laughing at her.

*~The End~*

I really enjoyed writing this, so I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading!