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All my life, I've had a family. Not a real one but one nonetheless. As time went by, my family has died. I have trained them, I have worked with them, and I have killed some of them myself. But I know there's more. I know I had a real mom and dad once but I have stopped looking. Until now. I finally found a clue to my past, my identity, and my family.

Chapter1: the key

I walked through the desolate, abandoned town in Somalia. I have been here before, my first memory is here.

My name is Anthony. Just Anthony. I was trained here. Unlike my comrades, I was not a suicide bomber, but an assassin. I don't know how many people I have killed in my 16 years but I have killed a lot. I killed for the first time at the age of 8. At least the first time I really thought about what I had done. That time it wasn't just pulling a trigger and having the man in front of you fall and stop moving. I had murdered someone. A living, breathing man. He could've had a family. People who cared about him. For awhile, I hated him. For making me into what I am today. For having what I would never have. But then I realized, I was jealous of him. I should be dead. I wanted to be dead. I was jealous because he got out of it with just a bullet to the head while I was stuck here, being haunted every day by him. Everyone that I had killed, had looked like me. Not like the others. They were white. Not tan. They had very dark hair. Mine was lighter but still dark. Plus my "father" Saleem, looked nothing like me. He was cruel to me but not as cruel as he was to the others. He taught me. I was his "protege" as he called me. He named me Husam Muti, but he told me that I was once Anthony. It was what I preferred because Husam Muti just meant "Obedient sword". I was just a weapon to him. He taught me to torture, interrogate, and kill. He taught me the art of the assassin. It was hard at first but after awhile, I forgot how to feel. I never felt anything. Until now.

I had absentmindedly walked into the old interrogation room. There had to be a clue there. I turned in a circle just taking it all in. This had to be it. This was the beginning of it all. I could only imagine what happened here and who was involved. Little did I know that i was born in this very room. I slowed. I saw a glint in the sand by the wall. I uncovered it. I felt my heart skip a beat. I had found a star of David necklace. It was slightly bloodied but I knew what it meant. I put it around my neck and just closed my eyes as an unknown feeling washed over me. I was..happy, really happy. I dusted away more sand and rubble. I kept digging until I saw another golden glint. I didn't even notice that I was crying. It was an alien feeling when I did. It was an NCIS badge. Azir told me that only two people had been interrogated in this room. I knew the names. I just didn't know the story. There was always a mystery about it though. Saleem told me every story of torture that he performed. Except this one. When I asked, he shut me down. No one would tell me. That's when I knew. These people are the key.

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