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Chapter 4

"Hello Patrick. Nice to meet you. I'm Bryn, Maeve's friend. Can you please close the door?" She slowly walked up to him and reached out to shake his hand.

He closed the door slowly, then looked at her hand, then looked at her, then looked back at her hand. He gulped and took a deep breathe.

"It's okay. No need to be afraid."

He glanced back up to the brunette standing in front of him. O…..kay, this weird woman, if she is a woman at all, wants to shake my hand. I know what she can do. I saw it with my own to eyes. So what scenarios could happen? Mom always said never talk to strangers, forget shaking their hand. But is she a stranger? She is obviously a friend of Ms. Maeve's. Or maybe Ms. Maeve is not the Ms. Maeve I thought she was. But she was always so nice, not just to me, but to everyone. She's my favorite teacher. But if she is also like this woman, whatever she is, then why did Mrs. Maeve seem helpless among those gang members?

"It's okay, Patrick. Trust me," Maeve spoke and smiled.

He glanced at Ms. Maeve and smiled back. Boy, I love her. Always trying to ease the situation. He looked back at Bryn who was still smiling, took another deep breathe, and shook her hand. Well, I'm still here, so I guess its okay.

"So you know our secret," Bryn suddenly blurred out in a half-chuckling tone. "And yes, I am a woman."

He was shocked. "How… did you know what I was thinking?"

"I could sense it by touch. "

He raised his eyebrow, thought some, then thought some more, and finally smirked. "Cool!"

"Cool?" Bryn wasn't expecting this response.

"Yup, cool! But…I do have a few questions I want you to answer. Specifically, who are you, and who is Ms. Maeve?"

"Patrick!" Maeve half-yelled sternly, but Bryn calmed her down.

"I'll gladly tell you whatever you want in exchange that you keep our secret hidden."

Now it's making more sense. She searched for me, because she didn't want me to tell their secret. But why do they want to remain hidden? Of course, they will be locked up or killed if the police find out what they can do. Reminds me of X-Men.

"Since I already introduced myself, I assume you meant who we are? We are both sorceresses. We are also both over 1000 years old."

He thought again. "Sorceresses? 1000 years old? But you both look so young." Then he thought some more. "So where are the sorcerers? Are you two the only sorceresses left?"

"We're not sure, but we believe so. Caipra and Dim-dim, our teachers, were killed long ago. Rumina, the last evil sorceress we know of, was killed by my hand."

"Oh, you're so powerful." Maeve chuckled, half-annoyed.

Bryn glanced at Maeve and squinted before turning back to Patrick. "As for the sorcerers, again, we don't think there are any left. Is there anything else you want to know?"

He thought again and look up and down Bryn. He stopped at her wrist. "What's that?"

Bryn looked at her wrist which, underneath the sleeve of her blue blouse, held the rainbow bracelet. The blue-green waves surrounded by an orange tint reflected the sunlight from the window. Bryn sighed. "That is my rainbow bracelet."

"Where did you get it?"

"And now you're all of a sudden becoming a very nosy boy," she chuckled. "Dim-dim gave it to me. Sinbad has one, too."

He raised his eyebrows. "Sinbad? The legendary Sinbad. I thought he was a myth."

Bryn chuckled. "Don't tell that to Sinbad."

"Is he here, too?"

Bryn glanced at Maeve who was waiting patiently, her brown eyes focused on the brunette. She then gulped, stared at the floor, and laid her hand on her necklace. "No, he died."

Patrick looked down and glanced at Ms. Maeve then back at Bryn. He noticed she had her hands on what looked like a wedding necklace. "Sorry to hear about that. You must have loved him very much."

Bryn looked at him and chuckled. "Yeah, I loved him very much."

Maeve squinted at her. I kill her for that.

"You don't have to be jealous, Maeve. You know I love someone else."

Maeve just rolled her eyes. Great, now she is reading my mind again. Rumina sure taught her sister well.

"I heard that"

"Heard what?" Patrick was starting to get puzzled.

Bryn smiled. "Oh, Maeve and I just are sharing thoughts."

His eyes grew wide. "You can do that, too. Cool!" He paused. "But I thought you need to touch to read another's thoughts."

"Between two sorceresses, no physical contact is needed. Between a um…non-magical being, physical contact is needed."

This was getting a little too much for him. "Okay, back to Sinbad. So…you don't love Sinbad." He glanced at Maeve, who started to cover her face as if she dreaded him asking that question, and back at Bryn.

Bryn gulped. "It's hard to explain. I loved Sinbad at first, but he was in love with Maeve."

He paused. "That must have broken your heart."

She gulped again and half-smiled. "Initially, it did."


"I just don't get it. I gave him everything. He even kissed me, and I kissed him back. Didn't that mean anything to him?" She had teary eyes.

"You can't blame my brother. He has loved Maeve ever since the day he met her. But that doesn't mean he doesn't care about you." Doubar placed his warm hand on hers and smiled. She looked at him, dried up her tears, and smiled back

"Um, Ms. Bryn, are you alright?"

The brunette snapped back into reality. "Oh, yes, I'm alright. And please call me Bryn"

"O….kay Bryn, so who gave you that necklace?"

She looked down at the stones and smiled. "Doubar, one of the crew, my husband."


"Sorry to interrupt you two, but I don't want to hold up Patrick too long." Maeve smiled and stood up. She walked over to him. "Thank you for coming. I hope you found the meeting fruitful."

He looked at Maeve and Bryn and half-frowned, because he had so much more questions. "Can I visit you this weekend? I have more questions."

Maeve looked at Bryn who nodded. "Sure, the weekend will be fine. I could pick you up at your house."

"Sounds great! Let me write down my address." He got out a piece of paper from his bookbag and turned to the nearest table to write it down. Maeve looked at Bryn. Don't you think you told him too much?

Nonsense. Bryn smiled. There's nothing to worry about.

"Here." He handed Maeve the piece of paper. "I look forward to our meeting. And it was a pleasure to meet you." He shook Bryn's hand before turning to head out the door. This is gonna be big. He grinned.