She looked out over the ocean and wondered, "When is my life ever going to be set right?" That's 12 year old Hallie Hisker for you, whose child hood is not normal, and that's from a demigod's point of view. She grew up from 10 years old on the streets, to keep her family safe. Being a child of Poseidon is not easy, no. Monsters followed her everywhere, Furies', the Minotaur, hellhounds, dracanae, empousai, Cyclops (wild not from the sea forges), name it and she's seen it. Being half Greek God is no easy thing. Most of the time is gets you killed in painful nasty ways.Hallie does not like killing, even if it's monsters. Most of the time she tries to hide, but every now and then, she has to bring out her bad side, even though she hates it.

There was a rustle in the trees, Hallie whipped around. A green lizard tail disappeared in to the bushes. Hallie ran and heard a reptilian whisper behind her, "Sssshhhhhh, ssshe'll hear you. Don't just stand there! Get her!" Hallie ran faster hoping she would lose them. She ran and ran until she thought she'd pass out. Then when she stopped to catch her breath, "Trying to esssscape?" Hallie screamed.

"N-n-no. I was just going for a run, see? I was r-r-r-running and I am tired!" Hallie tried to reason.

Hallie's POV

"Hmmm, I don't ssssee. Too bad, now we must kill you!" They pounced and I was downed. They were going to swipe at me with knives when a voice yelled,

"No one kills my quest!" Quest? I was going to ask 'who's there?' when a boy about, sixteen walked out of the forest. This certain boy looked a lot like me and had messy black hair, sea green eyes, and and also had all the qualities of a half blood. (Armor, the look only fighting monster can give you, etc…) Wonder whose son he is? He whipped out a sword I did not see until now (but it looked like it came from his pocket) and killed the monsters as easy as 1 2 3. I was going to ask who he was when he announced, "I am Percy, Son of Poseidon."

My jaw dropped. "Really? B-b-b-but, that means you're my brother." Before he could answer, a blond headed girl with stormy grey eyes stepped out of the trees.

"Nice entrance Seaweed Brain," She complimented sarcastically, "I could hear you from a mile away." The girl laughed and kissed him on the cheek. I heard him mumble something that sounded like, 'I liked it.' She noticed something wrong in the atmosphere and asked, or more like demanded, "What's wrong? Do not lie to me, I know something's wrong."

"Annabeth," Percy said. "This girl said she is my sister."

"What?" Annabeth asked. "So you know you're a half blood?"

"Ummm, yeah. I also found out the hard way. Hellhound and automaton demon birds." I admitted.

"That doesn't necessarily mean you are a half blood." She said stubbornly. "You could just be a clear sighted mortal, or a satyr. Maybe a godling?"

"Annabeth," Percy started, "If she was a mortal monsters wouldn't even touch her. If she was a satyr, heck she can't even be a satyr, they are guy guys! Plus, I bet she'd know if she had furry legs. And if she was a godling-" Percy grabbed my hand and pricked my middle finger with the end of his sword. Red thick blood came out not a lot but about a teardrop thick. "If she was a godling her blood would be icor. Face it Annabeth she's in the prophecy with us. It's set."

"Prophecy? What prophecy?" I started freaking out.

"Umm, nothing. Come on. Let's get to camp half blood."

"Huh?" He just laughed and whistled. I gasped as two galloping forms flew towards us from across the sky. They landed gracefully, one black and one white.

"Hey Blackjack." Percy smiled and patted the Pegasus's head. Hiya Boss!

I screamed. "Who the hell was that? Who talked?" Percy exploded into fits of laughter.

"That was Blackjack mind you. Since our Dad created horses we can speak to them. Isn't that right Blackie?" Percy explained. I told you not to call me that! It makes me sound like a girl. And uh, bossy or bosset, Blackjack tried to think of a name for me.

"Just call me Hallie." Thanks b- um, Hallie. You know, I like the name Princess. That's what I am going to call you. Anyway, what I want to tell you is that, don't expect me to come always to you. I'm Percy's Pegasus. That's my logo, IPP. You can have Candy or something.

"Blackjack!" Percy scolded the Pegasus. Sorry boss. But I just needed to say that. I do not want anybody trying to come around-, "Oh just shut up and fly."

"Uh Percy," I said, "There is only two horses."

"I know. One for Annabeth and me, then one for you." I was going to protest but he pulled his girlfriend over and put her behind him on Blackjack. I went over to the other Pegasus when Percy added, "That is Candy. She's an affectionate Pegasus; she will take a liking to you right away." Candy came over and nuzzled me. Wow, my brother is right! Dang it feels weird that. Have not seen one part of my family for like two years and now I have a brother? Kinda cool! I hopped on Candy and we flew away.

It took us about an hour to get to Camp Half Blood. I did not realize it but I guess I was heading there all along. Even though I did not know what it was. Percy explained to me that when Half Bloods so called, run away, or just maybe get into trouble and need someplace to go, there is this force that pulls them to camp. They don't know it or feel it, but it works. So that's how I came from Tampa, Florida, all the way to Long Island, New York.

My first sight of Camp Half Blood is something I do not want to forget. There were archery fields, over 20 cabins, a sword training arena, and so much more. On top of all that, there was activity everywhere. I saw satyrs chasing nymphs, a few older couples kissing, and construction on a few cabins, and Annabeth pecking Percy on the cheek and then running towards the construction. "Annabeth is helping reconstruct the camp and Olympus. She is gone 50% of the time. It drives me crazy." Percy explained.

"Oh." I replied, that makes me sad. I really like Annabeth and I already think of her as an older sister. Hmph, I have to make a visiting schedule. Anyway, Percy was leading me toward the Poseidon cabin and I couldn't stop just marveling in this places awesomeness.

"Hey Percy!" I heard a female voice shout, "Who's the new camper?"

"Her name is Hallie, Clarrise. She can introduce herself. Gosh I hope that damn Apollo Cheery curse will wear off. I liked her better when she was trying to beat me up….." He mumbled the last two sentences.

"Well that's darn great! I'm Clarrise! Daughter of Ares! Who's your God parent?"

"Hi. I'm a daughter of Poseidon. Are you normally this… Um…. Happy?"

"Nope!" She replied and ran off.

"Um Percy"- I started but he cut me off.

"No she is usually very challenging and loves to beat me up. She tries to. When she find out you're my sister she will probably try to annoy you too. Sorry about that."

"Never mind I don't care were no match for her." I smiled at him. He nodded and ran his hand through his hair. If I wasn't his sister I would so mar- Never mind!

We got to the cabin and oh my gosh was it awesome. It was full of sea shells, pictures of tridents and a manticore horn on the wall. I remember Percy telling me about his life a few hours ago and how he defeated the manticore and thought his Mom was dead. I found it interesting. As I was thinking I realized he never told me his Mom's name. "What is her name?" I asked softly.

"Who's?" He replied equally soft.

"Your Mom's."

"Oh. Sally, Sally Jackson."

"That's a pretty awesome name. It is also kinda cool how my Moms name is Sally. I was born but they kept me a secret. I also had a brother but he was always off at some private far away school. Dang I wish I had a chance to meet him. My last name is also different than my family's for theirs was Jackson." Man was I so dense I didn't even see what was coming next.

"HOLY CRAPITY ZEUS!" Percy exploded. "Hallie do you know what this means? You're my sister in more ways than one. You're not my half sister. You're my whole sister."

"HOLY CRAPITY ZEUS!" I mimicked. "We need to call Dad and Mom to get this thing all straightened out."

"Yeah we can IM, iris message them. Have a drachma? I only got one."

"Perce, let's make the call cheaper. Three way."

"Oh yeah." My poor, poor, stupid brother. He made a mist with a fan and a squirt gun. Don't ask me why the Hades he had a squirt gun.

I took the coin from him and tossed it in the air saying, "Oh Iris, Goddess of the rainbow, show me Sally Jackson and the almighty God Poseidon." A flickering image of the two Sally on the right and Dad on the left separated by a black line.

"Percy?" Sally said. "Poseidon? Hal"-

"Mom! Why the Hades didn't you tell me I had a whole sister! Well this explains the prophecy."

"Why? What was the prophecy?" Poseidon asked.

Percy stated it loud and dramatic.

"Two shall meet one in trouble,

Save her butt, off the rubble,

Find a sibling you never knew,

And fight a war, to come two by two." He went back to his normal voice and said, "Right after that she said the Great Prophecy."

"That makes no sense." I concluded.

"Well, it came out of Rachel's mouth." Percy said.

"That does SO make sense." Sally said. "Annabeth and Percy meet Hallie and I suppose she's in trouble with monsters," us three kids nod, "And they save her butt and Percy finds his sister that he never knew had vice versa for Hallie. And then now we have Percy, Annabeth, Hallie, Nico, and Thalia in the Great Prophecy. Now we need just two more kids and this shall be complete and they shall set off."

"Oh yeah I get it." Percy said. Yeah well that is great I don't.

"What's the great prophecy?" I ask.

Percy sighed and said,

"Seven half-bloods shall answer the call.
To storm or fire, the world must fall.
An oath to keep with a final breath,
And foes to bear arms to the Doors of Death."

I shuddered. What does that mean? We figured out the first one, except the last line. The Oracle, (Rachel Dare Percy had said) said the Great Prophecy right after that so there must be a link between the two…..

And right as I thought that the door exploded. I looked up saw an angry ten foot high man, and screamed. It was…

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